Terrifying Prophecy Reveals An American Land Divide At The Great Lakes, Foreign Soldiers Stationed In Montana – Roberta L. McCaslin

Dear Meranda,

I just found your web site Why God, and noticed you said for anyone wanting to share a prophecy, to email you.
I had God say so much to me over my lifetime that I have just written a memoir to cover it all, under a pen name.  It is available at: Amazon.  I will be doing a free book promotion this Fall but it is available for $10 now.


I will tell you the most important bits briefly here:

1.) God showed me while I was worshiping in a regular Christian church, what I looked like to Him right then: a woman dressed like an Egyptian, with a nose ring and a headdress and everything. That was the first clue He gave me that I was approaching Him from within a wrong culture. Over time He showed me some additional things that lead me to 1st century worship/Messianic Judaism and a peculiar understanding of the Godhead which I explain more in my book.

2.) He gave me a dream where I was suspended in the air over the U.S. and I saw a flood of water flow downward from the Great Lakes, splitting the U.S. in half, and I also saw a flood of water go from the Great Lakes, and from the St. Lawrence Seaway, across the top of the country along the U.S./Canadian border that reached as far as the Eastern side of the mountains of Glacier National Park in Montana. Years later, I found maps online called the New Madrid fault flood maps, and they resemble what I was shown except some don’t show the flooding across the top of the U.S. I have since prayed and asked God to spare the U.S. this.

3.) God gave me a dream that showed soldiers from more than one nation invading the Flathead Valley of Montana (where I was living at the time). Some soldiers definitely looked Chinese and some might have been German (though Germans and Russians look similar to me). The soldiers were in battle gear sneaking around, like spying out the land, and then I noticed tanks coming through the mountains and foothills area (where Hungry Horse, MT is) that lead into Glacier National Park, as if coming from out of the park or from that direction.

4.) I was standing on the upper Eastward side of a mountain facing East, and I saw clouds swirl funny then begin streaming a thick poisonous oil stream downward towards the ground just below me on the mountain. When the black oil touched the ground, it formed into a great black horse with angry red eyes, and it galloped away from me down the mountain toward a city on flat ground below to wreak havoc, and as it was galloping toward the city and just reaching it, I saw a flood of ocean water roaring toward the city from the East. I interpreted this to mean the safe place for people to be is on mountains especially or ideally on the Eastward side of Westward mountains that are not shown as covered by water on the New Madrid fault earthquake flood maps of the U.S., and, that cities on flat land will suffer what is maybe poisoning of their terrain and food and plague, as well as inundation from the ocean.

Thank you for your time and for the work you do at Why God!

Roberta L. McCaslin
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Chuck Youngbrandt’s Dramatic And Detailed Prophetic 1973 Vision Of The Aftermath Of Chicago’s Deadly Earthquake

“The cities that will be the worst flattened by this earthquake will be Chicago, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio; and Kansas City, Missouri. Southern Ontario, Canada and parts of southwestern Quebec, Canada will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they backwash and just before they return as a wall over Chicago and other areas.”

See this post here – Why God

” I was witnessing the destruction of Chicago by a monstrous earthquake, followed by a huge, destructive wall of water ”

” I watched from about 300 feet away as a huge section of underground granite or similar material just jutted through the Tri-State road and plowed through the Oasis. Its upward movement stopped bout 20-30 feet above the roof of the Oasis; all told, the wall of stone appeared to be about four or five stories high….When the wall of stone rose through the Tri-State and through the Oasis, it happened so fast and caught me so much by surprise that I jammed on my brakes to avoid hitting that wall of stone before I realized that it was only a vision not the real thing”

” The wall of water was not a wave, not a tidal force, nor a crest-it was the whole of Lake Michigan-moving in a massive body westward with irresistible, terrifying unbelievable, force”

