IT IS TOO LATE…….. If you are going to pray, …pray for those that are not saved” – A Prophetic Dream Of A Coming Destruction To America – Joanie Stahl


joanie-stahlJoanie Stahl

November 2016


In the early morning hours on Saturday, November 19, 2016, the Lord gave me an urgent prophetic dream and warning concerning the upcoming, sudden judgement and destruction that is coming to the United States.


In my dream, I saw myself in a huge, magnificent, palatial mansion.  It was so enormous it felt that I could get lost in it.  It was full, very full of people, jam packed with people upstairs and downstairs. They were there partying, eating, talking and laughing.  

The people were not dressed in inexpensive clothes, but everyone was dressed in regular clothing.  The people were every day, common people.  I knew I was not part of the party; I was there to work, to assist whomever it was that owned that house.  There was maybe a couple of times I was asked to do something for the party, but it was menial and insignificant.  I found myself having nothing to do. There was nothing for me to do.

I found myself standing around and it was getting late, so this told me that my job was done.  I looked around for the owner of the house, but I could not find the person who had hired me.  This also told me that my job was done and it was time for me to go.  I decided within myself that I would just leave.

I had to take the stairs to leave because for some reason the exit was upstairs.  As I got to the top of the stairs, there was woman standing there leaning against the rails.  I noticed she was very sorrowful.  Her head was hanging very low and her body language was obvious that she was very mournful and sad.  I was about to pass by her, but she stopped me.

She did not look at all like the other people who were laughing, partying, and eating.  She did not look like she was part of it.  It was clear that she was not part of the event.  Even her clothing was not like the others and this caused her to stand out. 

As I was about to pass her by, she looked up and said to me, “Wait”.  I stopped and looked at her and she was holding out three one-dollar bills.  

I looked at the money, then back at her and said, “What is this for”?  I asked because it was only three one-dollar bills.  I fully knew she was not one of the people that had hired me to work. She clearly was not part of this social gathering so why would she be giving me anything.  

The amount was so small and the giving of it unexpected.  She answered, “Just take it”.  Therefore, I took it and thought within myself that I would go back and let a girl that I had been working with know about the woman who was giving away money. I wanted to do so because the girl I was working with I knew to be very poor.  I thought she could use the money no matter what the amount was.

I went downstairs and found the girl and we headed upstairs.  When we got to the top, the woman that gave me the money was gone. She was nowhere to be seen. Then I said goodbye to the girl and we parted ways.

I went outside and walked away from the house several houses down.  I noticed that the home I had been in, as well as the others I was walking by, were located on the ocean.  There was no sandy beach. There was only one long running wall that stood between the homes and the sea. There was also a sidewalk I was walking on.  Therefore, there was the wall, the sidewalk, then houses next to the sidewalk.

I got about a few houses down and noticed the ocean.  It was horribly turbulent and increasing in violence.  I felt terrified as I looked at how horrible the sea looked.  I walked further down and saw men; many men were standing where the sidewalk ended and they were all gathered around the edge.

I came near to see why.  I felt even from a short distance that something was wrong.  That they were looking at something they were terrified of, something that they could not control.  I saw that they had a look of powerlessness and fear.

I approached them and they screamed at me to stand back, to stay back.  I got close enough though to get a good look at what they were looking at.  

I looked and I saw hundreds of killer whales at the wall.  There were so many and more were coming in, and coming in masses.  It was as if they were gathering.  It was in no way normal by any means. They were coming in with speed.  They were all at the surface violently thrashing.  Like a feeding frenzy about to take place.  They looked ravenous and staving.  Yet, there was something different about them; something completely unnatural, bizarre and disturbing.

I looked as one, the biggest one, rose up in a total unnatural way. It stood upright in the water and glared right at me.  It had an intelligence about it. It stared at me for seconds and I can tell you that I knew it was in its own way saying to me, “I am going to kill you”.  I could feel that as I looked right into its dark, black eyes.  I cannot emphasize it enough, but these were not normal killer whales.  The one that confronted me had a persona.

I turned to get away from the killer whales, and someone came to me and said, “You need to go back to that house you just left. All the people are now gone.”  Just as that was said, I turned to go back and this is what I saw.

[NOTE:  As I have indicated from time to time when I am telling the elements of my dreams, I need to let the readers know that in dreams and visions, the Holy Spirit will always over emphasize something to get my attention and to point out the weight and understanding of it.]

