Interesting Snippets Of Biblical Times

Here are some collections of snippets of interesting material found around the net.  These screenshots caught my attention.

I believe a tremendous interest in 1st century believers, and a learning of old ways will become an interest of modern believers. 

Also related to the above post. 

 Presidents That Held God In Honor

Hope for family and friends who deny Christ.  God has a plan, just give it entirely over to Him. 

God has a plan. 

You can see just how many confirmations there are for this screen shot above.


Gloria R – This reminds me of a dream I had back in 2015? (I need to look back at my journals) in my dream it was a normal day it might have been summer time? It was a hot day and people were going about their business walking downtown. And all of sudden there came a huge tsunami wave so big that it covered Lady Liberty... I saw it so vividly a huge wave!



Bonnie LouTube saw in a prophetic dream a tsunami reaching the Appalachian Mountains
I was given a disturbing “vision” of a horrific East Coast tsunami 🌊 reaching our Appalachian Mountains ⛰ here in Pennsylvania. She is correct…tho I’m not sure of when it happens. USA has become a modern-day “Babylon the Great”.
I had a dream once about a tidal wave that came all the way to the Appalachian mts.


Denmark – Citizens stood together

Courage – that is what we need for the days ahead.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Ricci Simone – About 7 years ago I had a dream where I was floating above the earth and a hand stretched out before me and pointed to California, then I saw it collapse into the ocean.. I have had other dreams when I tell people they think I’am imagining things

Dom T – “…it wasn’t Halloween, more like EARLY SPRING”. This lines up perfectly with John Paul Jackson’s prophecy of the Japan Volcano, which could be triggered by an earthquake. He states that cherry trees had just finished blossoming.. cherry trees in Japan blossom for roughly two weeks, late March to early April aka early spring. I believe the California earthquake and Japan earthquake will happen simultaneously, followed by an eruption in Tokyo.

James Allen – Intriguing dream. What really caught my attention, was the total lack of birds. That is a clue. Two years ago I was feeding the wildbirds on my property at sunrise… thanking God for the day and His blessings. I told Him, I know that you feed them Father, but I want give some seed because it makes me happy. He said in an instant, “I Know!”… needless to say I was blown away by hearing that in my spirit. And 5 seconds later, I heard, “The day the birds DO NOT arrive for YOUR feeding, My Judgements Come!“. Brothers and sisters, I have fed His birds every morning for the past two years… even when I am out of town, my neighbors feed them for me. I fear God, Glory to His Will and promises fulfilled.

Luciana S – In a vision I seen Chicago on fire so great with fire and smoke that no one could go in there everything total destruction. I tried to get in there to check on family members but the fire and smoke were too great. It was a warning for me never to go back there to live again. It seemed so real with the smell of the smoke and too much fire. I believe the Lord was warning me not to go back again to live in this place.


Digital Identity – It is coming. 

He could have spent his last few minutes differently, but he chose to bring people into the kingdom. 

Holding On To Christ Today and Tomorrow

“…  these are my appointed times” 

Spiritual Parables

The UN’s truth ( many years ago )

Find this news here

Times have changed. 

Life, a long time ago. 

A truth to bury deep in your heart.  Know it well.

Art for your walls – Dove Bible Illustrations – 241 plates – Amazon

Technology is further along than any of us realize.

Do you think this is true? 

The names of God

God’s vacuum and garbage cleaners, put on the earth for a purpose.

Clean and unclean foods. 

Something to remember

Line by line – Love this?

Virtually unnoticed and cared about 

“I was in a mid sized American city. Larger than Pensacola, but smaller than the larger cities, like Chicago. In the city, chaos and panic were taking place. Martial law had been implemented and the streets were flooded with people panicking and UN troops – The UN being the United Nations. I was filled with the Holy Ghost, as I remember it in this dream. In this dream, my life on this earth was soon to be over. I knew it. I believe this dream could be a glimpse of what my end could be. I believe the Holy Spirit prepares people for things to come. In this dream I was running from the UN Troops, and I hid in the crevice of this high rise building.” See this here The Most Graphic Prophetic Dream Of The Future American Concentration Death Camps – David Eells

