Mega Quake On The North West Coast Coming – Tectonic Shifting 2011 Prophetic Word -Ken Dewey


The Words the Lord gave me are in BLUE.


The Lord has been giving me MANY WARNING WORDS about a coming Earthquake in California, and other words of a TIME OF GREAT SHAKING coming to America early in 2008.

 You must know that these words have SHAKEN ME AND I HAVE BEEN GREATLY MOVED BY THEM.  I have shared them all, openly for you to read, on my Website: The Precious Stone. They have been listed under EARTHQUAKE WORDS.( Desert Zion– Ken Dewey’s New ebsite)

Yesterday (July 15, 2015) when reading the News, I first saw and heard the news Video report about “MEGA QUAKE COULD KILL 13000 IN PACIFIC NORTHWEST,”  and I was deeply impressed that this report is SIGNIFICANT.

I did post, just the Link to this news, in my Folder which I have provided [on my Facebook Profile for all Significant Earthquake words] to be listed. This morning I again listened to this report [seeing it was still in the news], but as I listened to it again,  I heard the Lord speaking to me and he said:

I want you to post this as A URGENT WARNING WORD as soon as possible.  YOU MUST WARN MY PEOPLE BECAUSE IT WILL HAPPEN! 

The Lord then did remind me of my previous words that I had received about this coming event.  He said: Go look at the Words you have been given, so I went to my website and looked under “Earthquake Words” in the Prophetic Word section.  As I looked down the list of the many earthquake words I saw the word titled: TECTONIC SHIFTING dated April 16, 2011.  He said: Read it again.

As I read this Word again, I knew that this Word was all about the latest Warning in the news the past two days about the Mega Quake, because it was about how there are TWO PLATES in the Earth off the Coast of the N.W. USA.  In the warning Word he had talked about TWO PLATES shifting against each other, which would cause a MEGA QUAKE.   This Mega Quake, when it actually does happen, [according to the News Video Report] will kill as many as 13,000 people.

I now list this word for you all to hear.  I post it here to RE-SPEAK THIS WORD AGAIN, [but very relevant for today’s news]:

Tectonic Shifting

April 16, 2011

“We are in a holding pattern waiting for the SHIFTING of the tectonic plates


Early in the morning of April 16 while sleeping, I had a dream.  Most everyone would likely understand, when I describe it as a “Frustration Dream”, because they are common.  But this dream was certainly not common, but very vivid.  

I was seeing a map of the United States, and on that map were lines in many places.  I recall lines in and around many places across America.  I wish I could remember the exact locations, but I cannot seem to remember and to say anything would be speculation.  All I can remember is thinking, I CAN’T FINISH WITHOUT TAKING CARE OF THESE THINGS FOR THEY ARE HINDERING ME. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT THESE LINES?  It was very frustrating because I was trying to do something, and I could not do anything because of those lines.  I kept going over and over the same thing, for what seemed like hours, trying to figure out what to do to remove them.  I must have been almost awake, but still sleeping enough I could not open my eyes.  Finally, in desperation I woke up very disgusted and frustrated.  I got out of bed and came into the living room and began to hear the Lord speak of writing down a word, so I got my pad and wrote: 


“I AM the Lord God Almighty.  I speak to all a warning!

The lines are FAULT LINES. 

I have chosen to let things [earthquakes] move in the NATURAL, waiting for the shifting of the tectonic plates.  I could interfere, and I have in the past, but this time I will not interfere.  Things will continue to happen daily, then SUDDENLY, it will shift a MAJOR SHIFT; watch them tumbling down, many buildings tumbling down, falling to the ground; hear the Earths’ (mantle) shaking, roaring, moving all around.  The results will be many MAJOR EARTHQUAKES on the EAST SIDE of the Ring of Fire. 

Ten time ten and holding, holding fast again, but this time things are different than before.  I have changed things, helping my people rise, walking in white.  Once again I AM moving things around.  I have My plan and purpose, I fully know the end.

See that you are not mistaken; make sure how you will end.  Stand and walk tall, do not even entertain the thought that my Body the Church could come to an end.  See that you are not mistaken; make sure how you will end.  See that you are not mistaken; make sure how you will end.  Stand and walk tall, do not even entertain the thought that my Body the Church could come to an end.  Stand and walk tall, do not even entertain the thought that my Body the Church could come to an end, or fall.  You will not fall (the true Church) but rise up strong, yet not the same as in the early church revivals (in America), you will rise up with much greater reasons to continue.  The end of things, as you have known them will have come to an end. 

