MAP! Confirmations! Open Vision Of A Disaster That Hits Entire East Coast – Dr. Melanie Rettler

Dr. Melanie Rettler‘s Map

Dr. Melanie Rettler wrote me about a vision she had in 2012 which allowed her to see United States from above. She saw widespread destruction to the east coast from the New York vantage point.  In her vision she isn’t told what caused the damage, she was only allowed to see different details.  She has has 50 or so prophetic visions with only 3 left to come to pass!

The yellow highlighting is mine of details to take note of.   Some visions mention that believers will go through the wave and be untouched. She also mentions something to that effect in her vision.  Other visions give the warning that many people die and to move off the coastlines.

Also, the description of the hot substance match up to an asteroid or a volcano.  The timing of the day is also mentioned by Efrain Rodriguez.  See that here.  “Large wave will travel to Miami by 5 am, and to New York by 8 am.”

An Open Vision Of An East Coast Destruction and California Event –

May 2012 – Dr. Melanie Rettler

I had been working to help a friend who had been unfairly burdened by the government. I had sought out lawyers for help.

I spoke with local lawmakers, I did everything I could but no one wanted to help.

Even those who were in a position to help were complacent. This went on for several weeks.

Then one day in June 2012 I had reached my breaking point.

I just this second as I am typing this had a revelation.

The revelation is that when the power of the holy people has broken all things will come to pass.

I cried out to God. God, I am so angry. I am very angry. I have done everything that I know that I can do but no one gives.

You said not to let the sun go down on your anger. I can’t sleep. I need to sleep. Here, you have  to take this anger and do something with it because I need to be able to sleep. And then I heard a strong, clear voice, I know God’s voice say…

“Now you know how I feel”

Then swoosh. I was up in the sky over the ocean, off the east coast of the United States.

God was on my right hand side, I could see a partial map of the United States.

He said, ” I have just about had it with them, because all they are looking for their security outside of me”

I was close to New York, the vision opened up when the curtains were drawn back at a play. I could see New York, and the people. It was mid-morning it was morning or mid morning because the sun was still to my back. (east )

The people were going about their business. It was a nice day. Several people had light clothing on. They wore short sleeve shirts. Some women wore skirts. Some people were in shorts, there was no jackets and no snow on the ground. Then all of a sudden “stuff” started flying in on the people from the direction of the ocean, and people all ran.  The “stuff” looked very fairly uniform in size, about the size of a softball. It was great or grayish black in color and I sensed it was hot.

It seemed to have a tar like consistency that people ran and were panicked. They were trying to avoid being hit by this tar like substance. It was chaotic.

When I turned to God and asked him, “What about me, my family, my friends, the people I care about an all the blood bought Christians”

He directed me to look back into the vision and I did.

I still saw the people running everywhere. Suddenly, I saw transparent shields appear over some people, the shields moved with the people as they moved.

The people didn’t seem to know that they had had them.

I yelled down at some of them, “hey, you don’t have to run, you have protection. You have shields. You don’t have to run”

But they didn’t hear me and they kept running with the other people, even though they didn’t have to. Then I was shown a broader view I was shown that the entire East Coast had sup suffered horrible destruction. And it was all the way from Maine to Florida. Florida was almost entirely destroyed the destruction went inland for a long ways.

In some places, it was an entire state, and other places several states deep.

I can see only approximately half of the United States. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the vantage point to see further, but that it was hidden from my view.

I wasn’t allowed to see past half way.

There was a crack, running north, south part way across and south of the Great Lakes. I don’t know what it was, what it was, and I just tried to see across it to the western states.

I tried to see all the way to California, but I wasn’t allowed to. I knew that it was over there.

But what was going on over there, I wasn’t allowed to see.

I could see just past the Great Lakes and down the middle of the United States to the east side of Texas. I wanted to see what was going on with Texas but I wasn’t allowed to see it either.

The northern Middle States looked as, as if nothing had happened.

I came out of the vision and just sat there thinking, “wow”.

Then after a bit I went to sleep.

