Michael Griffith’s Prophetic Dream Of A Land Mass In California Falling Into The Ocean While Witnessing An Undercover Chinese Airbase

( These notes were taken from the open transcript on the Youtube video seen here.  The language has been slightly cleaned up so it is readable )

” Last night I had a dream about a large section of California falling into the ocean. I want to talk about that dream but first I want to talk about the lead-up to the things that I saw before this part of the dream happened. It’s a prophetic dream. It was like (I was ) there amongst a group of people witnessing it all.

First started off it like I was with a bunch of high-ranking US military personnel or leaders and we’re at a base side building overlooking a bay on a hilltop and were all having this meeting taking place that was talking about Russia’s military technology advancements. I could see as I was speaking pictures of the latest Russian fighter aircraft doing aerial refueling and doing maneuvers and things like that. I think they may have been issue 34 fullbacks and also I could see a large Chinese military base that was all undercover and underground and it was an aircraft base.

How it was situated was that these aircraft could be rearmed, refilled all underground and then they had a massive paved underground area where they could taxi at high speed to an exit and then take off. These aircraft,…. the Chinese had like a cross between an su-30 sorry and 35 which is a lightning to the new American vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and a Harrier will sort of a cross between those two. That’s what it reminded me of when I saw it.

This operation will all happen inside this building, so they’re all undercover and could not be seen from satellite. I assume that’s why they built it like this thing was huge so the Chinese had a lot of advanced facilities that were hidden. Now these aircraft after they rearm the set and a mess of row ready to take off like though waiting in single file.  and I
could see as like Ozzie

I could see their commanders of these junior officers that had been put in charge that were really intolerant of the junior officers.  I could see one of them being growled because he didn’t have his assets organized and there’s going to be demoted

I could see right down on ground level. I was back at this large building this facility, we were in the U.S.  Leaders in overlooking this Bay.

All of a sudden it felt like in this place there was a woman in charge.  She was in charge (of the) military.  She was in charge of everyone.  She was high level. There was an alarm like something bad had happened everyone spread out and took off.  She ran off outside along
arrived colonnades.  I followed her and then she went into a hall that was dark and there was a side the room that she ran into with it with a old CRT TV sitting in there and I was behind him so men who was both in the dark watching the CRT TV.

Now the CRT TV was on a rolling stand, like a desk or sitting on top of with four wheels work and I could see it was on.  There was some sort of 3d picture of the side of California on the screen and we were was panning across this picture and a whole chunk of California a region had fallen straight into the ocean and a lot many people had died and had
been hurt.

I saw in a dream and we were both watching this picture happening I could see it was
like a type of graphical wire frame, 3d image.  I could see some sort of natural disaster but that was all the information I saw before we got to this
point now.

If you’re not a believer in Jesus Christ I would just encourage you right now just to surrender your life to Him put your trust and we cannot always know what’s going to
happen to us in this life, but the life after is the one that really counts . I just would say put your trust in Jesus today, come before God in the name of Jesus, repent of your sins confess them to God.  He’ll forgive you.  Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life today.  It’s too late.  Thank you for listening.


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