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September 29, 2017

I received an email this week from Byron Searle sharing a prophetic warning he received recently regarding a major earthquake striking the west coast of the United States.

Byron is the same man who recently shared a word regarding four judgments coming upon the United States, which was shared anonymously using an alias name, Military Mike, which was given to him by Lyn Leahz when she interviewed him. Since then, he received permission from the Lord to go ahead and share the warnings using his real name.

His latest warning was so disturbing, I felt it needed to be presented within a larger context of other similar warnings to help us see how close we are to the fulfillment. So, below his testimony, I have included confirmations from several others including the late prophet Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, and several Z3 News contributors.

The good news is God is not only giving prophetic warnings, but also prophetic signs to watch for, which will let us know when the time is close. Even though He has been warning about this event for many years, and even though His warnings have been largely ignored by the Church, He is graciously providing more warnings, including the preceding signs.

Byron’s previous word revealed a sequence of events with a 12.2 west coast earthquake preceded by a 9.1, so the 12.2 is not the next thing coming.

“Yesterday in my prayer time the Lord told me that the West Coast is going to get hit with a 9.1 earthquake. I thought, ‘Lord, that will cause a lot of damage and deaths.’

He then told me, ‘The 9.1 is a foreshock of the 12.2 that will destroy everything.’ (see the complete post)

In 2012, Z3 News contributing author Kevin Mirasi was shown a 9 or 10 magnitude earthquake would be preceded by a 5.7 magnitude followed by a 7.5. (see the complete post)

So, combining Byron’s and Kevin’s warnings reveals a series of progressively stronger earthquakes beginning with 5.7, then a 7.5, then a 9.1, and finally the big one, 12.2. A 5.7 earthquake struck off the coast of California on September 22, 2017.

This week, Byron received the following warning, revealing the 12.2 will follow the 9.1 within 24 hours.

While in prayer yesterday the Lord gave me this word. It was very disturbing as I was given a vision while the Lord was telling me about it.

I saw a vision of a northwest earthquake and the Space Needle falling over in Seattle. Then I saw California and what looked like the a crack or split running from San Francisco to San Diego just opened up and the land on the coast just fell off into the ocean.

The Lord says, “My son, write these words this day, for it is a day of sorrows. Many people will perish this day and hell will be enlarged. My Mercy will be on the souls who believe in my son, Jesus. Judgment Day has come. My son, I have shown you while you were praying what is coming. The Northwest will be first. The 9.1 will shake Washington and Oregon with fierceness. Within 24 hours, California will be broken apart by the 12.2, which will cause a separation of the state. Part will fall into the sea, and what remains will be shattered.

California, you rebellious state. You want to separate? I will give you what you want,” says the Lord.

“You have murdered millions of My babies, and now their blood cries out for vengeance. That day is here.”

“My son, this word of prophecy is true and correct. Do not hold anything back. Your money system will now fail. The times are now here. Now is the time to repent, please repent.”

I do not know what day this will happen, but when it does, it will be extremely sorrowful and hell will be enlarged. I also had the feeling that it was very close, even NOW.

Warnings from Bob Jones:

At a 2012 meeting at MorningStar Ministries, the late prophet Bob Jones shared the following warnings.

From San Diego to Seattle, that’s what He told me a few years ago. Rick (Joyner) and I at the same time, we were together in California in 1989, we both got prophecies, we saw things of a coming earthquake that’s beyond anything you can imagine. I’ve known there was an archangel holding the place together in California.

Years ago, I don’t remember how long, but I think it was mid-seventies, the Lord told me that He is going to give them a warning in California and the shaking will begin in Caliente and Mexicali. When those two places shake, it will shortly happen in the other places. So, I think that if people will listen, He’s going to warn them and I think the warning will be Mexicali and Caliente, border line.

I have seen the tsunami that will come up the Los Angeles River. The height of it is beyond imagination. In places, it looked to me like it was over 200 feet tall.”

Caliente is located in southern California, 22 miles southeast of Bakersfield. Mexicali is located due west of San Diego, in Baja California, which is a state in northwest Mexico. Other parts of Baja CA have had major earthquakes in the past few years, including a 7.2 magnitude in Delta in 2010 and a 7.0 magnitude in San Luis in 2012, but I did not find any direct hits on either Caliente or Mexicali (Source:

Warnings from Rick Joyner:

Speaking at the same meeting with Bob Jones, MorningStar founder Rick Joyner shared the following warning.

“One of the things the Lord showed us about the big one coming, but He showed us a warning quake coming too… Bob’s been saying for many years now, unless you hear to stay, get out… I felt like the Lord showed us one of the things that would preempt this was the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that I felt years ago the Lord said that when that happens tell everyone to move from those areas who have not heard to stay.”

These warnings were recorded in the following video.

Warnings from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:

For three days in a row in 2015, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj received warnings from God regarding a coming earthquake in the United States.

I was in Costa Mesa on June 19 for a conference among the Chinese people. And one afternoon at 5:43 PM, as I was preparing my message, the Lord Jesus walked into the room and He came and stood by the sliding door window, just overlooking the city of Costa Mesa. He never spoke any words. He was just looking.

I was wondering what he was looking at. Then He motioned to me to come and stand beside Him. He said as he was still looking, “This place will be torn like how a paper will be torn in two.”

When He said, “this place,” at that moment I felt in my spirit He was referring to the state of California. He said it would be torn in two like how a paper is torn in two.

I felt so emotional. I pleaded with the Lord, “Why Lord? Why?”

The Lord said, “Because she will tear my land.”

I understood the Lord was referring to Israel.

He said, “She will tear with her own hands the covenant she made with My people.”

So, he said, “Warn her.”