“David Eells had a dream about UN Troops rounding up Americans and placing them in concentration camps.In his dream, he makes a note that the people are arrested and taken into these camps, and those who don’t comply are shot instantly and simply left to rot in their homes.Below you will see a copy of Maurice Sklar’s dream, along with Ken Peter’s dream that see almost the same course of events.Maurice also sees UN Troops entering into houses, arresting people, or shooting them on the spot.”  – See this here –Christians Will Take the Mark In Concentration Camps- David Eells Prophetic Dream

“In these visions I saw missiles and nuclear warfare being used on American cities. Our coastlines were surrounded by enemy nations, and Americans willingly surrendered to their authority. Americans became slaves to the enemy and were used and abused at their will. I saw the sovereignty of the United States turned over into the hand of enemies and saw our shorelines monitored by destructive military equipment. The whole land of America was in a state of confusion as men and women were demanded to yield up all their American heritage for a “new and better way of life.” The American people will completely lose their citizenship as Americans. Their property and everything they own will become the property of the new government. Every person in the world will become the property of the New Age government. Because they have rebelled against the Lord God of Heaven, they shall suffer severely. I saw the deadly, dangerous peace keeping force who were unmercifully beating and tormenting anyone who would resist their takeover.I saw many of the cities in America being destroyed completely by fire and massive military artillery. I saw biological and chemical weapons being used on American soil and against her people. In one of these visions, I saw a yellowish, pale, gooey looking substance fill the air with a cloud completely blotting out the sun and multitudes of people were dying on every hand. This, I believe, was a nuclear fallout or a biological or chemical substance, but the Lord didn’t explain it to me.”  – See this here Prophetic Vision Shows Revivals, Concentration Camps, New Government, UN Police In America – Daniel Rodes ( 6 Confirmations )

” While praying and reading the scriptures, I received the following vision of the times spoken of by Dimitru Duduman, when the revolution would start and America would have the places like Sodom and Gomorrah attacked.In the spirit the angel Gabriel took me to the West Coast where I saw foreign and oriental looking troops with blue hats carrying machine guns. I saw helicopters with the signs of the United Nations, and many thousands of Americans in lines waiting to receive the Mark of the Beast. “ See this here -A Frightening Prophetic Vision Of Foreign Asian Troops , The UN And The Mark Of The Beast – Dr. Bill Deagle

Chad McDonald

Sadly, because we cannot see the unborn being killed, people just don’t care to stand up for them.  What people don’t realize is when ever justified killing takes place, other groups are usually next. 

Where do you fit in, where does your spouse fit in? 

Are you speaking another language? 

Learn each others.

I admire ministries like this, even when people have to stand alone to do it.

Who Jesus Is

The truth, would you say? 

Trusting In God for our healing


This beautiful art can be purchased through Mark Moseley.   These look spectacular on the wall.  

Immediately after death. 

Prayer Removed From Schools And The Result

A heavenly perspective. 

You are going to have a big family to go back home to.  

Even though this was from 2017, its noteworthy today.  Most of the prophetic words of warning are to California, Illinois and New York. 

A treasure for homeschooling moms to find. 

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Wisdom, – Invest in your kids knowledge of scripture

See this here

Idea!  Park evangelism – kids witnessing God. 

Now isn’t this interesting?  A church teaches parents to take back their role in their children’s lives.  What do you think?  A community uniting together to show each other how to do it.

I think people are going to be pondering this more soon.  What do you think?

Look at these garments.  You can get a picture of life may have looked like.

“I will put none of these diseases on you”  By Keeping the commandments.

Another truth

This is something to research. 

You have to wonder if something like this will play out again ?

Bibles will be removed from us in the days ahead.  We need to know its treasures in our minds.

Thank you God

We all need to hear this ! 

Look back into scripture, God doesn’t change. 


We are about to see a complete dependence on God soon! 

What God sees.  How about us?  Perhaps it also works the other way around as well.  Are we removed from others lives for things we do or say?  Interesting to ponder.  God is in control.  Lets run towards Him.  Ask the Lord to put the right people into our paths which line up on the path He wants us to be on.

2021 – The start of the mark? 

2020 – The acceptance of a new system going into effect.

