A Prophetic Vision Of A Volcano Blowing In The North West And Coming Tsunami Flooding California- Robert Highley

Our good friend Robert Highley contacted us about a vision he just received. He has seen many of the major prophetic events I have been collecting on this website, and his kids also are gifted in prophecy.  What he saw was a volcano exploding on the west coast, following a tsunami flooding California.

Sep 22, 2017

Hi Meranda/Michael,

Hope this message finds you well.

I had this vision last night, I wish I had written down all I had heard and seen but I was too disturbed by it.  As I reflected on it this morning I thought I should share what I remember from last night.  I was praying for family last night when I saw a vision and heard God’s voice.  “Do not pray any longer for these disasters to be withheld.”  A scroll was opened and the United States was written in black and then in blood red next to it was the word judgement written thickly in what appeared to be blood.  I saw the earth like a globe and then it panned to the West Coast of the United States.  A huge fiery explosion went off in the Pacific Northwest near the coast and then I saw California begin to flood.  The view panned high above the earth and I saw that the state of California was covered far inland by a giant Tsunami. 

Has anyone else you know seen this?





I am sure that Meranda will jump in about the confirming prophecies.  Many others have definitely seen similar things.

I wanted to ask a couple questions about what you saw.

Did you get the impression that judgment was imminent?

And did you see this vision with your physical eyes and hear the voice with your physical ears?

The fiery explosion – was it a volcano?

I ask, because John Paul Jackson saw Mt. Rainier erupting at one point.

And the west coast tsunami came after the fiery explosion?

Also, did you see any earthquakes?

I know that this is a long list of questions, but the details are so important. 

Michael Snyder


Hi Michael,

I did not have the sense to ask the timing of these events only that the vision interrupted my prayers for my family in California.

I don’t know what you mean by physical eyes and ears unless you mean transported out of body or bodily?  but I saw them as clearly as looking out a window.

My feeling about the explosion of fire was that it was a volcano but my view was too high above the earth to be sure.

This was the area that the fire came out of and surrounded:  I know it is a large area but it was so large of an explosion that is covered a huge area.

The west coast tsunami came after the explosion and went very far inland, it may have been the whole west coast, it was definitely all of California.

I did not see any earthquakes but my vantage point was too high to see if any earthquakes were happening but I understood that earthquakes were causing the flooding.

More from Robert:

I have now spent several hours this afternoon reading your site Meranda about visions and dreams the Lord has been showing his people.  Wow, just wow.

I have found several that mention the things I saw in the order I saw and many in a great more detail.

All I can say is that I now have all the confirmation I needed.


Yes, Jason’s drawing of the water on the coast matches what i saw of the coastline. Amazing, my visions are more like a flashlight compared to the detail some people receive, a floodlight!



As you can see from Meranda’s site, we have been collecting and studying these prophecies for years.  And if you would be willing to give Meranda permission, I think that it would be really good to get your new vision up on the site as well so that others can hear about it.

Everything that you have shared has been confirmed by others.  But one additional detail that your vision adds is that the west coast tsunami comes AFTER an explosion (volcano?) on the west coast.

To me, an eruption of Mt. Rainier would fit very well with the map that you sent me.  And I have personally been warning about that eruption for a very long time.  In fact, it is even in my novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End”.



Hi Meranda,
I did not perceive hardly a pause after the fiery explosion before the tsunami began to flood the west coast.  I forgot to mention that when the Lord told me not to pray any longer for the withholding of judgement, i saw a great wall that appeared like a wall of water holding back the calamity from the west coast which i perceived to be prayers from the saints.


What Robert Highley has seen matches up to a few other prophecies.

Three Volcanoes –NotzrimWoman

A few people have seen Mt Rainier exploding.  Here is a short list:

Our other good friend Jason Lawrence had a vision which included a SERIES of volcanoes going of.  He saw 3 major earthquakes go off along the west coast and northwest coast and then I saw a great tsunami destroy major cities.  He also saw cities on fire from civil unrest and then saw martial law.