Part Two

For a couple of weeks or so nothing. Everything was quiet spiritually on this topic. Then I started hearing a voice that started out soft and low. “I have just about had it with them”.

At first, it was almost like a whisper, then every day, each day I heard it and it got a little bit louder. I called my friend and told her what was happening. I told her that I felt this pressure associated with it. I felt it, building. Then on July 19 2012 at approximately 8:30am. I was out of my front gate when I unexpectedly heard God clearly ” I have had it with them”.

I thought, oh, and I looked up into the sky. Then I just kind of waited. Like the other shoe to drop. I just knew that there was going to be some big trouble coming.

July, 20 2012 am,  the pressure that I had feeling the past days were no longer there. Like a fever that had broken, it had lifted. It felt good for that pressure to be gone and back to feeling normal.

July, 20th 2012 I went to bed around 8pm. I was awakened from sleep from the sound of gunshots. I sat up in bed, stayed quiet for and waited for more shots, then no more were heard, I decided to investigate. I thought I had better check on my animals to make sure none were injured or frightened. I told myself before going outside to look at the animals and see what direction they were looking. I didn’t know what was going on out there and I didn’t want anyone sneaking up on me. So as I went outside I quickly scan the animals to my great surprise none of them seemed alarmed.

They were sleeping and resting. I didn’t understand why weren’t aroused. So I walked the entire perimeter and found nothing a mess.

I went back inside and glanced at the clock on the stove and went back to bed in the morning my friend called and asked me if I heard what happened the night before. I told her no, she told me that a shooting had occurred in a movie theater in Colorado.

When I learned what time it occurred, it, it was at the same time that I was awoken by the shots that I heard. So I heard the shots in the spirit, not in my backyard. I’m not going to venture into any interpretation. I’m just reporting on what happened and when

In approximately 2017 I had a flash vision while I was awake.

It was like I was dropped into a situation and hovering just a couple feet off the ground I knew I was in California and I was facing east.

There were dead bodies all around and injured people. Something catastrophic just occurred. I heard people saying and screaming, get to the hills, get to the hills, and they were running eastward.

There was a crack in the ground in front of me and I knew that it was too late for all those people, only the people already at or on the hills had any chance. I knew that the hills that they were talking about where east of were I had been.  The whole vision seem to last only a few seconds.

I’ve had visions and dreams all my life that have come true.

I would approximate 50 or so, and only 3 are still yet to be fulfilled.

I’m certain that these will come to pass in my lifetime I’m now in my 50s if that helps.

Just a few days ago I heard from God that He is showing me things, so that I could take steps to avoid harm that was coming. He was showing me so that my decisions would be affected. No fear in Christ, just prepare.


Additional notes from our emails that I have permission to publish:

“Found your website and all the other visions people have had. I had this one in 2012. I had NO idea anyone else had visions until a friend told me sometime in 2015 and then I began to search. I’ve had visions all my life and they have come true. I guess it’s training me to trust Him”

“About 1994, I had 3 open visions one day. I shared with my hairdresser. She told me she had dreamt that. Then I told another girl about the 2 of us having the same message and she said ” stop, you’re freaking me out. I dreamt that 5 nights in a row. ” Summary, people were terrified. There was what I now know as martial law. I didn’t know what it was at the time. I had never heard the term. There was a shortage of gas and only the military could have it. They wore blue helmets. We were moving people in the night time to a mountain location on the Indian reservation in AZ. There was a man on a white horse with us guiding us but none of us could see his face but we knew he was good. We followed a light at night through the mountains. We were on horseback. One girl saw a major road had been moved. I never thought it would happen but the HAVE moved the road off the reservation land. I took the people from point 1 to point 2. She took them from point to to the final place in the mountains. Then she brought the horses back. All 3 of us saw the same thing. It seemed to be end of summer or maybe fall because we knew that pretty soon the nights would be getting cold and we were giving the people blankets to take with them for when it would get cold at night but as of the time in the vision, the nights weren’t yet cold. The people were terrified and we kept calming them. I knew for certain that everything would be ok. He showed me 1 horse and said ” Do Not forget this. He is 5 years old. Do not forget this. ” I said ” ok, I got it. “”

“Main thing I keep seeing over and over is big devastation. Terror but we who have been shown do not fear at all. We are expecting it. And God is with us and all if them who are in these groups and they are protected too. Be prepared to lose everything. Its going to be harder for rich comfortable Christians. I kind of school them now by saying ” If you suddenly lost everything you have, would you trust God? Get ready. It’s coming. But it will he better afterwards. He will fulfill all of his promises.”

