Believers Persecuted And Tortured, Supernatural Provision, Georgia Earthquake – Tiffany Litman

In this video,  sisters, Tiffany and Tia Litman talk about the prophetic dreams they have had.

Tia describes a dream that showed tall bridges crumbling in Atlanta.  See sees a specific  major intersecting highways called Spaghetti junction.   In the dream it was if a major earthquake had happened in Georgia.  Later in the dream a steam engine train crumbled on top of the bridges.  It was clear that Christians were being hunted down and persecuted.

Tiffany had a dream which also had a similar theme of persecution.  She tells of a dream where she was able to go through the torture through Christ.  The torture was never felt.  They went through the torture but didn’t feel anything.


“Now the way that they persecute us, it might be very disturbing to hear this way, this is what they did. They were tying people to the back of cars and driving the cars off while we drag, torturing us leaving us to die. It was actually our turn to go. They tied us to the back of the car, and they begin to drive. But the thing is, when they were driving we felt no pain. We feel no agony. We didn’t feel anything. Then the car that was dragging us, crashed. We didn’t feel that either. After the car had crashed, we were still alive and we looked the in the people who were driving the car they had crashed into a tree and they were dead. So we weren’t our bodies were no longer tied to the car and we feel no agony.”


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