Chuck Youngbrandt’s Dramatic And Detailed Prophetic 1973 Vision Of The Aftermath Of Chicago’s Deadly Earthquake

“The cities that will be the worst flattened by this earthquake will be Chicago, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio; and Kansas City, Missouri. Southern Ontario, Canada and parts of southwestern Quebec, Canada will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they backwash and just before they return as a wall over Chicago and other areas.”

This email was re-published from Paul Lyndon Phillips-Survival

Chuck Youngbrandt
From:Staff and The Sword Ministry

Newsletter, dated October 18, 2000, page 25.

July 2, 1973, Open Vision, Chicago Earthquake

I was witnessing the destruction of Chicago by a monstrous earthquake, followed by a huge, destructive wall of water.

I was driving from Des Plaines to Villa Park, Illinois. As I drove toward the Tri-State Toll
way, I clearly saw the aftermath of the quake-homes destroyed or heavily damaged,roads broken up, underpasses collapsed, trees uprooted and lying everywhere.

On the Tri-State moving south toward the O’Hare Airport exit and nearing the Oasis underpass,I again felt the prelude getting my attention. The earth rumbled and roared as before, and I watched from about 300 feet away as a huge section of underground granite or similar material just jutted through the Tri-State road and plowed through the Oasis. Its upward movement stopped bout 20-30 feet above the roof of the Oasis; all told, the wall of stone appeared to be about four or five stories high. The massive ridge of stone that jutted in the air appeared to be sliding east-west in movement, moving back and forth. I seemed to know that south of that ridge of stone the ground had dropped much lower than the ground on the north side of the ridge and facture. I seemed to know then and
now that this was the fault line.

When the wall of stone rose through the Tri-State and through the Oasis, it happened so fast and caught me so much by surprise that I jammed on my brakes to avoid hitting that wall of stone before I realized that it was only a vision not the real thing.

Past the O’Hare Oasis going south on the Tri-State there is an air bridge. I clearly saw this completely destroyed after the earthquake. In every direction I could see raging fires, pillars of black smoke, wrecked houses and factories. The destruction was so great that it defies description.

I came upon a building, 15 stories high standing on the east side of the Tri-State, called the O’Hare-port Hotel of North Lake. I saw the wall of water move over the city, and when it hit that 15-story building, the water was just above the roof of that hotel.

In that vision of a future day, I also saw a jet airliner coming in for a landing at O’Hare airport just at the time this wall of water made its appearance. The pilot also noticed it and from the black smoke I saw coming out of the jet exhausts, I knew he was accelerating to get up and out. I wondered where the aircraft could land. I thought of Milwaukee, but then I saw that this city, too, was flooded and being destroyed. I thought of St. Louis and saw it also broadly flooded and drowned out of existence. It was then that I began to realize some of the real scope of this future destruction, and only later realized that there has been no parallel in history for what is apparently coming upon us.

I noticed that the wall of water was deepest through the heart of Chicago and that further south the depth tapered off, and further north also it was not nearly as deep.

I noticed the overpasses and underpasses will collapse, and be buried and blocked; that roads will be buckled and broken in so many places that all traffic will be at a standstill. Escape after the quake, if one survives it, will prove to be almost impossible.

I suddenly saw the Loop area in a vision. By the way the shadows fell, it seemed to be twelve noon. I could see traffic moving through the downtown area; however, my attention was focused on the base of a huge building. Again came the prelude and the earthquake. Autos were literally flung off the streets into buildings by the violent movements of the earth. A horrible chorus of creaking, scraping, and grating sounds filled the air, not unlike masts of great sailing ships in a storm, as the skyscrapers swayed to and fro. The giant building began to shear off from its base about 20 feet from the sidewalk but surprised me by not falling.

Brick, stone, glass, debris of every sort fell into the streets below like hail driven by a storm wind. As the quake ended, I heard many voices speaking of their great luck to be alive. Many awaited rescuer parties, but none were giving thanks to God.

Suddenly my view shifted to the lake front. After the earthquake ended, the waters of Lake Michigan swiftly calmed down; lying still in a strange and ghostly silence. The calm water then seemed to tremble or bead-up, and as I watched, the level of the water began to drop quickly. There was a whooshing sound as the water literally disappeared in a northeasterly direction, leaving only some large puddles, here and there.

A period of time then passed in that same day; but how much time I do not know. From a vantage point at street level in the Loop, I suddenly heard a terrible roaring sound.

