Michael Griffiths Prophetic Dreams Showing A Future Russian Invasion And Incoming Asteroids Coming For America

End Time Dreams and Warnings
by Michael Griffiths
New Zealand

In the year 2005 I had received many frightening visions of hidden Russian and Chinese military bases and even into 2006.

In 2002 the Lord showed me that a comet and an asteroid were going to hit earth causing mass flooding in my country of New Zealand and various other parts of the world as well as fragments that spray across the Mediterranean sea like a shot gun blast.

This is some of the other visions that I have kept written down in a book that I have collected over the years and I believe its Gods will for me to share them, please pray for my protection as even thinking about sharing theses visions the last couple of days the enemy has been attacking me in my sleep.

I strongly believe that the Lord is asking his children to prepare for what’s ahead meaning to be sober minded and sharpening our swords though the word of God. Get into his presence and stay there, there are so many distractions in life that the enemy tries to set traps for us and take our focus from the Lord and lead our hearts in other directions.

Drowning Eagle

Some people might find this vision offensive, sorry I’m only telling you what the Lord has shown me.

My vision started where I was in a New Zealand town on the Hauraki plains that opens in to the ocean at one end.

I was standing in a civil defense shelter in this vision right at the back of what seemed to be a large town hall. The place was so crowded that I could hear but barely see the man talking up the front. I looked out the window to my left and the whole Hauraki plains were flooded, it looked like the ocean. I looked out of the window closer to me and saw something strange in the water. There was a large eagle sitting in the water flapping and trying to keep its head from going under, I noticed it was completely black like it was burned or that it was covered in oil. I realized that I was going to drown so I undone the window latch and tried to reach out to this bird to save it. A large whirl pool appeared in the water I tried my best to reach it but to no avail, as the rain fell heavily it disappeared with its beak open gasping for a last breath.

A great feeling of sorrow came over me, the eagle was gone never to rise again.

This vision I believe was the fall of America, it coincides with large world wide flooding and a possible war where its caught by surprise and left badly burnt.

This vision was shown to me in 2005.

In 2005 also the Lord showed me the whole world looking out into space at some thing that was coming. I was standing there watching them and saw a craft shaped like a mixing bowl coming down in the sky, but the Lord showed me where it had come from. Up in space there was a man made base where I had earlier seen it detach itself from.

In these last days I believe there are going to be many deceptions that will try and fool the world especially aliens and UFO’s that I believe are completely man made. They will try and deceive the world and tell people things that are against the word of God.

Then I heard an American voice begin a countdown “5,4,3,2,1 two large rockets took off into space I saw a red beam flash past my face then the rockets tumbled back to earth. I felt a deep disappointment at the failure of the rockets emanating from the earth.

This I believe could be either the U.S.A. trying to intercept a space object or enemy missiles, but was halted by a space based weapon of some sort.

Then all of a sudden I saw smoke rising on the horizon, an unknown person said to me,” LOOK THE GREAT CITY HAS FALLEN!”

The wording below is from the open transcript seen on the video uploaded on March 3, 2017
” These are one of these rare prophetic dreams that are really powerful and really anointed.   I’m just going to share exactly what what I saw and in the revelations that I’ve got afterwards from researching some of the points in the dream”
“I dreamt that I saw a missile that was aimed at a ship off the Pacific coast of Russia.  I saw this massive missile and had whole group other missiles around like a diagram and all sitting on the Russian Pacific Coast. I could see these dotted line aimed at a Pacific and ………..aimed to hit the ship”

Russian Invasion

At the beginning of 2006 I really believe America was on the verge of a Russian missile attack especially from submarine forces that are hidden very close to Americas territorial waters. The Lord delayed the judgment because of a strong prayer net that went out across the country as many prophets had warned about New York being destroyed and the statue of liberty’s head floating under the sea.

In August 2005 I had a dream about a hidden submarine base under a mountain somewhere, in January 2006 the Lord took me in the air above a military base. I was there with a women I didn’t recognize. We were both looking down at this naval base, it had a concrete path running down the side of waterway leading into an entranceway into a hillside blocked by concrete doors, I could see everything so clearly I could even see a man pacing along with a rifle in his hand a long a pavement walkway.

I heard the woman say ” There’s nobody there?”

I replied to her, and I don’t know how I knew the answers ” They all left two weeks ago”

She then said to me “what is that” I looked down and saw an outline of an object in the water slowly move along, I pointed at it as to draw its out line with my finger, then it became visible to us clearly.

I said to her “Its a submarine”

“What’s it for?” she replied

“Its for destroying countries”

She the said to me “Why is it in such a hurry?”

“Its been left behind and has to catch up with the rest of the fleet” I said to her without knowing how I knew the answers.

I then saw a black dock with military hardware being loaded up and a voice said “THE ARMIES OF THE LORD ARE MOVING OUT”

I then saw a huge mountain with thousands of people marching down in it in a zig zag pattern.

These I believe were armies of angels or maybe prayer warriors sent out by the Lord to defend America.

This could be a warning of things to come so be vigilant in the Lord and seek him, get rid of idols, get rid of distractions, what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul along the way?