“Note the cracks in the ground are from memory now back to 2012. My memory isn’t perfect on their exact location only their approximate location. They did not make the same impression on me as the east coast destruction because they didn’t seem to be anything to me except a small crack in the ground I was looking over ( I mean the one under the great lakes) The one in Calif was from a later flash vision and it was important but I only had a general feeling about where I was in southern California. It is approximately correct. The mark along the east side of Texas is just that I had an understanding that something was going on there and it could have been wider into more of Louisiana but I kept my drawing to what I was more sure of”

“The whole vision took me by surprise. I had never heard of anyone having visions about this stuff nor was the east coast on my mind. So when He showed me that I was stunned and when I recognized the severe destruction in such a big area, my thought was to look to where I live AZ and to CA but I wasn’t allowed to see what was going on there but I knew the states were there and I had a feeling that something bad had or was taking place or would be taking place. Maybe I just wasn’t allowed to get the idea that it was safe there”

“Then my gaze panned the rest of the map and I tried to see Texas but wasn’t allowed to. So this is why my drawings of the green areas, the purple and the lines in CA , east of Texas and under the great lakes are only approximate. I didn’t try to take special notice of them, they weren’t as significant as the east coast”

“The line under the Great Lakes didn’t look like an active problem at the time of this vision. So maybe this adds information to the order of things? IE: when destruction occurs on the east coast, the New Madrid hasn’t cracked open yet?? In 2012 I had never heard if a fault line in the middle of the US”

“When I was shown this in 2012, I hadn’t watched TV since the digital change over. I didn’t have a clue about the New Madrid fault. In fact, never heard of it. Also, the east coast was nothing I ever thought about. I had no idea until about 2015 that anyone else was having visions. A friend told me so I looked it up”

(Regarding the map) ” I didn’t see water. The first thing I saw was that stuff hailing in on the people. It was a normal day for them with nice weather. Then I was zoomed out and shown the complete destruction down the east coast and Florida. I don’t know how much time had passed. But I didn’t see water or snow. Maybe what I saw comes first??? And then the New Madrid rips open and THEN then water comes in??? Just reasoning this out”

“I do know that the Dakotas seemed fine”

“I don’t know if the destruction down the east coast came at the same time as the stuff flying in on NYC or if it had occurred before or was to occur after. The order He showed it to me was NYC then all the rest but I get a feeling there was damage before NYC and that the crack I saw south of the Great Lakes was early in the process. Also I had a feeling that the west coast / California / AZ that I was trying to see but couldn’t had already had problems – maybe an “event” and that’s why it was hidden. Same with Texas. I had a feeling that all was not well but I wasn’t permitted to see it. Also the tar like “stuff” wasn’t all tar. It was like a solid object with a tar like exterior. Its 7:45 am here in AZ right now and the position of the sun seems similar to what it was like at NYC so I would guess 8-10 am”

” A few days ago I heard Him say “I’m with you.” I think we are going to need all of these reminders as it is going to get tough.

” I never saw water. I only saw severe destruction – maybe before the water comes. Maybe the water everyone is seeing means something else. Seems like I saw the front end of things at NYC because they were going about their daily routines when the “stuff” started flying down on them. The sun was behind me as I was facing west and it wasn’t high in the sky like 11:00. My best guess puts it at 8am-9am maybe as late as 10 am.”