The sunlight was totally blotted out and everything was engulfed in a suffocating darkness. Later I was to see an aerial view of Chicago’s downtown area, when the returning wall of water from Lake Michigan would crash into the Loop with unbelievable force, surrounding the greater skyscrapers still standing. They would withstand the waters for a moment; then they would slowly twist around to fall and vanish forever in the churning waters.

I clearly received an impression that the buildings north of the Loop, [at least past the fault line] would survive somehow.

The wall of water was not a wave, not a tidal force, nor a crest-it was the whole of Lake Michigan-moving in a massive body westward with irresistible, terrifying unbelievable, force. Everything in its path would be pulverized totally obliterated. Although the water was over 15 stories high [using the Eisenhower Expressway as a central measuring point], the depth of the water dropped sharply once one traveled 12 miles to the south or north however, the shallowest I was shown was still about 20 feet of water.

Since 1973, we have realized that the earthquake will cause a geographic depression in the land, turning much of the city into a cause-way for this flood of water; while in places north of the fault line, some land areas will be elevated above the water.

The Lord showed me that Calumet City, Illinois; Hammond, Indiana; East Chicago, Indiana and other places on the southern tip of Lake Michigan will be under as much as 60 feet of water.

At Lake Michiganís southern tip, I saw a vast plain of water, with no buildings showing above the water’s surface.

But on July 5, 1973 in Des Plaines, I saw the water up over the speed limit sign on Ballard Road, and the water there appeared to be at least five feet deep, or deeper. The Tri-State bridge on Ballard Road had collapsed, and I saw cars piled up on either side, with water running through the broken concrete-like rapids as the water surged west. Here, the Tri-State mound or road was higher than the water.

July 4, 1973 I was driving east on the Eisenhower Expressway. Again I saw the aftermath of the earthquake. Autos were piled up bumper to bumper, exit ramps were either broken up or blocked, bridges were down everywhere. It was a warm day and a number of drivers were blowing their horns [which didn’t much help the chaotic situation], when suddenly the wall of water appeared in the east. Some people just froze, most ran to the right or left trying to hid or escape. One man got out of his car and knelt down to pray. He was the only smart one, for he would meet his Maker on his knees. The water engulfed them all. Houses were pulverized into nothing in an instant.

Concrete and asphalt were peeled back, the road bed was swept away in a moment, and then I saw 10 or 20 feet of earth flushed away in a instant. In a nearby cemetery, I watched the headstones, the dirt, the concrete boxes and the coffins as well as the clay beneath them, torn quickly and successively away by the force of the water. Then the water moved over me, and my view shifted to the top of the water.

There was that man who had knelt to pray; bobbing on the surface like a cork, unharmed. The Lord God saved him right out of the midst of destruction, because the man trusted in Him.

During the first of the visions I was a stunned observer, hardly believing what I saw; but July 4, 1973, the reality of this future disaster reached my heart.

I thought of all the people who would be destroyed, and I shuddered at the carnage. Then, for the first time since July 2, I turned to the Lord God in my spirit and asked: Oh Father, will it be? must it be? might it be avoided?

In that very instant of prayer, I was swept into the Spirit and found myself over looking the whole city of Chicago. An angel of the Lord had his hand on me; below I saw the massive-saving Hand of God placed between the city and the lake, and I heard this loud, strong voice say, “This will I do if My children turn back to me!”

Later, I remembered that throughout human history, no major natural disaster ever came upon man without man having first been warned by prophets of the Lord God. Now, by the Holy Spirit I saw an old colored man with a bell in his hand moving through the black neighborhoods, ringing the bell and calling the people to repentance. The old man was cursed by many and spit upon. I saw him crying, crying for those hard hearted people. At one point a band of young toughs with murderous intent circled him and closed in on him from every side. A band of angels appeared about him and the would-be killers fled in fear. Those who would kill him could not, for he was commissioned to warn many. At the time, my heart went out to him, for his mission was so difficult, but also rewarding, for I saw many repenting of their sins.

Though I’ve never met him in the flesh, in my vision the old black man was striking in appearance. He was almost bald except for a patch of white hair on the sides and back of his head. He was cocoa-colored, his eyes brown and full of kindness and love, and he had the kind of Christ presence that makes a person strong, resilient and impressive. His face was lovely to look upon ó full of years and blessed by the grace of Jesus Christ. He was wearing a cape of light gray. In his right hand he held a brass bell with a wooden handle and in his left hand, and old black leather-bound Bible.

