Hundreds Of Feet Tall Tsunami Hits Florida – Rick Wiles Prophetic Warning Dream

Dear brethren,

“Thriving During the Threshing” is the title of a series of messages I have been delivering at Flowing Streams’ Sunday night worship service in Vero Beach, Florida.

I’ve been talking about God showing me years ago that financial and political “tidal waves” would sweep over nations for many years.  We are in the throes of a cascade of cyclical waves simultaneously colliding between 2015 to the early 2030s.   These cycles include the civil unrest/revolution cycle, the war cycle, the business cycle, solar cycles, and the global cooling cycle.   The combination of these cycles will trigger political and social unrest, revolutions, military conflicts and major wars, market crashes, currency failures, unemployment, economic depression, food shortages, and population migrations.

You should hear my Sunday night (June 18) sermon about these cycles and waves.  The link to download my latest message is at the bottom of this email, but before you go there, I want you to hear about the dream.

I had a dream that relates to the sermon.  I woke up Monday morning (June 19) at 5:30 AM.  I was dreaming when I woke up.  The only dreams I vividly remember are prophetic dreams given to me by God.

In the dream, I was in a modern residential neighborhood in Florida.  It was my neighborhood in the dream, but not where Susan and I are presently living.  I also perceived that it was several miles from the ocean.

I was on my iPhone talking to my son Jeremy about small waves of water coming into the neighborhood.  The water would come and recede.   Each time it was a little higher than the previous wave.   Nobody – including myself and Jeremy – were alarmed.  Many families were amused by the waves.  Everybody continued with their typical activities at home – swimming in pools, washing vehicles in driveways, lawncare, gardening, etc.   Neighbors were aware of the incoming and receding waves, but didn’t take them seriously.

Jeremy and I were joking and laughing on the phone as we usually do when we have conversations.

I told Jeremy, “I’m standing on the sidewalk in front of our house watching these waves come and in and leave.  The water is up to my knees.”

Minutes later, I said, “Wow!  The last wave was up to my waist!”

We continued our banter on the phone.  “Son, each wave is higher,” I said.  “The water is up to my chest.”

Suddenly, I noticed a tall wave rushing in toward me.  It was approximately eight feet tall.  It swept over my head.  When the rushing water had receded, I heard Jeremy laughing on the phone.  “Hey Dad….are you OK?  What happened to ya?”  I laughingly responded, “Oh boy, that one was big and strong.  It almost knocked me on the ground.”

Everybody in the typical American residential subdivision continued about their weekend activities as though nothing unusual was happening around them.

The scene changed rapidly and dramatically.  A monster-sized tidal wave lifted from the sea into the sky.  It was towering above every home.  The wave was hundreds of feet tall.  I knew there was no way to survive it.

I nervously described it to Jeremy.  He shouted into the phone, “Dad, run!  Get out of there!”

Instantly, the sky turned ominously black.  Sharp bolts of lightning flashed from menacing storm clouds.  I was shocked at the speed in which the clear sky changed to a life-threatening storm.  The tidal wave continued to stand up into the air and seemed to roar ferociously at everybody on the ground.

From the billowing storm clouds appeared three tornadoes.  I anxiously described to Jeremy what I was observing.  He begged me to seek shelter.  I told him, “There’s no escaping what I’m seeing.  There’s nowhere to hide.”

My suburban neighbors, however, still were not frightened.  They came out of their beautiful homes to gaze at the tornadoes and tidal wave that was still standing upright in the sky.  Many of them video recorded the scene.  Nobody panicked.  They had no awareness of danger.  It was just the opposite.  They appeared to be amused by the storm.  I watched them text photos to friends and post messages on social media.

Meanwhile, the triple tornadoes were producing a deafening roar.  I could faintly hear Jeremy on my phone pleading with me to flee.   The roar was so loud I had to shout into the phone as I continued to stare at the tornadoes and tidal wave.  I glanced down at the phone and realized that I had lost the cell connection with my son.  I dropped my phone on the ground.

The triple tornadoes started ripping through the subdivision tearing roofs off homes and throwing heavy objects blocks away.  The tidal wave acted like it was strenuously seeking to break free from an invisible restraint that had been holding it back for minutes.  It seemed like the wave was waiting on the tornadoes to tear everything to pieces before it washed the debris into the sea.

Each tornado went in separate directions – each devouring a multitude of lovely homes with neatly manicured yards and gardens.  Freshly washed SUVs, motorcycles, and boats parked in driveways were upside down and littered the neighborhood like a salvage yard.  Yet, nobody reacted.  Nobody sought safety.  They only stood and stared at the oncoming monster storm.

Realizing that I had no way to escape, I began marching toward the approaching funnel clouds.  I pointed my finger at them and shouted, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to dissipate and disappear!  Go back up into the atmosphere and be gone!”

That’s when I woke up at 5:30 AM.  The last thing I remember in the dream was knowing that all was lost – and that our only hope was Almighty God hearing our plea for divine help.

The Holy Spirit has been nudging me in recent weeks to alert God’s people that another wave of financial trouble is approaching soon.

My initial interpretation of the dream is that the typical American family is swimming in debt, but not worried about it.  We’re too amused with our beautiful homes, shiny cars and trucks, and fun toys like boats and motorcycles.  We are acclimated to the distressful waves of financial trouble in our nation.  No matter how high the water gets around us, we shrug it off and continue playing with our possessions acquired with debt.

A monster-sized tidal wave, however, will suddenly appear on the horizon.  The financial sky will turn black.  Multiple twisters will come out of the black clouds and shred everything they touch below.

There will be no escape.  No place to ride and hide.  Our only hope is Jesus Christ.   Our survival will depend on faith-talking servants of God speaking authoritatively to the raging storm in the name of Jesus Christ.

Are you ready for the storm?

You need to hear my most recent sermon.


and in case you missed it:   HERE IS PART ONE OF THE MESSAGE

In His Service Always,

Rick Wiles

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