Robert Highley

(Robert and His Wife Jenny)

Prophetic Dream

About 3 years ago I had dream that I was at a meeting full of people and man was seeking healing. I spoke over him, laying my hands upon his shoulders, “Receive healing in Jesus name”. He flew back and got up, apparently healed. The people marveled that they had not seen this before and began to ask me many questions as we were leaving the conference.

Outside the building I saw a building entirely made of glass and sitting alone at a desk was President Obama. (He was president at the time.) I thought it strange that he was unprotected and visible through this glass building. About this time it started to get dark as I made my way down the hill and I began to see many lights in the sky that from a distance looked like small golden mushroom caps. As they got closer I realized the lights from the city were reflecting upon these objects which turned out to be parachutes, thousands upon thousands were alighting upon the city. I could see the faces were Asian. To my horror they were firing automatic machine guns as they came closer to the ground. The freeway below came to a complete stop and 5 men stood alone firing back. I could see that there was so little armed resistance that they would surely be killed within a short time against such overwhelming odds. Great fear seized me as I realized this was a land invasion. When I awoke the extreme fear was with still with me as I realized that the dream was so vivid and real that it made waking reality seem pale.

What happened After

This dream caused me to change our plans for moving outside the city to moving to an entirely different state. My children in that same year began to tell me dreams they were having of a massive Tsunami and asteroid showers. This was quite unusual as they had never told me dreams of this nature before. I was surprised to find out after some research that many others had had similar dreams in the past.

I knew my wife was reluctant to move anywhere out of the suburbs. I went to prayer and asked the Lord why we had run into problems in the last two attempts at buying a home in NC outside of the city. He told me we were to move to Idaho. I mentioned to him that I would love to go there but I lacked the money and that my wife would surely oppose it. I asked him not to be angry with my lack of faith and to confirm that this was indeed his plan. He said, “Tomorrow your wife will ask you about moving to Idaho.” My thoughts were, “that would be a miracle.”

The next morning I told my wife we had run into a problem with the house we were in contract to buy and she said, “maybe we are not supposed to stay in this state.” I said, “you mean move out of state?” “Yeah”, she said, “What do you think about Idaho?”

I knew this was the confirmation I had asked for. I began searching online as I was not certain where in the state we should move but I had some ideas from researching locations. I was shocked to see that a high school friend that recently friended me on Facebook and who I had been out of contact with for 20+ years had posted that he was moving to Idaho that morning. He posted he was moving there in 2 weeks. He sent me a realtor that specialized in this area and a detailed spreadsheet with analysis for all the best cities.

We bought a home, the only home big enough for us in the area that we could afford with 100% financing. We only had to come up with the moving costs and even that came together quickly. Within 2 months we were on our way to Idaho in a moving truck and a trailer.

Perilous Trip

The trip took twice as long as we planned with six children in tow. We did our signing in St. Louis on the way there due to the speed at which we had to leave our current home. We were late, so late in fact the bank closed but the notary stayed for us, telling us that she felt Jesus had asked to remain so we could sign.

As we approached the end of our journey we accidentally took the route leading up into one of the most treacherous highways through the mountains. The roads were frozen from ice and game was darting across the road or completely obstructing it at times.

By the time we almost hit another animal for the 5th time I really began to despair that I had made a huge mistake and was putting our family in peril. Stopping a truck that size on these narrow passes and worrying about the vehicle my wife was driving behind our moving truck was giving me tremendous anxiety. At one point I began to think I was having a heart attack. My son looked over at me and said, “Dad, don’t worry, let’s pray.” As we began to pray, and I must confess I was listening to his prayer by my eyes were fixated on the road ahead of us where we had just narrowly averted another crash, a brilliant white light streaked over head and traced the road in front of us, zig zapping up the road until out of view. I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Do not fear, I have led you here and I will bring you safely to your destination.”

Just then my son looked up at me as he had his head down in prayer and said, “Did you see that flash of light?? I think a meteor just fell on the road ahead or something.”

We sang praise songs after this all the way there. We finally arrived to the street where the GPS said our future home was but sat in snow covered roads that appeared to be the middle of a field. I knew if we went any further we could not turn around and might get stuck. My wife called and asked what we were doing. It was pitch black and I did not know where the house was as the GPS had said, “you’ve arrived.” After about 15 minutes, a car pulled up behind us. At 3am I thought this was really strange. The driver asked, “Do you know where you are going?” When I told her the address she said you just need to drive about a 100 feet more and up on the left is the driveway. You cannot see it with all the trees. Thank you God was I could think. When we pulled up we were unprepared for the starry skies and amazing view we encountered. The pictures did not do the location justice or the house. It was a true blessing.



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Invasion Prophecies

West Coast Invasion


  1. I had this following dream vision back in 2010 which I’d like to share here, also, concerning an evident Chinese invasion/takeover of the U.S.

    Dream Vision Concerning China’s Invasion of the United States

    November 9, 2010 (between 5-8:30 a.m.)

    I was walking alongside a powerful Chinese man. He was powerful, in the sense that he was possibly a political or royal/government authority.

    Our walking path changed its form frequently as we continued along, from a grassy trail alongside a road, to something like an enclosed public walkway. This wooden walkway has an upper part and a bottom; of which we were located at the top.

    As we were walking, either the Chinese man told me or I was “made aware” spiritually that China had taken over the United States, likely due to an economic collapse. Again, I was made aware (likely through the spirit) of a plan to progressively “phase in” a class system into the entire U.S. population. I visually saw this: Graphs of people being divided into separate “classes”.

    The powerful Chinese man and me were talking throughout this walk we had. I cannot remember exactly what he was saying; he was talking about different plans concerning the U.S.

    I was this man’s adviser/enforcer.

    Now in the public walkway, there was a group of people who walked passed us. Some were wearing hats. I was ordered, either by the Chinese man or responding to my own oath, to verbally abuse those people to remove their hats in our presence.

    This happened a second time along the public walkway, down below: A larger group of people were walking down below us, and one of them did something that caught our attention. I literally jumped down there, grabbed this person’s head, and slammed the person into a wall.

    There’s still some details in that dream which perplex me. The separation of people into “classes” and the two-tiered wooden walkway seem to indicate a type of strong bondage coming to the people of America…

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