Very close to shore, perhaps only five miles out to sea or less was a wave. This wave was not like any wave that could be on earth.  No way.  

The wave was coming with intense speed.  I was looking straight up at it and the best way I could describe the height was that it looked bigger that if 10 empire state buildings were stacked.  In fact, that would even dwarf in comparison.  I looked to the top edge of the wave and it looked like it reached into the upper heaven.

I undoubtedly knew there was no escape – It was already upon me.  I noticed just then, there was a woman with me.  I screamed out as loud as I could, RUN!  We both took off running to the house I was told to go back to.  We ran as fast as we could.  We got inside the door and I screamed, “Lock it!”  Then I reached for the lock, locked it, and immediately bolted upstairs.  We ran upstairs and continued upwards.  As we ran upstairs, skipping every other step, there were little windows placed all along the way up. Through them, I saw and heard the violent impact of the waves smashing against the house.

We kept running upstairs and flew past the second story until we found a tiny little chamber on the third story. There were windows all around.  I screamed at the top of my lungs to the woman, “Hold on as tight as you can”!  We preceded to wrap our arms and hands around the big wrought iron pieces of the railing.  I could feel and hear the power and destruction against the house.  

I was so terrified beyond any words that are available to mankind to describe the horror.  I began to scream out in tears that turned into heavy wailing.  With the full force within my lungs, I screamed as loud as I could, “Oh God! Forgive the sins of this nation”!  I began to scream out as loud as I could in my prayer language, but it was causing me to lose my voice from how hard I was screaming.  My throat hurt terribly.

In this part of my dream, the Lord allowed me to see in a vision what was happening outside of the house I was in.  He had to do this in order to show me the full-scale scope of the destruction.  I was crying so greatly because I could hear the force of destruction rampaging over the land.  I could hear screaming… horrific screaming. And it was extremely loud.  It was loud because it was from the untold numbers of humanity screaming so loudly.  They were all screaming because they were all dying.

As I said, the vision that the Lord showed me within the dream was necessary because He wanted me to see what I could not see in the dream from the tiny little room. I could not have even see this from the windows all around.

Here is what He showed me.  I saw that the wave was destroying not only the area or region I was in. It engulfed the entire United States of America.  From an arial view, I watched the whole nation being destroyed and no one was ready for it.  The wave came so suddenly and was upon them so fast that no one could escape.

I wailed in great tears and howling to God because I knew that many of my loved ones were in that destruction and there was nothing I could do.  They were not ready for it and not expecting it.  I cried and cried as I heard the loud roars of humanity dying and the sound of the destruction upon everything.

Then I awoke.

As soon as I woke up my heart was racing and pounding.  I said to the Lord, “God, HOW can we get ready?  WHAT can we do?  HOW can I pray”?  He answered, “IT IS TOO LATE.  There is nothing you can do.  If you are going to pray, pray for those that are not saved.  I want to save those that are left to be saved out of this nation.”


The mansion itself was so huge and enormous; I felt I could get lost in it. This mansion was FULL and “jam-packed” with people. So much so, I had little room to move freely. The people were as common as like you and I. When I said everyone was dressed in inexpensive regular clothing, this represents the everyday, average American. Not one specific class of people were set apart. Monetary status was not the focus here. The focus is that in this situation, financial class meant nothing. Every race and class of people were there just as God created them….as PEOPLE.

I knew the Lord placed me in such a grand, enormous home to represent America. The mix and volume of people indicate this. However, more importantly the house itself was symbolic of what this nation once was – breathtakingly beautiful in all its splendor. Yet, in an instant will be forever changed and that beauty will cease to exist once the destruction hits.

My job in the dream to help serve the guests is relevant to that of which my “job” has been through majority of my life. I have allowed Him to use me as His vessel, to serve others to advance the kingdom of God. I am no one special. I have merely said “Yes Lord” in His call to be of help to all walks of people in this country.

The next few sentences are VERY significant. In the dream I said, “I found myself having nothing to do – there was nothing for me to do. I found myself standing around and it was getting LATE, so this told me that my job was done. My job was DONE and time for me to GO.”