Then on 20 June (the next day) at 6:45 in the evening, a mighty angel appeared in my room with a scroll in his hand. He unfolded the scroll and he began to read, “These people, Americans, have been marked for destruction.”

When he spoke those words, I saw angels, many of them in many places all over the United States, standing ready to execute destruction upon the nation. I saw three places that were marked for massive destruction through earthquakes. I don’t know what are the three places. I was just shown three places. So, I did some googling and found there are three major fault lines in the United States. One is the San Andreas and the other is in the middle of the United States and the third is somewhere else.

Again, I asked the same thing, “Why must you do this?”

The angel told me, “Son of Man, these people are wicked and obstinate, worse than Nineveh and Sodom and Gomorrah.”

So, when I tried to appeal, this is what they are saying, “Why are you asking all this? Don’t you know? These people are very wicked and very obstinate and they are worse than the people of Nineveh and Sodom and Gomorrah.”

I told the angel, “I can guarantee you there are more than 50 righteous people in this nation and Abraham prayed for 50 people and God said, ‘If there be 50, I will not destroy them.’”

Then the angel said, “Warn these people. Only prayer and repentance can save, if it can be saved.”

After the meetings in Costa Mesa, (the next day) we were in Los Angeles airport waiting to board a flight to Houston. While we were waiting, they made an announcement boarding has started. So, we were in the queue waiting to board. At that moment, I heard a voice, “Son of Man, this city is going to be destroyed.”

So, I turned around and there was this mighty angel with a big weapon of destruction in his hand. I saw this angel standing beside me and at the same time, I also saw him standing outside the airport. This angel was standing beside me and standing outside near that Encounter restaurant at the same time. This is the same angel. But when he stood outside, he appeared so huge that his head touched the clouds and he had this huge weapon of destruction that looked like a sledgehammer. You know the one that Thor has? Like that.

And he said, “This city will be destroyed by a great earthquake.”

When he spoke that, I saw many angels under his leadership and they all stood exactly where the earthquake fault line is going to be in Los Angeles. They all stood in one line with their hammers lifted in their hands, waiting for an order from this captain. Once he gives the order, they will all strike on the ground.

So again, I appealed to this angel, “Why? Why? “

He replied, “Don’t you know that these people are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah?”

Three days in a row I received something very similar repeated three times. That further intrigue me and troubled me.

Sundar shares this testimony in the following 25-minute video, which was recorded in August 2015.

Warnings from Rachel Baxter:

Z3 News contributing author Rachel Baxter posted the following comment on August 26, 2016.

I received a word last summer regarding an earthquake that would be centered just south of Santa Barbara in “October”. I didn’t know which October but will be watching this coming fall. I don’t have full discernment about this event, but there was something to the activities of men in digging and placing pipe that triggered the event. This would have to be a very shallow earthquake for any kind of digging to cause this, though fracking could be a cause. When I heard this word, I didn’t know exactly where Santa Barbara was located or that it was on the coast. It does not seem to be an area with much earthquake activity as I’ve observed it the last year.

Santa Barbara is located on the California coast, just north of Los Angeles. On May 31 2016, Rachel Baxter posted the following comment.

I’ve seen two things related to San Francisco. One was on November 26th, 2015. I saw a picture of a notebook. It had the word “Earthquake” written on the top and under it the word “Aftershock”. I asked the Lord – who was this warning for? I heard “San Francisco”.

Warnings from Elizabeth Marie:

On August 26 2016, Z3 News contributing author Elizabeth Marie posted the following comment.

A few years ago, I had a strange dream. I saw this HUGE cake that was in the shape of the United States map. It was about 10 feet long and 5 feet wide and it was on a platform base that was on top a car. I was somehow looking down at it as if I was standing on a ladder. It was a beautiful cake with each state being carefully represented with careful precision, color and detail. Each state had its name written across it. As I stood above it, I was admiring this cake and what it represented. Then, suddenly, quickly and abruptly, I saw the state of California break off and fall to the floor. I remember feeling sadness when I saw this.

Warning from Katie Troutman:

Earlier this year, Z3 News contributing author Katie Troutman received a dream regarding a disaster coming to California.

I woke up out of a dead sleep and the Lord immediately said, “Pray for My people in California, that they will receive the warning I am giving.  Pray their eyes would be open and they would understand I am warning them.” (see the complete post)


Putting all these warnings together, we should be watching for smaller earthquakes hitting in Caliente CA, Mexicali Mexico, and Santa Barbara CA. One of these could be the 7.5 magnitude seen by Kevin Mirasi. The 9.1 and 12.2 earthquakes would follow those events.

A 12.2 earthquake would split California, causing the western part of the state to fall into the sea. An event of that magnitude would kill millions of people because Los Angeles and other coastal areas would be completely destroyed, which explains why Byron was told, “Many people will perish this day and hell will be enlarged.”

Beyond the human tragedies, the United States economy would be destroyed because California is by far the largest state economically with over $2.6 trillion in annual GDP. To put it in perspective, California’s economy is larger than the combined total of 25 other states. (Source: Wikipedia) And since the U.S. is the world’s largest economy, it would also be devastating to the world’s economy.

God has provided other insights into future economic events, including a severe economic crash coming with a currency devaluation and banking holidays. Beyond that, God has revealed the U.S. dollar will eventually become worthless. As bad as those events would be, a 12.2 earthquake hitting the west coast would be far worse. The United States would be severely weakened, not just economically, but militarily, making us an easy target for foreign powers to invade. The global political and military landscape would be forever changed, setting the stage for the rise of a global government, ruled by the beast. (Revelation 13)


In this youtube video, a vision was given to this lady, ( who is not identified ) of the map of the United States. (Update, the video belongs to By His Grace.

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