” The information I got from the dream was that their powers at be whoever as knows about a sudden coming asteroid are going to try and detonate a nuclear weapon ahead of it. As its falling coming through the atmosphere I’m pretty sure was in the atmosphere, (they are) going to try and detonate the whip in the head of it to try and break it up. I guess their idea is their fire ball gets maximum expansion just as it comes in contact with the asteroid. What I saw was it doesn’t quite go according to plan”

“It does break up into a lot of pieces but the rear of the asteroid survives and it survives because their fireball is the expansion of the fireball so quickly vaporizers and busts up the asteroid but it still survives what I understand from the dream”

“The rear falls through the second blast so that is what I gathered from the prophetic dreams about these asteroids have been coming “

Asteroids/ Comet

At the end of 2006 I was given 3 clear vision warnings about an incoming asteroid heading for earth.

The first dream I saw my mother and she told me “Don’t forget about the asteroid, it will break up into sixteen pieces then I saw from above the Mediterranean sea and southern Europe get sprayed by the broken fragments.

Around the same week or maybe the next it happened again. This time I saw an Indian women who I don’t recognize she said ” Don’t forget about the asteroid, the only place anyone will be safe is on the moon” She said all this while staring up into the air.

The 3rd dream was either the same week or the one after. My wife told me as she looked up into the sky “WORMWOOD HAS TURNED AROUND AND IS COMING BACK TO EARTH” I then saw a huge comet change direction in space.

This is a dangerous time for America as she decides to divide Israel the apple of GOD’S eye. I had this dream around the end of NOVEMBER 2006 we are coming up to the anniversary of this vision very soon.

I saw something else this year that might offend some people, the Lord showed me a list of things he does not like, it appeared before me in a dream on a white piece of paper I saw stuff circled like, COARSE JOKING, HOMOSEXUALITY (when I saw homosexuality I felt God was saying judgment against SYDNEY Australia in the form of a tidal wave) then I saw DISGUSTING AND RUDE SOUNDS THAT PEOPLE MAKE, I SAW BUSH AND CONDOLEEZZA RICE, there names appeared in a sentence but I was not allowed to read what it said.

Keep in his presence and seek his will.


This year 2007 I have had many warnings about asteroids the first one was in March.

I was in the Town of Waihi New Zealand where I grew up. In the vision I was talking to a bunch of people in town when I noticed large crowds were gathering and looking up into the sky, and also people standing across the road from me. There was a look of horror on there faces. I looked around trying to figure out what they were looking at, I stared at a large truck and thought what’s the big deal about that, that can’t be the problem? Then I looked straight up and saw the sky littered with comet fragments with little tails behind them, it was day time and the sky was clear blue and I could see them clearly like when you can see the moon during the day. I don’t think any of them had actually entered the earths atmosphere at that stage. I said “RUN” to the people with me, which turned out to be my Grandmother and sister and someone else. I looked into the supermarket car park and saw a big steel shed. “We can hide under that!” The comets started to enter earths atmosphere and left dirty thick debris cloud trails in the sky, I saw one had hit the top of Mt. Te Aroha, it was smoking. I pushed my family members under the building but I couldn’t fit, I tried to find my wallet and phone then realized I had them already. This vision had a very heavy doom feeling to it.

I believe its linked with the others and in these days we can’t worry to much about having money and fleshly objects. Theses things will come upon us without warning.


I had a dream in September that wormwood from Revelations had struck the earth. In the dream I clearly remember telling my mother “Mum its happened, wormwood has hit”

I then was driving through the night in the Karangahake gorge, which is a main road that links a Hauraki plains town of Paeroa which is close to sea level with Waihi which is much higher. As I came down a hill at night I slammed on my brakes, the road had disappeared under what looked like a huge ocean that was ahead of us, two others had stopped dead ahead of me, we began to turn our vehicles around.

I then saw a television news report on the TV in my dream that a large planet was going to pass the earth it had two small moons trapped in its gravitational pull. I remember seeing the planet on the television it was a browny reddy color and I saw it like a crescent moon.

I don’t know what the planet means clearly, all I know is the Lord said there would be signs in the heavens.

Luke 21:25-28 CEV-  Strange things happening to the sun, moon and stars. The nations on earth will be afraid of the roaring seas and tides, and they won’t know what to do. People will be so frightened that they will faint because of what is happening to the world. Every power in the sky will be shaken. Then the son of Man will be seen, coming in a cloud with great power and glory. When this starts happening, stand straight and be brave. You will soon be set free.

Like A Child

I had a vision in 2005 that really was amazing and showed me how much God does love us and how he wants us to come to him like a child: MARK 10:15 CEV

I was all of a sudden in an unknown location standing at the bottom of a hill at night time. There was a single tree on the hill top and a young boy was sitting near the tree praying to the Lord. I looked up into the nights sky and heard the Lord speaking to him from the heavens with a deep voice he said to him “IF YOU WANT SOMETHING JUST ASK.” The stars in the sky began to dance around.

This young boy was not aware of what I could hear the Lord saying to him but it was sovereign Lord I could hear talking, the little boy was praying sincerely.

I just pray that these dreams and visions help, I don’t intend to offend anyone but I know that the Lord has given me them to share with others as a warning.

No hate mail please all I am doing is relaying the information God has shown me.

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To my brothers and sisters in Christ

Michael Griffiths
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