” That drawing (the map) is from memory but the blue area is pretty close. When it happened I went and looked at a map for a long time. The part I’m more foggy on is the “safe” area. I got the main part of it in green but it may be a larger safe area than that. It seems to me like part of Kentucky and a little western part of Pennsylvania was ok but I’m not sure. What made the impression was the destruction because I wasn’t expecting to see anything like that”


My Thoughts On The Vision:

On this site I have over 100 prophetic references to the coming tsunami that hits the east coast. There is also a west coast tsunami prophecy where a tsunami wave goes quite far inland.

There are also a number of prophecies that suggest an asteroid breaks up in space and hits the ocean in several locations.  This causes the tsunami on both coastlines.

There are also articles that reveal new Russian technology capable of producing giant tsunamis.  There are many prophecies that reveal they will invade the United States some day.

Russian Navy Will Soon Deploy 32 “Poseidon” Nuclear Drones Across …

Jan 15, 2019 – Poseidon is an underwater drone weapon, armed with a 2-megaton nuclear or … This is meant to generate a radioactive tsunami capable of …


At the bottom of this post, look for the links to these different confirmation visions and dreams.

What captured my interest in Dr. Melanie Rettler’s vision was the reference to seeing a map of how far the destruction goes in.  After viewing many tsunami dreams and visions, a believer can see patterns between them all, but there are just a handful of prophecies that include details of how far the the water goes inland.

1.  The first reference comes from Jessica Whidby who has a prophetic dream where she sees a tsunami on the east coast.  In the dream she is at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and sees the people and the animals in a panic running towards higher ground.

According to Wikipedia, the Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the larger Appalachian Mountain range. The mountain range is located in the eastern United States, and extends 550 miles southwest from southern Pennsylvania through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

Her dream matches up to what Dr Patricia Green has seen.

2.  Dr Patricia Green was one of the very few prophetic voices to see Trump get elected accurately.  She was also shown that our nation would be given 7 more years to repent.  If I were to guess, those years will be filled with judgement (event after event) before a crippling severe blow hits this nation.  Another prophetic voice I think is very accurate is Maurice Sklar who saw the courts of heaven give our nation an extended a period of grace which lines up with the grace Green was told.

On 2013 Dr Patricia Green has a dream where she sees a large wave getting ready to crest over the top a mountain.  She understands in the dream that the Atlantic Ocean had washed in as far as a mountain in North Carolina.

Then 3 days later in a closed eyed vision, Jesus is walking beside her where she is lifted up in the air and she sees a wave hundreds of feet tall.  That seems to be the wave that most people describe in their visions and dreams.  If you can picture this wave in your mind, it would go clear over the skyscrapers in New York city.

Green sees that the water is washed up to a mountain range in North Carolina.  That seems to match up with Jessica Whidby.

My question is….  are these two different events that Green is seeing? ( In other words, ….  is there a difference between the first wave and the second wave she sees?  )   One wave to come in, and then a very large wave to come in later?  That seems to be unclear to me.

This is what is said to Green in the vision from Jesus:

“This wave will hit the east coast.” He said, “Warn the people to get out. This mighty wave will devastate coastal cities and wash inland for many miles. Florida will be decimated. Washington D.C. will be under water. New York Harbor will flood the city. In North Carolina, the water will come as far as the mountains. The water will not go beyond the Appalachian mountains.”

He said,

“There are those that will not believe what you are reporting. They will perish in the wave.” He said, “Millions of people will lose their lives.” He said, “Nothing of this magnitude happens on the earth unless I speak it through my prophets. I have shown many of my prophets this tsunami, and they are also reporting it will happen.”

Notice the mention of D.C and Florida being underwater.  This detail has been confirmed through many visions and dreams.

3.  Nita Johnson is another woman of God who also sees widespread destruction and is shown a map of the United States.  You can read about the vision hereIn her vision she mentions specific areas on the west coast and then it disappears off the map. She doesn’t understand why it disappears. Her attention is then turned to Michigan.  This area of destruction has been seen by Dr. Melanie Rettler.  The late Chuck Youngbrandt also has a very detailed 1973 vision of the destruction of this area.  See that post here.  The next set of events are seen in the area of Texas happen to be another detail that Melanie Rettler is shown as well.