In a spiritual sense, this clearly represents the lateness of the hour. The judgement of the Lord is upon us. As far as me standing around and my job having been done, I feel the Lord has shown me that this was not referencing myself only. I was a representation of ALL those who have worked so hard to warn of the coming destruction upon this land.

My job being all done is clear-cut. The Lord has shown me in this that I have done all I can to warn of His judgement and impending destruction upon America. My job in essence is “complete”. More about completion later. There is no more that I can do in this area of warning. This again represents all those who have led in the cause of warning for so long.

There are two categories of people left now. Those who have had ears to hear and received the warnings, and those who have turned a deaf ear and continue living life as they know it, with no regard to the time at hand and how serious God is in keeping His warning.

The partygoers were partying, eating, talking, and laughing. The Lord has continually stressed this scenario repeatedly through many of His people using various means such as dreams, visions, etc. Within the dream, He has yet again made clear that His Word in Matthew 24:38-39 stands true in saying,

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them away…” (Matthew 24:38-39a, KJV). This Word is eternal, will come to pass, and “shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please…” (Isaiah 55:11, KJV)

As I searched, but was unable to find the owner of the house, I feel this is because the owner was a type and shadow of the Lord Himself. The Lord IS the One who is “owner” of this country. It is He who created all lands, nations, and people. Just like I could not physically find the owner of the house, but knew he was there among us, we cannot physically see the Lord. However, we know He is always among us, tending to the affairs of His people just as the house owner was tending to the affairs of the house guests.

In addition, the Lord is right there among all those who remain oblivious to the coming severity of His righteous judgement. He has not left them. There may be but little time, but all one need do is call upon the name of the Lord in asking forgiveness from the heart. He is merciful and not willing that ANY should perish.

MANY will still lose their life here on earth, yet His mercy will grant them an eternity with Him if they simply cry out to Him. This is why we must focus on individual souls as never before and never give up hope for anyone; even those that seem impossible to save since we serve a God of the impossible.

I believe the Lord has revealed that the woman at the top of the stairs was a representative of heaven. Her location was at the top of the staircase, or “above”, looking down upon the vast numbers of people concerned on self-gratification and unaware of what was soon to hit.

Her location can be a reflection of God on His throne, looking down upon His creation and condition of sin and disconnect with Him within this nation. The Lord also made it clear she stood out from the rest in her appearance and demeanor, making certain I recognized she was not part of all that gathered in the home.

The woman was so very sorrowful. She depicted an expression of pain, sadness, and mourning. Her face spoke of great heartache, distress, as she stood leaning against the banister. She had full knowledge of what was approaching as she had witnessed the false sense of safety and security the guests presented.

Worse, there was nothing she could do to warn them that could change their fate as it was already sealed for destruction. The time for warning had passed and it was too late. They made their choice for the “love of this world and the things therein”. This in its entirety represents the state of this nation in this present time. It is too late for her. Judgement is set. Many will also die in their state of oblivion.

The payment of three one dollar bills I have full assurance by the Holy Spirit meant a sign of “completion”. The number three, as in the Divine Trinity, means “complete”. Her payment of three dollars further confirms that my work of warning concerning America’s judgement is complete.

The amount of financial pay being such a “small” amount was irrelevant. The fact that it was THREE dollars is the critical element. Even more reason why the woman was gone by the time I found my friend who needed physical finances to live. In the dream, little did I know in that moment that my friend would not have any use for finances in the natural.

The violent, turbulent waters of the sea embodies what is already happening in the spirit realm. There is a great war between the forces of good and evil. The storm is already here. The waters did not start out calm and later grow angry. The violent sea was already raging when I walked outside. It will only grow fiercer in the upcoming weeks.

The masses of whales were coming in first…gathering and teeming up against the wall. By “first”, I mean their arrival was PRIOR to the wave of destruction. There have been many events involving God’s judgement upon the nation that have been smaller in nature. However, the scope of these will PALE in comparison to what lies ahead.

More and more of these whales kept on coming in as the sea raged. Recall I said earlier that the violent sea represented the spiritual realm and the war going on – the storm having already arrived. These whales were not just any kind of whales. They were KILLER WHALES. These killer whales symbolize the demonic spirits and forces within the kingdom of darkness sent to wage war against the people of God.

These forces have already long been infiltrating the land and bringing their attacks to God’s people. They have also gained power through the sin of the lost & we clearly see the wicked and evil ways of the leaders of this country and the god they serve more openly than ever before as the Lord promised He would expose these wicked practices like this in the end times.