Although he was old and moved slowly, his voice was clear, distinct and strong. I heard him say ” The Hand of God ís wrath is upon thee; turn from thy wickedness and repent or the wrath of God will soon fall upon you and destroy you for your evil ways. Hear this, for it is from the Lord thy God” So it is, so it shall be-for now I know and see many
prophets bringing final warnings.

Some are killed, some are injured, the warning is delivered. Let those who hear, heed the warning.

July 3rd and 4th, 1973. After the wall of water had engulfed the city and swept it away, I observed what seemed to be an endless flow of water moving steadily westward.

Because I had seen St. Louis swamped and drowned out of existence by a broad body of water, I assumed that the water would connect somewhere with the Mississippi River, and move southward, causing the Mississippi River to swell greatly beyond its banks.

Again, I watched the water roar westward for days; I lost tract of how long it moved like this, but was aware that the larger part, if not the whole of Lake Michigan was emptying out.

Farther from the city, to the west, I did see areas that were above water and intact except for earthquake damage, and some years after these first visions was able to identify the Chicago suburb of Woodridge as one of those areas that will be partly or wholly above the flooding waters. I did see ditches here and there, with water running over them, and in the ditches, I observed masses of canned goods stripped of labels but largely intact, in the water and mud.

I also saw the bodies of the dead, human and animal, floating everywhere. Dismembered bodies covered in the disaster area; thankfully, most were buried in the churning tide of mud that moved beneath the water. When the water subsided, I could see corpses caught in the branches of uprooted trees through all the widespread wreckage. When the water actually subsides, after the real earthquake, we will view a vast mud plain with islands of refuge.

The stench of rotting flesh, decomposing vegetation and the stinking stagnant water in the hot, humid weather will be unbearable.

Almost immediately after the worst part of the destruction, in a vision, I saw flying overhead U.S. aircraft of various types dropping supplies by parachute to stranded survivors. Later, the airplanes stopped coming, but I did not then know why.

After the flooding waters passed a given area, I saw survivors coming out of the water, some adults and many children, all injured and half naked or altogether naked and in shock. They were received by certain Christian communities; clothed, tended to and later given places to live. I was not clearly aware of it at the time, but today know that these communities or isles, spared from the wastes destruction will be peopled by Christians who have prepared to some extent.

When I saw so many young children, I couldn’t help but wonder how a three or four-year old child could survive the waters, when their parents did not. The Lord would later tell me, because they are innocent.

I also observed others emerging from among the survivors; those I would later identify as “marauders”. These men, hoping for gain, would search among the corpses, taking rings, gold and other jewelry and even look for gold fillings in teeth. They were armed, and when they came upon the surviving communities, would take them by force, raping torturing and killing as they wished. With no government or police in organized operation, these men followed their basic natures.

I realized then and now that the Christians would need to be prepared to defend themselves. My knowledge seemed to indicate that it would be almost a year before troops arrived. When they finally came they were bearded, tired, dirty, hungry and tattered. They quickly disarmed the marauding men, killing all of them on the spot, then marched on. That sequence of events puzzled me at the time of the vision. I did not understand why U.S. troops would be on foot; why they would be so ragged, and why they shot the marauders immediately, with no hint of due process of law.

I looked over the Chicago land area after the waters subsided and the mud dried; and I was astonished. Lake Michigan was gone, only a hilly lake bed remained to be seen. Mud everywhere-dried mud stretched over a vast expanse of what was once a great city. Bleached bones of the long-dead protruded in places.

The toll of the dead was beyond estimation. There were not trees, no grass, just a dead silence. To the north I saw ruins of buildings. In the northwest areas here and there, were desolate skeletons of homes and buildings.

I arrived at some conclusions about this future disaster, from what I was allowed to see in those July days of 1973. The day of the earthquake would be bright and warm with no clouds. The earthquake would strike late in the morning, very near noon. I was sure it would take place in the summer months. One impression hit me; one should watch for birds when they go, the quake is near.

I felt that the disasters would strike on a weekend, but of this I was not sure. The Lord did not give me a precise date at that time, but I knew it is near but not yet.

I noticed after the flooded land dried, that the entire area was engulfed in a dead calm. No wind blew; and with the heat and the stench, the air seemed to turn blue-green. A few survivors hid in closed rooms to escape the stench. The stillness was awesome. It seemed as if the whole world was holding its breath.