From Nita Johnson’s vision :

“Most of Louisiana and all of Texas will suffer natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and enemy attack. “The line shot up through New Orleans east of Baton Rouge, up through Shreveport in a kind of wiggly way then cut off all of Texas. Texas disappeared. Louisiana experienced devastation but didn’t disappear” 

Fernanda Menegassi-Lojac – “The image zoomed in to New York City and I saw Manhattan hit by two missiles. As each missile hit, the ground cracked and after the second missile hit, the city and water started to violently inundate Manhattan from the east. Then more water came from underneath the cracks in the ground, which were created by the missiles. Then, my eyes left the first map and I looked down to the second map on the bottom left of the triangle. I saw a few pins pushed into that map. There was a pin over Louisiana and another over the east side of Texas. The Louisiana pin started moving first from the east and then the Texas pin began moving parallel to the Louisiana pin. Together they traced lines from the south all the way up past Missouri, toward Illinois. I understood in my spirit that the pins symbolized an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line and that it would start with Louisiana. As the pins traveled north, the earth opened and water gushed in from the south.” Manhattan Hit By Two Missiles Prophetic Dream Fernanda Menegassi-Lojac

It is quite interesting how all these people are shown the same locations.  Again, below I will list all the prophetic articles related to Texas.

Dr Melanie Rettler’s Map With A Mountain Terrian Map Overlay



Additional Confirmations:

9yr Old Sees A Powerful Vision Of A Coming Asteroid, Nukes Coming To America And A Massive Fault Line Open Up

A Daughter of The Highest King uploaded a video of her 9 year old grandson who tells his account of an image that popped into his head.  He describes seeing the United States from above in space.  He understood he was looking at the earth because of the curve.

Then he describes seeing an asteroid coming towards earth and sees it hit in the area of the Atlantic ocean.  (coordinating prophecies below)

He describes the asteroid as “flaming hot red”. On the map which he has drawn it is clear to see the countries.  The “x” drawings mark the asteroids.  The “+” drawings are nukes

He then adds that as the asteroid enters into the atmosphere, he has the understanding that the asteroid is going to break apart.  The “x” drawings mark the places where the shattered asteroid hits.  I wanted to highlight some of the larger “x” marks with an orange highlighter.  As you can see, it seems like there is a path seen with the larger “x’s on the picture. He then describes nukes flying over the ocean hitting America.

( Prophetic ) Missiles Hitting America

His grandmother asks him about the squiggly lines on the map. He describes it as the land breaking apart.  What he saw was the fault lines breaking apart where he sees people falling in.   The line he drew on America happens to be the exact same line which we see in the eclipse that happens August 21st 2017, AND the exact fault line that scientists discovered that runs 1,700 miles across the United States and intersects with the New Madrid. Could Yellowstone also be involved in this event?


“Get To Higher Ground” A Vision Of California Breaking Off Into The Sea- here

Confirmation: San Diego

By His Grace Ministry published a really interesting prophetic warning video that I am always seeming to go back to. Notice the areas she points to.  San Diego area she sees an explosion, which Chuck Youngbrant also reveals the same location.  (Around the Los Angeles and San Diego area)

Later she was brought back down to Texas where she was shown another event.  She makes it very clear that these are two different events.

“At the edge of Texas, all I was seeing is a bunch of fire.  I mean a lot of fire, and this was at night time” 

She describes the fire going all along the border of the United States and the curser goes up to the edge of Alabama.  She then sees two explosions at the bottom part of Louisiana. She said BEFORE that, she heard THREE big booms Then she sees no electricity, no fire or smoke…..