The hordes of killer whales preceding the tidal wave of destruction are a sign they are upon the land. Yet, just as more kept coming inland in the dream, more and more will continue coming in to wreak havoc upon the nation and its people before the final blow. The whales were unnatural and disturbing, just as the demonic supernatural entities are in their appearance.

The biggest one, which arose upright out of the water, had a supernatural intelligence about it. I stated how it stared into my eyes with a ferocious, evil glare. Within the dream, I knew in my spirit that it somehow “knew me”. Make no mistake about it, if you are a born again child of God, washed in the Blood of the Lamb and following in the footsteps of Christ, EVERY demonic being KNOWS WHO YOU ARE.

This is evident in Acts 19 when a group of itinerant Jewish exorcists took it upon themselves to try to use the name of Jesus to exorcise some who had demonic spirits within them. “And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you”? (Acts 19:15, NKJV)

I also understood that this killer whale was somehow saying to me, “I am going to kill you”. This is exactly how every evil spirit thinks of us. They HATE God’s people with every ounce of their being. Their ONE goal in mind is to destroy us IF they could. “The thief [enemy] does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…” (John 10:10a, NKJV)

The blackness in their eyes represents the pure evil inside, and how they derive from a place that knows no light. They mean business. Those that do not take their position in Christ seriously will be overcome by their power. The one who confronted me had a persona [identity, personality] about him. I believe this only signifies how all spirits have a name, or an individual identity, each with a specific purpose and directive to fulfill that purpose. They have aided in this country to devour all that was pure, holy, and previously of God.

Within the dream, the only thing holding back the masses of killer whales was that cement wall. Though the enemy forces are rampant upon the land, I feel the Lord has shown me that this wall is the only thing left holding back the FULL extent of the powers of darkness upon America. Yet, just as I know in viewing the sheer weight and force of each whale as they continue piling into that wall in the dream, knowledge tells me that soon enough the pressure will cause that wall to break.

The Lord would have us know that in this same way, at some point He will release His hand, which is the only thing holding back the complete mobilization of enemy forces. When released in full, we will see an extent of evil unleashed as never before. Right behind it will be a destruction upon the United States of hellacious proportion. We must know this IS the only way to bring this nation to its KNEES and call upon the ONLY NAME that can save.

I then turned to get away from the killer whales and that is when someone approached telling me I could go back to the house I had just left as all the people were now gone. In thinking about this, it is possible that the instruction given me was to make certain that I knew to head that direction once my eyes beheld the massive wave.

This was where the upper room of safety was located. The Lord placed me in that particular home due to that chamber because He will protect His remnant. The houseguests having cleared out likely paved the way for me to get to that chamber of safety quickly and easily. He will make the way of safety clear for us.

The wave was only about five miles out. This an indication of how little time we now have left. This wave being nothing any human eye has ever encountered again suggests the level of destruction coming will be one in which this country has never experienced since its conception.

The number five is also indicative of God’s grace. Though impending judgement will incur a destruction upon America as never seen, I believe He is giving us a SHORT GRACE PERIOD to heed the warning and get our lives right and in spiritual order. It is ONLY by His grace and mercy this country has not paid dearly for the great sin that abounds stronger than ever.

This tidal wave was a wave of seismic proportions as far up as the eye could see and endlessly stretched to the east and west. This clarified that this wave was NOT headed to destroy just the area in which I was located. Neither was it representing a destruction set aside for a particular city, town, or state. Rather, this represented that God’s hand of judgement will reach the ENTIRE NATION AS A WHOLE.

The sheer speed I noticed the wave traveling in is yet another indicator within the dream that this sudden destruction will be here SOON and it will happen QUICKLY. How soon I cannot say, as this has not been shown to me. The timing is reserved for the Lord alone.

In witnessing the extent of the wave, and knowing immediately I had no escape as it was already upon me, means that when this catastrophic event occurs we will know we cannot escape it and it will SUDDENLY be upon us without warning.

As I began running to the house, there suddenly was a woman with me. She took off with me as I yelled, RUN! I feel the Lord placed her with me possibly for a few reasons. This lets me know that I will not be alone when this destructive event hits. The same goes for any of you who are sealed by God. We will need one another’s help, support, and guidance – just as I helped in guiding her to safety.