In fact, he recently wrote me 4 days ago with a vision saying this:


As you know I am a watchmen on the wall. The quake in Mexico city and now a deadly volcano this is the warning before the west coast earthquake.
Do you remember the prophecy you posted. I had another vision in the spirit the other week. It was after Harvey hit. The Holy Spirit told me that there would be Hurricane after one another. God said he is not going to give them a chance to recover as soon as they think it over, another one is coming and then the earthquakes will come.
I feel in the spirit that we have 3 more major category 5 hurricanes coming. It will be in October and i think one will be a 6 and I feel New Orleans is in the path of no return. Any way hope all is well .

“What makes me say October is I saw fall leaves on the ground and i was painting my kitchen when i saw this.  I was listening to the revelation song I began to cry and speaK in tongues.  I have done it in over 6 months.  It felt good but God said not in a audible voice but a feeling that more hurricanes are coming this was right after Harvey in Texas.  Irma wasnt on the radar yet then the earthquakes will come.  Maybe it is was Imra He was talking about but Meranda i know one thing for sure time is up you need to get your last preparations ready your brother Jason Lawrence “

What is really interesting is Chuck Youngbrandt has seen a hurricane hit New Orleans in September of some year.

” On June 9th it gets very hot and no rain with resulting crop failures. In October it will begin to be very very cold. There will be volcanic eruption on the west coast. A destructive hurricane will hit the New Orleans area in September, followed on the 19th by an earthquake in St. Louis. This hurricane, [Sept in New Orleans,] is a sign that in the following December an accidental Russian firing of a nuclear missile attack on America will occur”

That could be this year or a year in the future.  One to keep in mind.

Read more of that here:

In this link I gathered up 7+ Prophetic voices that suggested martial law is linked to welfare checks being cut off, and one prophet said the riots start with race issues.

In that same link, included with Jason’s vision, Godshealer7 also mentions the state of Oregon (Mt HOOD), and Mt Rainer in Washington State.   In another video, she reveals she sees an eruption at Yellowstone.

Shawna Elizabeth posts her dream on Z3news.com, where she sees a SERIES of volcanoes erupting in Washington State and Oregon.  Again, what she sees confirms the other visions and dreams.

“From where I stood, I could see a line of erupting volcanoes from north to south”

In that link with Jason’s vision, a reader of “The Supernatural, God is Not Dead” Youtube channel report her dream about Mt Hood exploding.

In a number of dreams we see all three of these volcanoes reported to blow some day.

Chuck Youngbrandt is a prophet that both my husband and I keep our eyes on.  He also has seen 3 volcanoes go off on the west coast, and after 2 years a Russian and Chinese invasion.  You can read about that here.

Joshua Taylor had a series of 7 Open Visions in 1988 where he saw A Warning Earthquake, A Volcanic Eruption, Then An Earthquake In Pacific Following A Massive Tsunami To The West Coast.

This tsunami coming to the west coast has been confirmed over and over again.  Here is an article collecting 18 prophetic warnings about a tsunami.  It seems as though “in the pacific” is a phrase that comes up many times.

In that link above, you will see a screen shot of what Jennifer Schultz also saw.  She saw a volcano eruption, with California (earthquake??) crumbling to the ground.

It could very well be possible these events are all together, or they could be separate events.  We can only speculate.

To throw another stick in the fire is this prophecy:

I have been following this prophecy for a long time, and every time this volcano erupted, I thought of this prophecy.  Here we go again!  It talks about a prophetic sign right before the GREAT earthquake on the west coast is Mt Popocatepetl erupting.

Mexico was hit by a 7.1 earthquake which killed dozens of people.  Mt Popocatepetl erupted again, sited by the Daily Star on the 24th (today), and in this instance, it was not connected with the earthquake.