NOTE Dr. Melanie Rettler’s Vision to compare

A Vision Of California Breaking Off Into The Sea1. First I saw the explosion, then I saw the 2. breaking away.  It was almost like God wanted to clarify with me, so that is why He wanted to show me this first. (She points to the southern area) This will happen first.  This area here.  I do not know if this is an earthquake, I did not get that message, He was just showing me a visual.  3. Then, after that is where I saw the explosion around here. (Points to the area above Sacramento) “

Then she was brought back down to Texas where she was shown another event.  She makes it very clear that these are two different events.

A Vision Of The New Madrid Area

Then she sees electricity going up the New Madrid fault area. She describes it as electricity, with a few small sparks. Her vision ends there.

She mentions Louisiana  which is also mentioned in Brother Bob’s 2007 economic crash vision

“Now Al, what happened in Louisiana, and more specifically New Orleans? [Well, they got wiped out! It took them by surprise!] And how did the local law enforcement react? [Well, they started clamping down on everybody.] Uhh, huh. Al, they came in trucks. Massive trucks. If they were not dark olive in color they were almost black. [Uhh huh] and the men that came outta these trucks were in full black uniform. Many of them spoke what sounded like either Mandarin or Chinese”- Brother Bob

The image zoomed in to New York City and I saw Manhattan hit by two missiles. As each missile hit, the ground cracked and after the second missile hit, the city and water started to violently inundate Manhattan from the east. Then more water came from underneath the cracks in the ground, which were created by the missiles.Then, my eyes left the first map and I looked down to the second map on the bottom left of the triangle. I saw a few pins pushed into that map. There was a pin over Louisiana and another over the east side of Texas. The Louisiana pin started moving first from the east and then the Texas pin began moving parallel to the Louisiana pin. Together they traced lines from the south all the way up past Missouri, toward Illinois. I understood in my spirit that the pins symbolized an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line and that it would start with Louisiana. Fernanda Menegassi-Lojac

Confirmed: San Diego

“San Diego, you will burn! In one day you will burn. In one hour it will start and in one day you will burn” ,….. 

” the Lord was going to destroy Los Angeles. He also had me speak to the Angels holding the ground in the fault lines (preventing earthquakes) to leave their post in 40 days, that they were relieved of their duties and to get rest that they have completed their assignments.”

Read more at Flee California! A Prophetic Warning From God Given To Pastor Joel

Confirmed : Los Angeles

“I saw three places that were marked for massive destruction through earthquakes. I don’t know what are the three places. I was just shown three places. So, I did some googling and found there are three major fault lines in the United States. One is the San Andreas and the other is in the middle of the United States and the third is somewhere else” Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

“After the meetings in Costa Mesa, (the next day) we were in Los Angeles airport waiting to board a flight to Houston. While we were waiting, they made an announcement boarding has started. So, we were in the queue waiting to board. At that moment, I heard a voice, “Son of Man, this city is going to be destroyed.” So, I turned around and there was this mighty angel with a big weapon of destruction in his hand. I saw this angel standing beside me and at the same time, I also saw him standing outside the airport. This angel was standing beside me and standing outside near that Encounter restaurant at the same time. This is the same angel. But when he stood outside, he appeared so huge that his head touched the clouds and he had this huge weapon of destruction that looked like a sledgehammer. You know the one that Thor has? Like that. And he said, “This city will be destroyed by a great earthquake.”When he spoke that, I saw many angels under his leadership and they all stood exactly where the earthquake fault line is going to be in Los Angeles. They all stood in one line with their hammers lifted in their hands, waiting for an order from this captain. Once he gives the order, they will all strike on the ground.Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Confirmation Los Angeles ”  I was watching my kids and thanking the Lord in my head for them.  I closed my eyes and seen a volcano eruption and the Hollywood sign in California crumbling to the ground. Where is the nearest volcano in California?”- Jennifer Schultz

“Early this morning I saw another detailed tsunami dream that was so vivid and detailed that it disturbed me greatly. On the West Coast, a major split occurred in the ocean causing the Pacific’s waves to rise high in all directions. I saw dangerous waves coming in the distance and yelled, “Get to the mountains! As we began rushing to a high place I could see the waves hit the coasts and rush violently into the streets of cities. The scene shifted and I found myself in a house on a high mountain. The people were quite wealthy and there were reports on the news of the horrific damage and destruction.”Perry Stone