New OPERATIONS (fresh energy, new spiritual effects, and working) began last year as the new year came around the bend; sweeping across the land a new spirit into many men.  I tell you, they began rising as water in a pond rises till that water washes over the embankment; spilling over sin. 

EXPLAINING THESE THINGS, the Lord continued: 

Many men were confused about what they heard, thinking more actual judgments would begin in 2010, but you have been in a HOLDING PATTERN waiting along with me for the shifting of the tectonic plates.  I see them coming and coming soon, but I will let them take their natural shifting. Like I said above, I could interfere, but I will let them move in the natural.  Because men have chosen to say WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN OUR LAND, I will step back now and let them move.  I will then move to use the shaking to bring many men back to me. 

Things began in January 1, 2010; and a spirit began to flow over the land affecting all men.  My new administration began with the ten day word. [Ten Years, published Sept. 13, 2009] I stepped up my plans shifting, shifting, and positioning my men.

Never the same; things will never be the same as in 2010.  This is why I said “A New Season” began in 2010.

I AM working a new work in this Land.  Remember I said I will awaken the sleeping Giant again?  See much greater things in 2011; growing, growing, even changing as my Body rises. 

Tectonic plates are shifting radically in Japan and along the West side of the Ring of Fire, causing soon coming changes in the Eastern Ring of Fire.  The New Madrid fault is building up much pressure and will break; it cannot hold much longer under the mighty pressure.”

Upon reading this past Word, I heard Him say clearly [explaining to me]: YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING JUST LIKE I HAVE FOR THE SHIFTING.  I knew that this WARNING was very URGENT, and I had to post this Warning as soon as I could. I could clearly see that the recent news article was warning that IT WILL HAPPEN, [NOT THAT IT “COULD HAPPEN” BUT IT “WILL HAPPEN”].  This moved me  again as I heard him speaking to me, [his voice full of urgency], concerning this coming terrible event.  I heard him saying:



It will happen, and very soon.  When it does, NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME FROM THAT DAY FORWARD IN AMERICA. 




“I will do A NEW THING in the Administration of America, and that it would be accomplished fully in ten years”

[I will explain: I did receive this word titled: “Ten Years I have Determined upon You.”  I received this word on August 13, 2009, four and a half months before January 1, 2010.  

In this word He told me: I will do A NEW THING in the Administration of America, and that it would be accomplished fully in ten years.   The ten years begin in January 2010, and they would end in January 2020 (the Lord did not tell me what would happen after 2020).    When I first got this Ten Year Word, many told me, “That could not be right because we do not have that long before the end! Well, now we stand PAST THE MIDDLE OF THE TEN YEARS, and time is quickly moving forward.]

I will again Post this Word so all can read it here:

Ten Years I Have Determined Upon You

August 13, 2009

“I the Lord Most High will now speak to all men who will hear Me. 

These days are very important times.  I mean by this, that the time you all are hearing these words is a most important time in the history of this world.  I speak of it in My Word as such…..  These are the days of vengeance, which shall come upon all men in the latter days.  These are the days I move to set men straight.  I AM moving now even as you write this to judge the peoples of America. 

I do this in MERCY and EXTENDED GRACE, to all who will flee from the wrath to come by repenting of your lives of sinful deeds.  Your sins have come up to me as a MARKER (a point in time or history of this land, AMERICA) which stands before me as A MOST TERRIBLE REPORT; a report of your exceeding sinfulness.  

Not only have men not followed the right ways of moral actions toward their fellow men, they have deliberately and intentionally challenged Me.  They have deliberately and intentionally challenged me, their very Creator.  They have stood before me with awful countenance, and they have hated Me and have hated those whom I love.

America, I move to expose your sin and your terrible deeds done, deeds that destroy many UNSUSPECTING AND INNOCENT CHILDREN whom I love. These actions of yours must be answered even as I answered Sodom’s debauchery and disgusting depravity. 

I did not create men to live this way; I AM moved to stop the spread of their disgusting behavior.  I have in the past winked at their ignorance and deliberately restrained My hand from judgment, compelled by mercy and grace to give them yet a chance to change their minds.  But you have only grown worse.  You have walked even farther away from all that is right and good. 

I have determined a difference in administration in order to deal with you America.  I will move in fiery judgment and purge you with fire.  I will burn up the filthy mess and purge My people.  I will step in and move in vengeance. 