Another possibility I was not alone is that I do not doubt she was a fellow Believer and it relates to the passage, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them”, (Matthew 18:20, KJV). Though in the dream I was not aware if she was praying along with me, the Lord allowed us both to reach the tiny chamber that kept us safe from the destruction. We will also turn to one another for and in prayer.

Note that as the two of us made it to the house, I took the time to shut the door and lock it before heading upstairs. Now this was a bit strange considering the circumstances and the urgency to outrun the waters and make it upstairs! Shutting that door and going a step farther to lock it could do nothing to stop the explosive force of the water from easily breaking through. Moreover, this only would seem to waste precious time.

The Lord has shown me something of great significance in this small act. The room upstairs was not the focal point of our safety. This takes me back to the incident with the door. “Most assuredly I say unto you, I am the DOOR of the sheep….I am the DOOR. If anyone enters by Me, he will be SAVED” (John 10:7,9a ,NKJV). I was allowed to take the time to shut the door to see that HE is the door that leads to our safety.

Locking it affirmed my position of safety in Him. We must take action to gain access to Him in order to have the complete protection He provides. The raging waters of destruction He kept from reaching us, as they had to pass through Him [the door] first. He will also keep the destruction from taking you out at the necessary time.

As we ran upstairs, the small windows along the way up allowed me to see and hear the violent impact of the waves crashing against the house. This tells me we will see and hear the destruction taking place all around us in our area as we make our way to safety in the natural.

Notice we went past the second floor and up to the THIRD. There is that number three again. Though I understood the three dollars given me by the heavenly representative at the party confirmed my work in warning was complete, the number three in the Bible also stands for “finality”. That third floor represented our final destination place that would keep us safe.

In the dream, I had not been up in that room on the third floor prior to the wave hitting. However, He led me to that final place where we were sure to be safe.

In addition, the Lord would have each one of us know that His judgement is FINAL. There is no praying it away. The sins of this nation have long exceeded that of a holy, righteous God. Judgement is SET. There is no going BACK to a bountifully, blessed America. Those who believe the land will somehow get a reprieve will be most confounded to see and hear the sights and sounds that will resound throughout this world.

Once we reached that upper chamber and held on tight to the wrought iron pieces, I felt and heard the power and destruction against the house continue to rage on. This caused me to become terrified beyond words. There was an indescribable horror. Just because we are sealed in the Lord, does not mean that when such a great destruction hits that the human side of us will not feel terrified. That will be a normal reaction in the wake of such tragedy.

We will not suffer a fear as those who are lost will suffer. The feelings we will experience will not overtake us that we would forget who we are in Christ. This feeling is what caused me to scream out, cry, and wail before the Lord. Likewise, just as this happened in the dream, so shall it be for us Believers when it hits our nation in the natural. There will not be a single one of us who will not be screaming out to God during this time.

Note as I screamed out to forgive the sins of the nation, I was screaming this prayer not in my English tongue, but in my heavenly prayer language [tongue]. I believe we will be so overcome by the horrors taking place all around us, there will be no English words strong enough to know how to pray in that situation. It will have to be the Holy Spirit Himself interceding through us on the behalf of all those swallowed from the destruction.

An interesting side observation is how we were located in the upper room [or chamber] of the house as the Holy Spirit came upon me giving me power to cry out in my heavenly language. I cannot help but think of the day of Pentecost and how God’s people also gathered in that upper room to receive power from on high as tongues of fire set upon them causing each to pray in their heavenly language as well. Just as His own were in one accord on that day, we will rise as one Body in one accord as this judgement effects each one of us.

The Vision Within the Dream

The vision within the dream deems no interpretation. It is exactly what it is. The destruction will hit every corner of the United States. No one will be left unscathed. Every man, woman, and child, will see and hear what will ravish our land. None will be left unaffected. We will see things as never before. We will hear the horrific screams from the untold number of humanity crying out of their mouths. The screams bellowing out from those perishing will seem to never end.

As in the vision, no one will be prepared for it, as it will come sudden and fast. There will be no escape. I will leave it at this since no interpretation necessary. I do know that great sorrow and morning will consume the land after this devastation occurs, because many of us will know people who will die. Yes, even our loved ones will perish in the wake of this mighty destruction.

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