What do you think?  True?

Prophecies of Asteroids – Many to see. 

Many believers have seen these events. 

More prophetic confirmations of asteroids


Are we close to Shane Warren’s vision of a hurricane spread across several states, followed by a collapse of money? 

Sid Roth, The Future Of America – Youtube

True?  What do you think?

Don’t worry about what people think.  The older we get, the more this becomes apparent. 

I thought this was a rather interesting share, …..

Find that here

I am sure we all agree with this. 

God’s Love For Us

Digital Currency Coming

Humbleness – something always to remember

All of these “free platforms” are going away soon. 

Canadians taking back. 

This is certainly a thought worth pondering – mindset. 

A multi- generational attack done on purpose.

Nobody reads the Old Testament.  Read it, and see what you are missing about God’s ways.  God is in the beginning and the end of the Book.  It’s all HIM.

Jesus Christ Is God. 

Another map that reveals some truth of where particular states stand.  – The states that abortion would be banned appear in orange.  

WOW, Hardcore truth here!

Gosh, someone is being fed well! 

The beautiful details of God’s creation . 

Hurricanes, natural disasters will keep coming for the US. 

Think about the future right now, and start learning while you can. 


Suzanne G –  I don’t have dreams about the end of the world but I did last night. I was awakened at 2am. When I fell back to sleep I “heard” the sound of a torpedo being shot from a submarine.

Osburn-S V-  I had a dream early this morning about military helicopters surrounding groups of people & of fema camps

Mariah H-  in recent weeks had dream Vision, very real, was taken into universe, saw 3 things, saw a Comet sailing, then, saw a Red Firey Celestial Ball, then saw a Fleet of Military Jets Flying, they were very impressive and majestic looking… I had not seen jets like that before… so after researching I found that the new military jets these days do resemble the ones I saw… I was made to be focused on the wings that were Squared Off and the Nose which was long, slender, pointed… then I opened my eyes and it was gone… I felt very sad since in the vision I felt such serene peace and sense of Wonder.

Osburn-S V –  I also had a dream we were being attacked by China. Sounds like a confirmation

David L S – Lakeland Agreed! The Lord showed me, years ago, that China is a far graver threat than any other country today. The current, escalating prosecution, of Christians, in China, is a sign of the rising of China in its “end-times” role.

Karon D G – I had a dream in 2007 about China,,,,I’ve been expecting something from them since then.

Nancy S – I had a brief dream of Chinese troops on trains.

Len B …… God showed me a dream .NASA space shuttle cannot even fly right and I saw an electronganetic field frying it. THIS ARE EMP attack.

Sue G- See Henry Gruvers vision at Canarvan Castle in Wales..Both Russia and China invading us. But He saw Volcanoes going off along the West Coast. I add that I’m getting warnings of several Volcanoes active in California.

Christopher T –  2 years ago a man acquaintance where I worked told me of a dream he had the night before of an invasion by paratroopers. They were oriental and had ipad like devices that showed them exactly what residences had guns and they entered those. His residence was entered and he was ready and fired upon the soldier hitting him between the eyes.


  • Prophecies with China – Here
  • Prophecies With Russia – Here

Prophecies With China Invading – See it here

” I saw Russian and U.S. fighter planes … over Alsask, Alberta” 1940’s Prophetic Vision – J. Reg King  – See it here

In Alberta, Canada. 


Countless articles exist showing farmland being purchased.  Look into it. 


West Coast Volcano Eruptions

–As the first vision begun to unfold, I knew that “a major volcanic eruption was in the process” or “had just happened!” Maybe Mt. Rainer! –1988 Prophecy Of A Tsunami To Hit The West Coast – Donald (Joshua) Taylor

  1. Denise’s VIVID Prophetic Warning Dream Of Mt. Rainier EXPLODING- Why God
  2. 3 Volcanoes Go Off On The West Coast, And Then 2 Years After We …Chuck Youngbrant (In the prophecy he sees at night three volcanoes exploding like fire crackers on the west coast from California to Washington State. )
  3. A Prophetic Vision Of A Volcano Blowing In The North West And Coming Tsunami Flooding California- Robert Highley