“And I saw a mighty shaking and trembling begin under the earth. And the Lord said, “From under the Pacific it shall come, in fire and in water it shall come.It was hardly noticeable at first but it was as though the whole city froze as one and then the shaking and the terror and then the fire came. I saw a horrifying inferno, a literal inferno”………  “In the second strike I saw water devastating parts of the west coast, to the north, beware the north, the northern California coastline. I still saw plumes of smoke rising from charred buildings. ”………………“I felt this was further up the coast than Los Angeles, more to the north, though Los Angeles was shaken it was not as devastating as The BAY the Lord was talking about.EMPTY CISTERNS, I saw written in the sky “EMPTY CISTERNS” above San Francisco, and the scales, the scales of sin and judgment were full, so full that judgment could not be withheld over San Francisco.Wendy Alec 

Warning Signal:

Japanese Quake And Tsunami

“We have been saying for years now, “Unless you hear God say to stay, get out.” I felt like one of the things the Lord showed us that would precede this was the Japanese quake and tsunami. “

” I think things are getting ready to happen from San Diego to Seattle. That is what the Lord told me a few years ago.”

“Rick Joyner and I were not together at the same time in California in 1989. We both got prophecies, we saw things of a coming earthquake that is beyond anything you can imagine. And I have known that there is an Archangel holding the place together in California. “

Read more at Rick Joyner And Bob Jones Warn To Move Away From The West Coast

Dreams Of Earthquakes in Washington State / Oregon

Curt Vinson, Mexico/ America Border burning Louisiana Into Kansas

Warning Signal:

Calexico and Mexicali

The late Bob Jones was given a warning sign before the BIG One Hits California.

Bob Jones:Years ago, I don’t remember how long, but I think it was in the mid-70s, the Lord told me that he is going to give them a warning in California. The shaking will begin in Caliente and Mexicali. When those two places shake it will shortly happen in the other places. So I think if people will listen He is going to warn them. I think the warning will be Mexicali and Caliente on the borderline.

Bob mistakenly says “Caliente instead of Calexico. He is referring to Calexico and Mexicali which are the two border towns.

This prophecy was fulfilled, or this could be speaking of another event coming soon.

By Michael on “We definitely have already seen quite a bit of “shaking” in 2017, and the new year has only just begun.  Since New Year’s Eve, there have been more than 250 earthquakes near the border between California and Mexico.  These quakes appear to be centered around the town of Brawley, which is only about 30 miles away from the San Andreas fault.  But even before the new year began there was a tremendous amount of shaking in the region.  In fact, on December 28th the Daily Mail reported that almost 700 earthquakes had shaken California and Nevada over the previous week. “

“Now you picture that from Japan onward. Al, Japan was the first. They declared martial law. [Well something had to have happened the day before in America or Mexico that triggered the thing.] That was not shown. There was a sense as this day‘s horizon began to creep across the globe, that there is something very, very, very wrong here”  Brother Bob’s Economic Crash Vision

”  Suddenly she sees an angel carrying something gray in his hands. She sees it falling out of the sky. It glides over the east, then over the mid west, and drops the item which reminds her of a falling star. This item lands in California and leaves a huge crater in the earth. The crater spans over STATES. She says Oregon, Washington state and Nevada. She sees three states on the pacific coast, and parts of their land fall into the Pacific ocean. One piece she mentions is from Washington state, and the other piece is from California. After this event takes place, a huge earthquake takes place. This earthquake spans from the Canadian border down to the Mexico border. After this earthquake happens, (Kim mentions this may be the 5th or 6th earthquake she has seen)…she sees more pieces from California fall into the ocean. She sees mostly southern California.” Read more at Kim Weir’s Falling Star Lands In California


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Prophetic West Coast Tsunami Visions and Dreams

Prophetic Tsunami Dreams From Florida

Jake Ruchotke’s Prophetic TSUNAMI Dream Interviews