Ten (10) years I have determined against you America, BEGINNING WITH 2010.  I will pour out My GRACE AND MERCY.  MY GLORY WILL INVADE YOUR SECRET PLACES!  MY HOLINESS WILL GRANT THOSE WHO WILL REPENT, YET GRACE.  I will make their choices easier for them; they will clearly KNOW THEIR SIN.

Many will cry for the rocks to fall and hide them because THEY WILL NOT REPENT OR TURN FROM SIN.”


It is easy to see how this judgment is coming now quickly considering the RECENT DECISION OF THE SUPREME COURT RULING FOR SAME SEX MARRIAGE AS LAW OF THE LAND, and as well, PASSING THE NEW IRAN DEAL which does make a Major Threat to Israel’s existence.   We look at the arrogant sins of America and see and hear them saying WE DO NOT WANT GOD IN THIS GOVERNMENT, and they turn to the persecution of Christians who will not defile their conscience by approving sinful laws.  Now we must arrive at the conclusion, that the SHAKING IS COMING QUICKLY.

I have written this Warning as instructed by the Lord.  I am but one who speaks and He is the One who gives this understanding and gives grace in the midst of these troubling days.

~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

” Now there are fears a magnitude 7 or above “Big One” could strike the earthquake prone region. Experts discovered two whopping fault lines “holding hands” off the coast of California – sparking fears the ‘Big One’ could be on its way.”

“The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data and historic observations for the ~M7.5 earthquake of 8 December 1812 are best explained by a rupture that begins on the San Jacinto fault and propagates onto the San Andreas fault”

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Plate Tectonics

During the 1950s and early 1960s, scientists set up seismograph networks to see if enemy nations were testing atomic bombs. These seismographs also recorded all of the earthquakes around the planet. The seismic records could be used to locate an earthquake’s epicenter, the point on Earth’s surface directly above the place where the earthquake occurs.

Earthquake epicenters outline the plates. Mid-ocean ridges, trenches, and large faults mark the edges of the plates, and this is where earthquakes occur (Figure below).

 Earth’s Tectonic Plates

The lithosphere is divided into a dozen major and several minor plates (Figure below). The plates’ edges can be drawn by connecting the dots that mark earthquakes’ epicenters. A single plate can be made of all oceanic lithosphere or all continental lithosphere, but nearly all plates are made of a combination of both.

The lithospheric plates and their names.

The lithospheric plates and their names.

The arrows show whether the plates are moving apart, moving together, or sliding past each other.

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” Massive undersea earthquakes off the coast of California could send a tsunami crashing into Los Angeles or San Diego, new research suggests. As the North American and Pacific tectonic plates grind past each other, large chunks of Earth’s crust wedged between them get squeezed and twisted off Southern California and Baja California in Mexico. This logjam of crust could cause catastrophic ruptures at two faults along this boundary, setting off undersea temblors of magnitude 7.9 or 8.0, according to new research published April 25 in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface.”

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The San Andreas Fault system is part of a complex transform plate boundary along the West Coast of North America.


Plates In California

Three types of Convergent Plate Boundaries: OC/CC, OC/OC, & CC/CC

Three types of convergent plate boundaries are recognized: a) OC/CC, b) OC/CC, and c) CC/CC.
a) Subduction of ocean crust (OC) beneath continental crust (CC).
• Denser, thinner OC is pushed or subducted beneath less dense and more buoyant CC.
• A chain of volcanoes formed, called a continental volcanic arc.
• They produce deep and shallow (tsunami potential) focus earthquakes, the largest ever–9.5 magnitude in Peru/Chile Trench in 1960.
Volcanoes of the andesite (explosive) type, like the Cascade Range: Mt. St. Helens etc.
• Deep trenches form around continents. Trenches are especially well developed in regions far away from spreading centers (where the ocean crust is old, cold, and denser, and therefore sinks more rapidly.
• Reduces amount of (and destroys) OC.
• Rates up to 15 cm/yr in the active margins of the Pacific Basin

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“Get To Higher Ground” A Vision Of California Breaking Off Into The Sea

BP Earth Watch on youtube made an interesting comment, I had to screen shot it and save it. He mentions that located near the Salton Sea area in California, many people believe this might be the location where California breaks off some day. There are a couple prophecies that talk about this, so when he made that comment, it caught my attention.

Notice in this video, the area that he is pointing to, which he admits might break off some day is the exact same area that was alluded to in the prophetic vision.

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