  4. Jason Lawerence’s vision included a SERIES of volcanoes going of.  He saw 3 major earthquakes go off along the west coast and northwest coast and then I saw a great tsunami destroy major cities.  He also saw cities on fire from civil unrest and then saw martial law. Jason Lawrence Sees Dramatic Earthquakes, Series Of Volcano …
  5. Godshealer7 also mentions the state of Oregon (Mt HOOD), and Mt Rainer in Washington State.   In another video, she reveals she sees an eruption at Yellowstone.  So here we have a confirmation of THREE volcanoes.
  6. Shawna Elizabeth posts her dream on, where she sees a SERIES of volcanoes erupting in Washington State and Oregon.  Again, what she sees confirms the other visions and dreams.“From where I stood, I could see a line of erupting volcanoes from north to south”

  7. A reader of “The Supernatural, God is Not Dead” Youtube channel report her dream about Mt Hood exploding.
  8.  A Massive Tsunami Hits Oregon With 18 Confirmations! –Why God
  9. “Everything was under water” Susan’s Prophetic Dream About A Map In Oregon- Why GodVision August of 2015 “I have been wanting to move out of the city, and hoping to find a place in eastern Oregon with high elevation. I was looking at Joseph, Oregon. I was looking at a map. The map changed to black and white, and everything was under water, swirls of water were everywhere….end of vision.”

Confirmation Of Earthquake Specifics:

Matthew Stephen – “I am about to send upon you two massive earthquakes and one earth earthquake is about to take place very soon. Tell California I am about to remove their candle stick and they will have a very large earthquake. I will send a number of completion upon you I heard the Lord say greater than 8 on the rector scale”.” 2 Massive Earthquakes, One Coming To California Greater Than An 8 On The Rector Scale- Matthew Stephen Prophetic Word 2008

Patti Young It was a 9.1, everything almost destroyed”, It struck after Thanksgiving, and before Christmas,

Randy Hecker– “The magnitude of this quake will reach somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and it will last for nearly three minutes

John Shorey “You can take it to the bank that a mega 9.2 quake will hit the Northwest.

Byron Searle“Yesterday in my prayer time the Lord told me that the West Coast is going to get hit with a 9.1 earthquake”…….”then told me, ‘The 9.1 is a foreshock of the 12.2 that will destroy everything.’

Rachel Baxter“Earthquake” written on the top and under it the word “Aftershock”

Kevin MirasiWhile Posting and sharing across the Prophecy of The LORD back then in 2012 (29th May), I Titled it as follows: ‘“A Prophecy (Dream) Where I Was Shown a Series of Earthquakes Imminently Going To Hit California, USA: A 5.7 (came to pass), and Then a 7.5 and Finally a 9 or 10 on the Richter scale.”’

Joseph Phillip Daniel Ministries,October 18 “9.0 earthquake Manifesting soon in quadrant 1 on the ring of Fire – Los Angeles California/Spoken on September 25th 2017″

Timothy Snodgrass – A 7 Point Earthquake, Then A 9 Point Quake Is A Warning Sign Before The Mega West Coast Quake -Timothy Snodgrass 2004

Joshua TaylorAn earthquake measuring approximately 7.4 would hit twenty miles west of Victoria, causing a six foot tidal wave to come inland. I said that God’s mercy would be in it, and that minimal damage would occur if the news media would warn the public to take the necessary precautions. The Lord had me to make it very clear that this particular earthquake, was a final warning in that the next quake would destroy all life along the west coast of North America!