7 Prophetic Voices See America Split At The New Madrid Fault When Israel’s Land Is Divided


Prophecies With Israel’s Land Divide And The New Madrid Location

Israel 2 State Solution Land Divide PROPHECIES

new-madrid-earthquake-split-locations1John Paul Jackson

John Paul, was given Prophetic Headlines from Newspapers in an open vision, and one of them was called : “The Great divide – The new Normal on the Mississippi River” It was like this was a headline a little while after an earthquake, and they were no longer able to go all the way up the Mississippi from New Orleans, which changes the way business can operate around the Mississippi River.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

“This is what will happen to the best friend that will betray Israel and divide Jerusalem. As he spoke those words, I saw this map of U.S. (like in a 3 dimensional, you know) – it appeared right before my eyes, beside the angel. And he took the sword and pierced right into the heart of U.S. and cut into two. He said “Likewise, will this nation be divided as Jerusalem will be divided.” He cut the land into two—exactly in the center…

Dr. Maurice Sklar

In the Vision an angel brought his sword down on the Statue Of Liberty and split her in two. The vision of the ended with an earthquake as the angel hacked the Statue of Liberty in pieces and she sank into the harbor. Then he started traveling in the air across America. He saw the United States seem to crack in two with a giant earthquake, right down the middle…..

John Kilpatrick

On the way to Sunday service on April 27, 2008 John Killpatrick had a very quick vision where he saw the ground buckling before him. The vision was so real that he moved to the side to avoid what he was seeing. “I knew immediately that it was an earthquake with the potential to do a lot of damage. Almost a month later on May 20 John awoke trembling from a startling dream at 5 AM. “It was one of the most startling dreams I had ever had during my ministry. I felt it was an addendum to the vision on April 27.

I saw the words, ‘wind and water,’ I did not actually see any wind or water damage. I then found myself overlooking a river, which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks. The dream then shifted and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned schoolhouse. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse tossing us around.

My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clinch them to prevent this from happening. I did not see the devastation, I only heard it. In all my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish map. One name read Indianola and the Other Europa. Research showed that Indianola Illinois, Europa Missouri, and Indianola Mississippi almost form a straight line when connected together which suggest there will be a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid Fault.”

Dr. Patricia Green

“He said, ‘The landscape of America is about to change. There will be many signs I perform as a warning to your nation… He also said, ‘The Appalachians will be the furthest point east before the Mississippi River expands it’s boundaries. The ocean will come as far as the Rockies in some areas. The Grand Canyon will begin to fill with water. The Great Lakes will combine to form one large body. And the geological plates will shift’.”

Kim Vales Weir 

Kim sees the blue transparent shield across the United States and she sees a great earthquake. This earthquake she describes as a split, “from coast to coast, from the Canadian border down to Mexico”. She describes the split as straight in nature. This earthquake is a giant Land divide.

Cyrene Watts

I was taken above the earth and could see it as though I was looking at a globe. The earth was spinning round and round and North America appeared before me. I was brought closer until I was over the US. From where I was, I could see all 50 states. My attention was directed to the Midwest, and very clearly the state of INDIANA was displayed in red with a check mark over it. However, the check mark was located more towards the southwestern tip. [I was then briefly awakened to care for my daughter who was running a fever]. Immediately after falling back to sleep, the dream continued on. I was now back on the earth and a woman appeared before me to explain the meaning of what I was shown. She said “INDIANA QUAKE, AND THE FAULT LINE RIGHT BELOW IT, NEW MADRID!” -end of dream-


Rebecca N Barnes

“Highly damaged and under water area if they divide Israel shown in 3 dreams…the lord said in 2014, “if they divide my land, I will divide their nation”

“I seen st Louis sink under the ground in the first dream…”

new-madrid-land-divide-prophecies-johns-prophecyListen to John Kilpatrick’s dream about the New Madrid disaster. He saw in his dream the city of Indianola, Mississippi.

