Prophetic Warning! Terror Attacks Will Target Large Assemblies -Michele Sizemore Burdo

Michele Sizemore Burdo

Last night I dreamed that I was inside a large assembly place. It looked like it could’ve been a high school. I knew in the dream that they were about to do an all call for an assembly of hundreds of people. To my right, I saw a person that was a trusted member of this assembly. This person had a small flat rectangular stack of things in their hand. When they thought no one was looking, they scattered these rectangular pieces on the floor, which made quite a clatter. Suddenly, I knew this place was marked as a soft target and that as soon as all were assembled, the attack would ensue.

Recently, I was at our local library with my boys and my mum. The library had a side room filled with books for sale and a handful of DVDs. I was standing side-by-side with my mother reading the titles on the spines of the DVDs and one movie caught my attention. The spine was black with black and blue writing and the title of the movie was: A Minute to Midnight.

I said aloud, “Hey, look at that, a movie called A Minute to Midnight. I wonder what it’s about?” I started to reach up and overhead to take the movie off the shelf and then I just decided to step around my mother so I could better reach and not reach across her. I raised up my right hand to take the movie out because it was in the middle, all of them sitting vertical and I looked and I looked and I looked and the movie with that title was not there.

I felt that the Lord was saying something to me. I know this sounds very strange but this really did happen.

My friend, Marty Breeden had a near death encounter with Jesus appearing to him. He sent him back to Earth to tell the people that He was coming soon as well as the message that on a time line, we were at the two minute warning.

A few days ago, I was driving and saw this flag. In all my life, I’ve never seen an American flag flying in this condition. I believe that this was a picture of where our nation is heading.

32But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is. 34For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch. 35Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: 36Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping. 37And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. Mark 13


Phyllis Cheslock’s 1948 Prophetic Vision Of ( ISIS ) Pointing Weapons At Believers

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“In 1948 none of what I saw in the vision had ever been seen by anyone anywhere, so it was not at all common until after 911. There was no such item as a ski hood or guns like the ones I saw. Although it may be a common sight now, it was Ruach HaKodesh letting us know that in the year of the rebirth of the Nation of Israel, that in the time of the end He gave us something that would be a sign to us as Christians to be aware of. He was also letting us know who they were by what He told me not to deny, “DO NOT DENY JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD”. As a child of 10 and knowing very very little about religion, I certainly would not have considered that statement important, but as it turns out, that is the statement that was telling us who those men were in black.”

Visions Of Jews and Christians Being Removed From America

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“In 2010 I had this vivid dream. It was around 2:00 AM. In my dream I heard the doorbell ring. It was so real that I woke up and headed towards my door, I opened it and no one was there. Went back to sleep, and the same dream came back where I left off. In the dream I opened the door and there standing in front of me, was a man dressed in black like the SS officers of Hitler. He asked me what is that and pointed to the right of my door, where I had a Mezuzah, I knew in my spirit that he knew what it was. I said it is a Mezuzah, he asked me are you Jewish? I said yes! His answer was, you have 24 hours to get out of the country, if not you will be taken to a camp.
The dream ended.”

We Have Entered A Time When Islamic Terrorists Will Be Specifically Targeting Christians And Churches In America-Michael Snyder

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“An Islamic radical that had brought “multiple firearms” with him stormed into a major Christian conference at a hotel in South Dakota, and his actions had many fearing for their lives…”

Michelle Walcott’s Dreams Of American Concentration Camps, Martial Law

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“Oct 20, 2015 – All of a sudden I looked up and saw a couple of men dressed all in black with a strange looking sort of hat on their head, like a Beret’ I suppose ”

End Times Events- Martial Law Dreams And Visions

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Aug 14, 2015 – Then these men strapped me down and they said, “You can …. These guys were in full combat riot gear and they had a black police style …

Lu Smith’s Vision Of Supernatural Protection Of Believers By Heavens

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“Jul 16, 2016 – The soldiers were dressed in white helmets with a black string around their chin. They had on two piece black military uniforms with double …”

How An Entire Church Ended Up On An ISIS Kill List- Michael Snyder

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“On Wednesday, I was contacted by someone on an ISIS kill list. Of course there are probably lots of people out there that believe that “ISIS is after them”, but this particular individual and his wife were actually told that they are on an ISIS kill list by the FBI. “

Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them’ Who Are ‘Cataloging’ Every Jew and Christian

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“Jewish author Avi Lipkin warned Monday that “all” churches in America have been infiltrated by Muslim spies who frequently pretend to have found Christ but are really looking to provide intelligence to radical Muslims who will try to kill all Jews and Christians when jihad is ordered upon the U.S.”

Prophetic Dream Reveals Islamic Jihad Attacks On School Buses – Michele Burdo

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“I recently had a vivid dream of a school bus filled with children pulling up to the front of an elementary school. The bus driver stepped out of the bus for just a minute to get something outside the bus. As soon as she rounded the other side of the bus, an armed jihadist stepped up into the bus. I knew he intended on killing them all. “

A Frightening Terrorist Attack On The Church – Marty Breeden

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“What I’m about to say, is NOT from a dream, not from a vision as most of us understand visions….yet I have seen. It’s a sense in my spirit that is SO strong that I must warn, even though I know ahead of time this will be discounted, mocked and even ridiculed. In my spirit, I know and have seen that coming to the U.S., during our church worship services, there will be attacks. I’ve seen the doors burst open and the black hooded men in camo coming through with guns and shooting indiscriminately. I’ve seen them lock the doors behind them to inflict maximum amount of casualties. I’ve seen the shock and fear on people’s faces as it takes a split second for them to actually realize that they are about to be face to face with the one they were just singing about.”

Prophecies With Terrorism

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