Prophecies Mentioning Chicago
Patricia Green – He said, “Until people come to realization that I AM Yahweh, and I AM in control, they will be confused about when events will occur on this earth. He said — he also talked about in the central plains will see a great hurricane that will dump great amounts of rain. He also said, “The Appalachians will be the furthest point east before the Mississippi River expands its boundaries.” And he said, “The ocean will come as far as the Rockies in some areas.” So, that’s out on the west coast. He said, “The Grand Canyon will begin to fill with water. He said the Great Lakes will combine to form one large body. He said the geological plates will shift.” -The Tsunami Waves Will Not Go Past The Appalachian Mountains And Will Go In As Far As The Rockies – A Prophetic Word To Patricia Green
Elane Durham (October 22, 1976, Elane died for an hour) She said “As the angel pointed in front of me, a wide view of the land and the water opened up, so that at first I thought I was seeing two countries. Instantly, it was made known to me that I was looking at a vastly changed portion of North America, which was completely divided by a large body of water, and which had lost a large part of both eastern and western shorelines. I was informed that this might or might not come to pass according to our choices as a people.” She went on to say “The area of water in the middle of the United States was massive. It was so wide and so expansive, that there were no Great Lakes, as I had known them. That all come together as one huge sea that extended northward unto the ocean. The inland sea also extended southward filling most of the Mississippi and Missouri river valleys and widening many, many miles of the Mississippi River where it flows into what we know as the Gulf of Mexico. This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.”

Melissa TaborAfter 3 months in Cleveland, I received a vision of an earthquake with aftershocks splitting a portion of Ohio, near Cleveland….. Then I saw three major cities crumbling to the ground. As the cities were crumbling, the Holy Spirit said, “It will happen in a flash. One of the cities I saw was Las Vegas and another was Chicago, but the third was not named. ” Destruction Coming To Vegas And Chicago -Melissa Tabor

Geneva Goodman It was in northern Illinois, that’s where I was at.I wasn’t wasn’t facing Wisconsin, I was actually facing a little bit to the east to the north, east, kind of like towards, maybe towards Chicago area a little bit maybe to the left of Chicago was kind of face on Lake Michigan. There was just catastrophe everywhere.…….If you go up to Canada, you might have to go around the Great Lakes. There was just water completely separating the US from Canada. I just can’t even reiterate how crazy it looked. It definitely looked like something had just tore the US to pieces.

Timothy Snodgrass “ As God lifted his protective have from the soil of America, I saw the ground begin to shake. From east to west, America was ripped in half like a veil, and the flood waters began to cover many cities as a new gulf was formed, which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south.” …. “But if the quake occurs on the West Coast of America, be aware that the 2nd countdown will have begun for the 2nd GREAT quake in the United States, along the New Madrid Fault line.”

John Kilpatrick- ” In all my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish map. One name read Indianola and the Other Europa. Research showed that Indianola Illinois, Europa Missouri, and Indianola Mississippi almost form a straight line when connected together which suggest there will be a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid Fault.”

Rebecca N Barnes“Highly damaged and under water area if they divide Israel shown in 3 dreams…the lord said in 2014, “if they divide my land, I will divide their nation” ……“I seen St Louis sink under the ground in the first dream…”

Annie Nelson 2013 Explosions and dividing of the land will ensue from the Gulf of Mexico up to the Great Lakes – Oh America. Today is the day of salvation! “……”As Israel is being separated, I shall separate your land, America”.

Chuck Youngbrandt( One of the most detailed visions on the Chicago quake )Chuck Youngbrandt’s Dramatic And Detailed Prophetic 1973 Vision Of The Aftermath Of Chicago’s Deadly Earthquake

Lindy Snow Pierce” Chicago is full of pride and violence. 9.5 on the Richter Scale.* Chicago will no longer exist; New York is next and then Los Angeles “Chicago will no longer exist; New York is next and then Los Angeles ” Prophecy Given To Lindy Snow Pierce 2009

Chuck Youngbrandt“The specific pattern Jesus revealed back in 1977 was that a major earthquake in Los Angeles would lead to a major earthquake in San Francisco, and when that happened it would lead to a major earthquake in the Midwest, centering in St Louis and severely damaging 1/3 of Chicago in the process.”

Chuck Youngbrandt San Fransisco will be struck with a deadly and destructive earthquake; but again there will be two events, one to follow the other. It is near” Newsletter May 2016

Rachel Baxter – December 20th, 2015 –“Look to Miami. Look to Chicago. Look to San Francisco. See what is happening. The wheels have been set in motion and they shall not be stopped.”

