Supernaturally Pinned To The Floor For 6 1/2 Days This Man Was Shown The Lost Tribes Returning To Israel- Steve Lightle

The prophecy regarding the re-gathering of the lost tribes is one topic ignored in the church.  I am guessing that this topic will gain more momentum in the days ahead.  Steve Lightle tells Sid Roth on a show aired in 1999 about an experience he had that lasted for 6 and a half days.  At the end of this experience, after cleaning out the sin in his own heart, God showed him the return of the tribes to Israel.

Excerpts from the show:

“So God calls you and your wife Judy and your two young daughters to go to brown swipe Germany right with how much in your pocket”

“In our pocket this was June 1973 and the Lord had spoken to us I want you to move to Braunschweig West Germany and when we got on the airplane my wife and I between us had one dollar and twenty eight cents

“I said God either I’m gonna die in this room or you’re gonna change my life and I heard just this gentle voice said how about if both things happen to you …and I knew that was so the Holy Spirit was speaking to me when I opened the door I was not prepared for what happened because the I I was just hit by a power and I fell down and I stayed on the floor of this room for 6 and 1/2 days”

” In the beginning I couldn’t understand I mean I could not stand up and I thought well what’s going on is this a hallucination … but God in His mercy He sent three people to me and all three people fell down the minute they opened that door.  One of them he left immediately says I can’t even breathe the second one stayed twenty minutes and he had difficulty breathing the third one he said God is in this place and he spent two-and-a-half days out of that six and a half days with me there on the floor of the room.

It was a time of the Lord dealing in my life and pointing things out that that you know they were great things that controlled my life but there were little roots of things in envy and strife and and bitterness and some things that that I realized that they didn’t belong in me but every once in a while it would flare up and then I would feel so bad.  So at the end of this time I’m laying on the floor my head is on my arm like this I’d cried so many tears I had nothing more to cry and I heard a voice speak to me audibly and I in my ears I’m there and this voice said….. son trust me. I said lord I trust you I knew it was the Lord who was speaking the second time son trust me ……I said I trust you.  The third time He said son you must trust me. I said Lord I do.  I lifted my hand in my head and I looked and standing just right beside me was the Lord Jesus and He had an ax in his hand and then I saw something that was so black said it was the most hideous thing. I cried out I said what is that?  The Lord said that’s your heart now. I said God I can’t stand it.  He said I can’t stand it either and he took that ax and He began to lay it to the roots of those things that did not belong in my life as being a believer in in in the Lord Jesus and and and and when he did it this Liberty and this freedom came and then then he was gone.  I mean I was free I was free.”

“I had nothing for six and a half six and 1/2 days if the body has difficulty tolerate absolutely but the Lord sustained me I mean Moses went 40 days and then boom had to go up and do another 40 days so it was it was something that his God sustained to me and I got up and I sat in a chair and a whole wall became a screen I had never had anything like this happened to me before and I said I began to watch and and I began to see faces and they were Jewish faces and then I could see multitude it’s hundreds and hundreds of thousands .  Then from height the Lord allowed me to see the nation therein and it was then called the Soviet Union and I saw this….  this is 1974 August of 74 and I’m watching on this this this movie right from me and I’m totally conscious but the you know I was having a vision and which is not a strange testimony but it’s simply something that that God allows to happen.

In this vision I saw God raise up men with ministries that were as great or greater than that that Moses had who went to the authorities of the Soviet Union and said ….thus saith the Lord God of Israel let my people go and they said no and then through prophetic prophesies I began to see God bring the Soviet Union to its knees.

The whole nation and they and and and God judged them until there was no nation left there was no Iron Curtain one of the things that I saw the first first plague that I saw was a nuclear meltdown . Where a nuclear reactor it began to come apart and as it came apart God spoke very clearly and said I am judging the idol of scientific knowledge that the Soviets are worshiping and when this began to happen and there was more than one of these nuclear meltdowns it was an accident with the nuclear this was before Chernobyl.  This is 1974.  Chernobyl didn’t happen till in the 80s.

“That’s exactly what I saw and God ……. showed me these different plagues coming until
the Soviet Union literally came to its knees.  By coming to its knees it just began to crumble and then the Jewish people began to come out they got on ships and they went home to Israel.  I said I’ve sinned Lord,……. that is really wonderful and I’m glad but what does that got to do with me?
” I began to understand and and in the Holy Spirit you just began to speak to me and He said because I want you to begin to go to the Jewish communities throughout the Soviet Union and I want you to prepare them and tell them I’m going to deliver them with an exodus out of here and I will take him home to Israel and you will see it in your own lifetime .  I said well if you can prove this to me in the Bible I will go anywhere with you as long as you’re with me.  He did he showed me what I saw in the Bible and then I began to go and I’ve been in over 90 cities in the Soviet Union since 1974″


“The Bible says it begins in a country to the north then we saw from Ethiopia to the south Isaiah 43 and and all the Jewish people were taken out of Ethiopia.  But it says all nations.  That means the United States of America”

“The Bible is very clear Ezekiel chapter 36 God says I will leave none of the Jewish people in the nations that I scattered them to”

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