On July 5, 1973, I could bear no more of the vision and cried unto God to take it from me, and He lifted it from my seeing. Later I turned to the Lord and asked Him when all of this would happen. I was given a vision of the number 17, made up of what looked like fluffy white clouds. I did not know if that meant 17 days, weeks, months, years, or centuries, I had no understanding.

Over the years since 1973, the Lord by His Holy Spirit has continued to give us a deeper understanding of this disaster of disasters. Today, we know that Chicago will be the center of an earthquake that will have an approximate destruction radius of 300 miles. We believe it will be the worst earthquake in recorded human history. The cities that will be the worst flattened by this earthquake will be Chicago, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio; and Kansas City, Missouri. Southern Ontario, Canada and parts of southwestern Quebec, Canada will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they backwash and just before they return as a wall over Chicago and other areas.

The Lord by the Holy Spirit revealed that the sound of the cracking of the ground or fault will be so fierce that windows will be shattered in Des Moines, Iowa, some 316 miles from Chicago.

When the earthquake hits Chicago, people will be knocked off their feet in Detroit and trees will fall out of the ground in St. Louis, Missouri, some 269 miles from Chicago. The sound of the crack will be heard as far away as Denver, Colorado literally, the whole continental mass will tremble.

This is the vision of the earthquake that swept me up from July 2, 1973 to July 5, 1973.

I didn’t know why I’d seen it or what I was to do with this vision. I typed up my notes, filed them, and tried to forget the vision, albeit unsuccessfully.

First, I saw the Chicago earthquake, then an overview of the mid-western and north-eastern United States. I saw smoldering ruins from nuclear attack.

When looking at the Midwest, I saw caked, drying mud and ruins everywhere. However, many small cities
and towns were intact. I saw many injured people. Many were hospitalized. Confusion and fear gripped the land.

Then I saw a great Russian fleet steaming out past Western Europe towards the United States. Western Europe cringed in fear, for God’s Spirit held them and they were terrified to move or to intervene.

I saw a lone but great United States Aircraft carrier capsized in a bay on the East Coast, half sunk in the mud.

Then I saw the invasion, at the Bay of Delaware, and on the coast of Virginia.

Then suddenly, just after the terrible earthquake in the Midwest, I saw ministers, priests, elders and Christians who had rejected the prophecy, these now seemed like dead men. All their strength was gone, and many fell on their faces before God crying for forgiveness. [page 325]

Most think of major earthquake prone areas in California. The strongest quake in the United States
did not occur in that state, however. Since it’s settlement by Europeans, the greatest earthquakes recorded in the US occurred between December 16, 1811 through February 7, 1812. There were five of magnitude 8.0 or higher in that period that made the Mississippi River flow backwards and changed forever some areas of the river valley. This fault system is known as “New Madrid”. Information about this fault line and the current measured activity I found on the Web. Somewhere, there is another, or
possibly many who have “seen” this vision. It was given initially to Cliff Collins and
Chuck Youngbrandt of Chicago land area.

17.4 Mid-1977, Fault, Chicago, Illinois

In mid 1997 we met a brother in the Lord who shared that while he was working on a construction job in Chicago, driving pilings in the ground for the foundation of the Marina Towers, they discovered a fault, which he said apparently ran east and west. This struck me as very interesting in that the massive fracture shown to me in 1973 followed the same general line or area he talked
about. [page 274]

17.5 Mid-1977, Visions, Chicago EarthQuake

We have met and talked to dozens of Christians who have had a vision of the earthquake destroying Chicago or a vision of the wall of water crushing the city sweeping it away. One minister told us in mid-1977 that he was in Chicago praying when he had a vision of the building he was in; the walls were cracked and everything was ruined. He than said he heard loud banging noises and saw the pipes suddenly rupture and explode with considerable force. Next, he heard a roaring noise and suddenly torrents of water broke through the east walls of the building. He had no idea what it meant but someone who had heard our tapes suggested he visit us, and so he did. What hit me was that as the wall of water would move, it could cause intensely high pressure in the city’s water pipes just ahead of it, resulting in the pipes exploding. [Page 274.][Or the movement of the earth could cause the pipes to explode.]