Rachel Baxter -July 16 2016 “I am the refiners fire. Those who have allowed Me to burn away their flesh, have been made ready for this hour. Those who have sung another song and are drunk on the sins of others will be laid to waste in the great and terrible day of the Lord. Turn and see what I will do in Chicago. A city on fire. I will call down fire and brimstones on the city and it will burn. It will burn to the ground and be nothing but a pile of ash. Watch and see what I will do.They think I do not see. They think I’ve grown weary. They say judgment will never come, but they will eat their words. This City of Sin will perish, but know that My true church will stand. It will be like a White House amidst a grey and dark night. It will shine with the brightness of the sun. Many will see and not even be able to comprehend the marvelous work I have done.””(For the complete word, click here.)

John W. Johnston – The death and the disease that broke out after was beyond imagination. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was overwhelmed and sickened by the devastation. I asked God why He showed me this? He said He is going to judge the United States and He’s going to judge it hard. He said that the enemies of the United States are going to attack. After having this life-like vision of what is coming, it was quickened to me later that Chicago and a lot of other big cities are also going to take a hit. –Russia Will Attack and Invade America- Prophetic Vision From John W. Johnston

Chuck Youngbrandt 1973In 1973 the Lord gave me a vision of a massive earthquake striking the Midwest U.S.A. centering in Chicago, Illinois on some day in July in the future. This destructive earthquake led directly to an all out nuclear attack on the U.S. by Russia, China with Japan and the start of World War III . In that vision I saw a huge jet airliner on a glide path to land at OíHare Airport north of Chicago [after the quake] when Lake Michigan roared out of its lake bed and swept over the city in what was a wall of water 100 feet+ high. The huge jet airliner turned on its jets full blast and black smoke poured out of its engines as the pilot frantically worked to pull up and away from the wall of water that was destroying Chicago. I was puzzled at the time [July 2, 1973] because the aircraft I saw was a massive two stories high, unlike anything I’d ever seen. [In 1973 the Jumbo Jet had not yet arrived, it was being designed]. While the Jumbo Jet [747-400] with its two story bubble in the front of the aircraft looks like what I saw in 1973, this new airliner, the A3XX, shown in the June 24, 2000 news clip [The Dallas Morning News, Saturday, June 24th2000, 2F, Airbus gives green light to super jumbo jetliner] 2 stories high and looks more like what I saw in the 1973 vision.
Joanie Stahl“I saw the United States. It was torn in four places, Michigan, Chicago, New York, and Washington. Again, there were the black crows, the black smoke and darkness, but there was also an evil eerie laugh in the midst of the peoples that were crying out in horror. It was awful. I asked the Lord, “Is this really you? I have never heard you speak like this.”But it was him. He said He cried much, but He could no longer ignore the wickedness the United States started.”
Timothy Snodgrass – Philippines June 21, 2002 – “On Monday, June 17, as the world was awaiting President Bush’s proposal for a Palestinian state, a 6.7 earthquake shook the Santa Cruz Islands, 210-miles NNW of Vanuatu Island. Within less than 24-hours, a rare 5.0 quake shook Indiana, just south of the U.S. Great Lakes. What is the significance of these two earthquakes? Exactly six months ago, on November 20, 2001, I received a vision of America being ripped in half like a veil from east to west, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that “if America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half”. In the vision I witnessed a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault-line which literally divided America in half from east to west, creating a new gulf which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south. Six-weeks after this vision, on the first day of 2002 I received another vision of a great quake, this time centered in a separate portion of the United States: The quake – somewhere in the 9.0 range – was centered on the U.S. West Coast. Many freeways ended abruptly, cut off by new lakes which were created by the quake. In the vision the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this great quake would occur “after the 2nd Polynesian quake.”

Dan Bohler – “What you have just heard is the platelets of the earth shifting in the central part of the United States. There will be mercy before this judgment earthquake. When this happens, you will know that the earthquake you prophesied will, (listen to this!), split this nation (America).” Dan Bohler, November 1997, DVD -Coming judgment on America.

