The Coming New Madrid Complete Land Divide Prophetic Dream

Hi Meranda,

I have sent this out many times.  It was first posted in 2002.  I thought I would send it to you and I suggest you post it.  We know Sabretooth.  He is now banned at FreeRepublic, something that happens to anyone who is true.  He wrote privately that he saw other areas of the U.S. underwater, too. 

I have sent you my dreams before.  I do not use my name on the internet. 



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Sabretooth Dream ~  #118

>>>”On November 20, 2001, I was given a detailed prophetic vision of another series of quakes which will soon shake the United States Midwest. The coming quakes will exceed the magnitudes of the previous New Madrid quakes of 1811 – 1812, and will result in significant earth changes along several areas of the Central United States.

In Arkansas and Missouri, the earth changes that began 191 years ago during the New Madrid quakes will reach maturation. Along the New Madrid fault line and several other fault lines which wind there way up to the Great Lakes, there will be a sudden drop of

The size of the Great Lakes will decrease, as water drains into the newly formed rift and cascades southward into the Gulf of Mexico. Within less than a day, a new gulf will appear in the United States. North America will be literally divided in half from east to west. The majority of changes will take place within 24 hours, but aftershocks from the quake will continue to rattle the region for 7 months.

The force of the water cascading from north to south during the birthing of the initial rift will lay the foundations for diverse topography and landscapes along the newly birthed shoreline. Inland Tsunami And Displacements Of Rivers And Lakes<<<<

OK, get out your tinfoil… I’ve seen charlatan prophets in person and on TV, and I don’t know anything at all about the guy who wrote this. I don’t claim any prophetic gift for myself, but I’m struck by the paragraphs above, because I’ve had basically the exact same dream. I’ll post it here for your amusement, snearing, edification or enjoyment.

First, let me give you a little background. I live in Sherman Oaks, in Los Angeles, which was one of the areas hit worst in the ’94 Northridge Quake. My apartment was no exception… my kitchen cabinets came off the walls, my furniture was tossed around like toys, and the building cracked in half by 1″ to 6″ along the wall against which my headboard was. I’d dived under a table in the living room, where my aquariums were falling down (note to self: hallway next time). One glass tank came off a 30″ stand and landed upright, unbroken, six feet away. There was so much up and down motion that it landed on the floor just right.

Needless to say, I’ve never been more freaking scared in my life… the building sounded like it was coming down. Fortunately, it didn’t, but it was uninhabitable. Then the aftershocks. Since we’d had the back-to-back Landers and Big Bear 7.0 quakes a couple of years before, and a lot of the Northridge aftershocks were in the 5 to 5.5 range, I was running to stand in doorways for days. Even now, though the shock has mostly worn off, I find I’m more alert to smaller quakes, or even the vibration of a large truck passing by outside.

Anyway, that Northridge Quake occurred January 17th, 1994. Exactly one year later, there was another devastating quake in Kobe, Japan, in the early morning of January 17, 1995. That was more than a little eerie to those of us who’d been hit hard by Northridge. There were still a lot of condemned buildings around Sherman Oaks even then (and later). Still, coincidences happen, so we shrugged it off, or at least I did…

Until the night of January 16th, 1996. I remember joking with friends that day about the earthquake that was gonna hit the next morning, grim humor kinda stuff. No big deal.

But that night I had a dream, incredibly vivid. There was another January 17th earthquake, more powerful than the 6.8 of Northridge. While Sherman Oaks wasn’t hit badly, other parts of Los Angles, like downtown, were a ruin. Thousands were dead.

In the dream, I remember going to pick up a newspaper, expecting to see details of the quake. But the wreckage of Los Angeles was just a sidebar to the big story…

A colossal, unimaginable earthquake had struck the Mississippi Valley region, changing the coastlines. There was a map which I can still see in my mind. From eastern Texas to Alabama, and north toward Ohio and Kentucky, the entire geography was changed, mostly covered by water, as the Gulf of Mexico had grown upward into the Central United States. Arkansas and Missouri were among the States completely submerged, just as in the article above, This was not a floodplain, where the water was expected to run off… there had been a massive and permanent subsidence of the land throughout the entire region. Tens of millions were dead. The Great Lakes too, were moved around, and shaped differently, just as in the dream at the top of this thread.

The Earthquake was felt throughout the United States, but the devastation was worst east of the Rockies, especially in the Mississippi Valley region. I don’t recall how bad things were on the Eastern Seaboard, but the West Coast got off relatively easily.

I remember waking up the the next morning, January 17th, shaking and sweating. The dream had been so vivid, I wasn’t sure it hadn’t really happened. I had to turn on the radio, and even walk down to the newsstand to convince myself it was a dream… which of course, it was.

I chalked it up to the anniversary of the experience I’d had two years before, but I also recall to this day the feeling that if I ever did have a dream that was a premonition, that was it.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. A few years earlier, just before signing the final papers for my divorce, I’d had a dream where my now-ex-wife and I were confronted by a chubby, balding, brown-haired guy with glasses and one of those yellow polo shirts with the little penguin on the chest. Didn’t seem like a terribly significant dream, but a few days later she and I went out to dinner to sign the papers. As we were being seated, we passed a table with a family, and the father was “a chubby, balding, brown-haired guy with glasses and one of those yellow polo shirts with the little penguin on the chest.” The exact guy from my dream… I’d never seen him before that.

So anyway, I just thought I’d share my little X-File with all of you. Have fun.”

118 posted on 8/19/02 7:03 PM Pacific by Sabertooth

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