“There was one in Mississippi, one in Illinois, and one in Texas. But when I saw Indianola, I saw a line going from Indianola going that way towards a little bitty tiny dot called Europa. The thing that let me know which Indianola it was, …………was the line left Indianola, and went towards Europa. It didn’t come from Texas, it didn’t come from Mississippi. It was the one near Illinois. The way the line went from the one in Illinois, it went that way towards Europa Missouri. It went to the right, slightly to the right. When she (his wife) looked them up on the map, and I saw that, I didn’t know what it meant. I told a preacher friend of mine, and he called me back later that day and he said ‘John, I put Indianola on the computer, and I put Europa on the computer, and guess what’, and I said what…. he said, ‘ that line, and those two cities, is exactly, the New Madrid Fault’ So I new then that the Lord was showing me that it was a New Madrid fault erupting”

New Madrid Fault Israel

Israel Dividing Of land

More videos by John Kilpatrick :

Annie Nelson

“As Israel is being separated, I shall separate your land, America.”


Picture Credit tribulation-now.org/

As Israel is Separated America Will Be Separated
(Heed the Message – Annie Nelson)


“Explosions and dividing of the land will ensue from the Gulf of Mexico up to the Great Lakes – Oh America. Today is the day of salvation! “


As Israel is being separated, I shall separate your land, America.


Tracy Pollitt I have dreams about the new Madrid going off. in the dream we are all asleep and awake to being jolted airborne in the middle of living room. And I mean I am flying through the air along with household contents. This is so extremely violent that I’m not sure we live. I wasnt worried about possibly of not living. What concerned me was Nobody was ready. Nobody was prepared. This was more violent in just the first beginning jolt that I cannot express in words how bad. This quake happens in the middle of the night !

Debra Boettger I Recently Dreamed Of A Line Of Tornados First Coming Across A Body Of Water . ..then turned to left to see them coming across land. Also the night before the bus that recently had a bomb go off on it in Jerusalem….I dreamed of it….I WAS Screaming FOR Everyone To Get Off THE bus. Somehow I knew there was a bomb on it. Prior To Explosion I saw the 2 men. That I sensed had put it on the bus…..their faces I can still remember. Appeared to be middle eastern.

Shane Warren New Madrid Split – Israel Land Divide


In the interview he sees a storm over America. There is three things I take note of,

1, A hurricane,

2, A storm with money,

and 3,….. the location,- the Madrid area.

Then he hears in this vision:

“They have divided my land, Now I will divide their land”


Pastor Shane Warren

“About that time, the scene came back to the anchor and he said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, there has been another tragedy that has hit America. It’s along the New Madrid Fault line; there’s a major earthquake that has hit’. And I saw pictures of devastation; I saw pictures of cities crumbling. I saw pictures of people in the streets running for help, I saw pictures of people holding signs and picketing. And then, along with that, I started seeing…. Like fires break out in cities. And these were riots; these were people rioting in the streets of cities. And one of the things that stuck out to me in this experience I had was there was a person that was holding a sign, and on the sign in real big letters it said, ‘We want our entitlements’…”. “Immediately, next thing I know, I’m sitting on my couch and I’m watching this on the news, and I hear a voice behind me that said, ‘They divided My land. Now I’ll divide theirs’. And I knew that this was the Lord, and He’s talking about America concerning the nation of Israel. And I felt like all of this was the result of how we were handling Israel.”


Pipe Lines Over The Madrid AreaNEW MADRID PIPELINE Massive Explosion

Pipe lines across the Madrid Fault Lines

Despite the dangers of the new madrid fault zones, it continues to be fracked, drilled and HAARPed.

This region is home to 15 nuclear reactors. If that is not enough, it also contains the countries major gas and oil pipelines.

ProLiance Energy delivers billions of cubic feet of gas per year through 19 major pipelines. If you notice above, you will see how most of the pipelines cross the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

You have four of the five major natural-gas pipelines come right through the soup in New Madrid, the soft alluvial soil,” says Gray. “They carry gas all the way to Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. If (the earthquake) happened during the winter, you’re going to have major-league problems on your hands. Try to explain to somebody why you cannot heat a nursing home or keep a hospital warm.”– Ed Gray, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)

An earthquake in the middle of the country, along the precarious New Madrid fault, could have enormous fiscal and energy consequences. “Virtually every natural gas pipeline in the nation is built over that fault,” Geller says. “You’ll see the explosion reflected off the moon.” –insurancenewsnet.com

New Madrid Fault

Between 1811 and 1812, 4 catastrophic earthquakes, with magnitude estimates greater than 7.0, occurred during a 3-month period. Hundreds of aftershocks followed over a period of several years.