Chuck Youngbrandt – Chicago temperatures -40 degrees, to -46 degrees below zero, during coldest temperatures of winter. Upwards of 80% of homes in area will be without heat after a month of intense cold. Many will freeze to death. With little food….. Chuck Youngbrant – Events Coming To America

Dr. Melanie Rettler – “There was a crack, running north, south part way across and south of the Great Lakes. I don’t know what it was, what it was, and I just tried to see across it to the western states. I tried to see all the way to California, but I wasn’t allowed to. I knew that it was over there. But what was going on over there, I wasn’t allowed to see. I could see just past the Great Lakes and down the middle of the United States to the east side of Texas. I wanted to see what was going on with Texas but I wasn’t allowed to see it either. The northern Middle States looked as, as if nothing had happened.” MAP! Confirmations! Open Vision Of A Disaster That Hits Entire East Coast – Dr. Melanie Rettler

Leslie Johnson– Leslie Johnson was praying over a map when all of a sudden a vision took place. God showed her that the Great Lakes will open up down to Tupelo, Mississipi and she wasn’t certain, but she said it might have been all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Linda NewkirkRemove yourselves from the areas of the Great Lakes, and the swath of land, which stretches between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River; for one day these lakes will dump into the Mississippi River! Remove yourselves from California coastlines and get far inland! For, one day soon, the ocean will reclaim much of this! To My people, I tell you, pack up and leave Florida! That’s right! Such a judgement will come upon Florida, that when I am through with it, only a string of islands will be left! Pack up and move from the Gulf Coast, and make haste! For, so great shall be My destruction along this coast!” …. Come out of New York City! Leave the East Coast! Hear what I tell you now! For, in one day, such a great upheaval shall strike the world, as none of you have ever seen in recent years! “ A Strong Prophetic Warning About The Coastlines, The Great Lakes Spill, Famine and War Coming To America – Linda Newkirk’s 2008 Word

Confirmation Visions Of Angels Splitting the Land In The New Madrid Area


Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj- Sadhu describes another encounter with an angelwho told him more details about the consequences for America that were coming as a result of her betrayal of Israel. Suddenly I saw an open vision right before my eyes. I saw a mighty angel with a long, drawn sword in his hand. And he stood before me speaking all of these words. Then he said, “This is what will happen to the best friend that will betray Israel and divide Jerusalem. When he spoke those words, I saw this map of the U.S. like in a three dimensional. It appeared right before my eyes beside the angel. And he took the sword and he pierced right into the heart of the U.S. and he cut it into two. He said, “Likewise will this nation be divided as Jerusalem will be divided.” He cut the land into two exactly in the center.”

Augusto Perez – “I saw a vision of a large angelof the LORD with a large sword and he plunged it into the heartland of America. As he did, blood started coming out from the ground where his sword had been plunged into”

Mohan Lazarus – Indian Prophet Mohan Lazarus also saw a map of the United States and the angel with a long sword stabbed the center of the map saying, “You split my land, now I will split yours!”

Elane Durham- As the angel pointed in front of me, a wide view of the land and the water opened up, so that at first I thought I was seeing two countries. Instantly, it was made known to me that I was looking at a vastly changed portion of North America, which was completely divided by a large body of water, and which had lost a large part of both eastern and western shorelines. I was informed that this might or might not come to pass according to our choices as a people.” “This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.”

Stephen Hanson – Stephen Hanson’s vision of the United States divided: 17:17 in the video he talks about this channel of water running through along where the Mississippi is. It became wider and wider, and cut a channel that became wider across, about 200 miles. “The Lord told me that this angel was pouring out a vial of judgment upon our nation”

Kim Weir – I saw a large angel dressed in blue hovering over the Pacific ocean just off the West coast of the United States. As I looked down upon the United States, I then noticed there was another large angel hovering over the Atlantic ocean just off the East coast of the United States.This angel was dressed in red. I wondered why they were there. The Lord revealed to me that they have assignments to watch over and make sure that all that needs to happen in the United States does happen in the way the Lord orders. part 1 . She sees the southern states in red earlier in the vision, and she notices that this red spreads and it reminds her of blood being spilled. She notices this red is spread to the northern states above such as Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia. She sees the blood cover areas of Texas and Oklahoma panhandle and above Oklahoma.- Part 2 – Kim Vales Weir’s 3 Day Vision

” I saw Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington State, Washington D.C., Boston, Newark, New York City, Nashville, Little Rock on fire. cities burning. St. Louis on fire” In 1976 Mary Ann Brown Was Given A Stunningly Accurate Vision Of The Future Of America

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