Nibiru, An Extremely Bright Sun, Several Planets Around The Sun – Prophetic Dreams Given To Joe Ouellette


joe-ouellettes-dreams-and-visionsJoe Ouellette

A number of years ago (1999) I had this dream. I saw the sun and several suns or planets appear around it. Then the sun began to get extremely bright so much I could no longer even look up.

When I awoke I felt compelled to look up a reference in my bible and found Isaiah 30:25 and was quite shocked since it was very similar to my dream. At the time I had not yet heard that there was a solar system headed our way that would pass through our own, complete with a massive asteroid belt flowing behind it, promising death and destruction across the world.

It also says the moon would shine like the sun. Now if the sun is 7 times brighter, then you can be sure the moon will also reflect that same difference and will be like the sun. Also this was not the first dream I had of the sun getting extremely bright.

In 2004 I had another dream in which the sun turned extremely bright. All the cars stopped working and all the planes were grounded. Everyone was walking. I am told they are predicting several solar anomalies very shortly that will cause an EMF pulse so strong with massive radiation levels which will return us back to pioneer days.

In another vivid dream the Lord gave me back in 2005 The Lord took me a dream and flew me out of this solar system. On my return, which I left out of my book, as I didn’t know its relevance then, was what he showed me. I saw a small red star very close to our solar system. Jesus slowed right down in our flight to purposely look at it. I did not know at the time what he was showing me but I know it now to be Nibiru.



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