The largest earthquakes since then took place on January 4, 1843 and October 31, 1895 with magnitude estimates of 6.0 and 6.2.

The New Madrid seismic zone is so named because the town of New Madrid, Missouri was the closest settlement to the epicenters of the 1811-1812 quakes. In 1811, the central Mississippi Valley was sparsely populated. Today, the region is home to millions of people, including those in the cities of St. Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee. Survivors reported that the earthquakes caused cracks to open in the earth’s surface, the ground to roll in visible waves, and large areas of land to sink or rise.

Here are some facts I found about the fault:

The Fault Lines ARE A Concern “Morgan Page and Susan Hough, from the USGS in Pasadena, Calif., have some bad news for residents around New Madrid: Conclusions that seismic activity in this region is tapering off are wrong, and large earthquakes are indeed a hazard.” www.smithsonianmag.com

The Aftershocks Will Last Longer – “For instance, the San Andreas Fault in California, which moves at the relatively fast speed of about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) per year, will only have aftershocks for about 10 years after a large quake, Stein said. The fast motion essentially “reloads” the fault, wiping out the effects of a previous earthquake and suppressing aftershocks. On the other hand, the New Madrid faults, known as the “Realfoot Rift,” move more than 100 times more slowly than the San Andreas fault, allowing the aftershocks to last much longer. The researchers found a similar pattern in faults around the world.” nbcnews.com

Study: New Madrid fault zone “not dead yet” cbsnews.com

Earthquakes in the central or eastern United States often will be felt longer distances than those on the west coast. West of the Rocky Mountains cause this strong contrast. The San Francisco, California, earthquake of 1906 (magnitude 7.8) was felt 350 miles away in the middle of Nevada, whereas the New Madrid earthquake of December 1811 rang church bells in Boston, Massachusetts, 1,000 miles away.

New Madrid Fault

Amazing evidence of Yahweh’s Finger print! The major fault lines form the Hebrew letter Shin, which represents the name of YHVH God. The letter Shin outlines Jerusalem. Is it possible that as God removes his protection from America, that he will remove his Name also? – Credit goes to heavenawaits.wordpress.com

Interesting Future Maps of The United States

Damage from the December 16,1811 magnitude 7.2 New Madrid earthquake www.purdue.edu

Interesting Future Maps of The United States

The above map shows the locations of nuclear power plants in the US. Look in the New Madrid area, you can see a concentration of them.

Maps Of The United States

Earthquake Zones with Nuclear Reactor Locations Source: USGS and Dept. of Energy

Interesting Future Maps of The United States

Crude Oil Truck Line Map

Interesting Future Maps of The United States

Big Oil and Gas Fracking

The map above shows where fracking is most concentrated. Since September of 2010, over 800 earthquakes rattled Arkansas and the New Madrid Fault Line. The New Madrid Zone is believed to be a part of a complex of faults that extends down the Mississippi Valley into The Gulf of Mexico. Oil and gas being extracted from beneath this zone at enormous rates, but an extraction process called fracking is further exacerbating seismic activity in the region and might even trigger a mega-quake.

Interesting Future Maps of The United States

Look at the major gas pipelines that directly cross the New Madrid fault region. It’s said that if this blew it would be visible from the moon.

Interesting Future Maps of The United States

Quake intensities of the three-quakes in the New Madrid series back in 1811-1812. (Source: USGS)

this single graphic from Eugene Schweig, 2007, assuming rupture on southwest segment of New Madrid fault

Earthquake possibility: New Madrid

This graphic from Eugene Schweig, 2007,shows the Economic Losses from the result of a New Madrid Earthquake

Maps Of The United StatesPicture Credit Stan Deyo