Here was Randy Hecker’s prophecy:

“ A massive earthquake is coming to Mexico City.  During this quake large areas of the world’s biggest city will be swallowed up and millions with die.  The volcanoes will erupt.  There will be a massive eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl.  When the smoke clears Mexico City will be no more.  Be warned that when this earthquake happens it is the final warning sign for the coming Great West Coast Earthquake.”

We haven’t seen millions die, so this could be a future event.

John Shorey also saw a massive earthquake coming to the Northwest:

“You can take it to the bank that a mega 9.2 quake will hit the Northwest. Six months later scientists confirmed this coming quake in exact detail as my dream”

I think most of us were shocked at the recent Mexico earthquakes….so a 9.2 earthquake  is entirely possible.

In one of Kim Weir’s detailed visions she sees a falling star hit the states in the west.  This could very well be what causes a giant earthquake and tsunami.  She then sees a blue covering, which may people speculate is martial law. Read that vision here

There have been some other mentions of 9.0 and bigger earthquakes in several prophecies.

Chuck Youngbrandt saw this.

“The specific pattern Jesus revealed back in 1977 was that a major earthquake in Los Angeles would lead to a major earthquake in San Francisco, and when that happened it would lead to a major earthquake in the Midwest, centering in St Louis and severely damaging 1/3 of Chicago in the process.”

In that link above was a newsletter released on May 14th 2016, where Chuck Youngbrandt says this:

“The deadly and destructive earthquakes to hit California had a distinct form and would lead to even deadlier events, such as war.  However we could expect to see a destructive storm first, to be followed by an earthquake or earthquake(s) and even a VOLCANIC eruption(s). “

Isn’t that just what we saw with the last series of hurricanes, and what many prophetic voices have seen.  Earthquake(s) and volcanic eruption(s).

If there are any additional confirmations, please do leave a comment on my website, or email me. 

Please pray for the families in these areas.  Your prayers are more tremendous than you realize. There are innocent children, families, animals that will be affected in these colossal events. I cannot imagine the small children who will be separated from their parents in these events. Just think about it for a moment. Pray for these events to be lessened in magnitude.  Pray for people to move out of these regions before these events happen.  More than anything else, pray for their salvation.  Disasters will come, but a persons eternity is forever.


A Unique Confirmation Pattern Connected To Mt Rainier – William Frederick

“I also had a dream of Yellowstone erupting. In my dream in 2015 I was in Israel and I was at the airport heading back to the US”

Leslie Jean – Thank you for this video! I am glad I am not the only one with a dream about a northwest volcano eruption after viewing comments below. In May 2015 I had a dream that Mt. Hood erupted. I was standing on a hill in downtown Portland. At first I didnt know where I was or what mountain I was looking at but a quick glimpse of how Mt Hood looked before it erupted came to my mind and I found my bearings of where I was. (I grew up in Washington, near the Oregon border) There was no panic in my dream, so it had been erupting for some time, but yet the eruption came suddenly and without warning. The sky was grey from all the ash, but it had a tinge of red to it, giving an eerie apocalyptic glow. People walked around with black umbrellas. My mom was with me, she was helping me find someone. But in the middle of the dream, she disappeared. I went into a house looking for her. A man noticed me looking for someone and came to me. He was with two other men, one on each side. All three wore white tunics that went to the floor, and they had bare feet. The man, he had a very kind face and he asked me who I was looking for. I told him I was trying to find my mom. He said “she was here, and then she was not”. I currently live in the midwest and kind of cut off from a lot of news. I didnt realize the significance of this dream until I started to research world news and happenings. And just recently, I found out about the warnings of a massive earthquake/tsunami for the pacific northwest. Whoever reads this, please heed my warning; when this earthquake hits, which will be soon, volcanoes in the northwest will erupt without warning.…do not listen to what the scientists say, God is issuing the warnings to people thru dreams and visions of what is about to happen. Listen to God’s warnings!! This will happen before September! Be ready, get prepared, and make sure you are right with God…in your heart and in your life! May God bless you and keep you safe until His return!!!”