Remove yourselves from the areas of the Great Lakes, and the swath of land, which stretches between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River; for one day these lakes will dump into the Mississippi River! Remove yourselves from California coastlines and get far inland! For, one day soon, the ocean will reclaim much of this! To My people, I tell you, pack up and leave Florida! That’s right! Such a judgement will come upon Florida, that when I am through with it, only a string of islands will be left! Pack up and move from the Gulf Coast, and make haste! For, so great shall be My destruction along this coast!”  Read more at Linda Newkirk’s 2008 Word

Lindy Snow Pierce “June 9th there will be a “Wake Up Call” to the nation. Chicago is full of pride and violence. 9.5 on the Richter Scale.* Chicago will no longer exist; New York is next and then Los Angeles”

Lindy Snow Pierce “My sons and daughters are hearing about this around the world but no one is sounding the alarm due to fear. This nation shall be rocked as never before and shall literally be split in half. The heavens shall resound with this crack. It shall be heard and felt for miles around”

Rachel Baxter – December 20th, 2015 –Look to Miami. Look to Chicago. Look to San Francisco. See what is happening. The wheels have been set in motion and they shall not be stopped.”

Rachel Baxter -July 16 2016 “I am the refiners fire. Those who have allowed Me to burn away their flesh, have been made ready for this hour. Those who have sung another song and are drunk on the sins of others will be laid to waste in the great and terrible day of the Lord.Turn and see what I will do in Chicago. A city on fire. I will call down fire and brimstones on the city and it will burn. It will burn to the ground and be nothing but a pile of ash. Watch and see what I will do.They think I do not see. They think I’ve grown weary. They say judgment will never come, but they will eat their words. This City of Sin will perish, but know that My true church will stand. It will be like a White House amidst a grey and dark night. It will shine with the brightness of the sun. Many will see and not even be able to comprehend the marvelous work I have done.””

Chuck Youngbrandt 1973, “In 1973 the Lord gave me a vision of a massive earthquake striking the Midwest U.S.A. centering in Chicago, Illinois on some day in July in the future. This destructive earthquake led directly to an all out nuclear attack on the U.S. by Russia, China with Japan and the start of World War III “


Lois Vogel Sharp in a 13-minute video:. “You might want to think about leaving the cities of sin and moving to the mountains, where you will find refuge. It is time for my wrath to begin against evil and California, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other places will feel my wrath. I must destroy evil. I have no choice but to destroy evil.”

Joanie Stahl“I saw the United States. It was torn in four places, Michigan, Chicago, New York, and Washington. Again, there were the black crows, the black smoke and darkness, but there was also an evil eerie laugh in the midst of the peoples that were crying out in horror. It was awful. I asked the Lord, “Is this really you? I have never heard you speak like this.”But it was him. He said He cried much, but He could no longer ignore the wickedness the United States started.”

 By Timothy Snodgrass – Philippines June 21, 2002 – “On Monday, June 17, as the world was awaiting President Bush’s proposal for a Palestinian state, a 6.7 earthquake shook the Santa Cruz Islands, 210-miles NNW of Vanuatu Island. Within less than 24-hours, a rare 5.0 quake shook Indiana, just south of the U.S. Great Lakes. What is the significance of these two earthquakes? Exactly six months ago, on November 20, 2001, I received a vision of America being ripped in half like a veil from east to west, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that “if America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half”. In the vision I witnessed a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault-line which literally divided America in half from east to west, creating a new gulf which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south. Six-weeks after this vision, on the first day of 2002 I received another vision of a great quake, this time centered in a seperate portion of the United States: The quake – somewhere in the 9.0 range – was centered on the U.S. West Coast. Many freeways ended abruptly, cut off by new lakes which were created by the quake. In the vision the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this great quake would occur “after the 2nd Polynesian quake.”

Comments From :
ScooterSeptember 27, 2017 6:10 PM “I dont remember who the lady was that was on True News a couple months or so back. It was the program where they were talking about bells ringing. ANyway, the woman who is supposed to be like 95% accurate, prophesied a large earthquake shortly after the eclipse and she also said that there was going to be a dirty suit case bomb in Chicago and New york. I believe that there was a post recently on here about an explosion in Chicago”
Marcio Ferez Jr September 27, 2017 7:07 PM

Chuck Youngbrandt saw a nuclear bomb go off north of Chicago on a day closely connected to the St. Louis earthquake on September 19 of the first of three years of judgment on America.


In 2008, John Paul Jackson prophesied crises/disasters/calamities on the US, the Perfect Storm, that would mostly occur 10 years later [2018].

Many of these troubles are the same as the calamities in Chuck Youngbrandt’s first year of judgment.

However, in 2012, John Paul Jackson described the prophetic news headlines of the future and said that the Perfect Storm would occur by 2020.

So the dirty bomb affecting Chicago will occur in 2018, 2019, or 2020, on the same year that the dollar value begins to drop in July, as per these two prophets put together.

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