A Great Death In America And Sealed Judgement – A Prophetic Dream Given To Marty Breeden

“I have had, what I consider to be 3 significant and prophetic dreams since December 18….then Another on January 4,….then the last one on January 27th. I’m very aware that certainly not all dreams , nor prophetic, nor to be shared….some I’ve had have been specifically for me. I, being the typical 52 year old Daddy of 2 daughters and husband, and Cop running in a thousand directions can hardly remember my own name at times!,….but when I have a dream that I know is from the Lord, I awake with absolute PERFECT recall of every detail and sequence….then I know. Provided that it’s always weighed against and in complete harmony with the Holy scripture.!!….this was one of those indeed



Marty Breeden

Dream #1

Dream last night. 12-18-2016
One I saw was a funeral. I saw the American Flag flying high above on the post….I was waiting and waiting for the funeral to start….I watch as I gazed up into the clouds, the American Flag flying freely….. then the funeral procession starting to take place. I was asked to stand beside the casket of the deceased.

I told the officiants that the funeral could not start yet,and that they were not ready, because the casket had not been sealed.I then heard the Lord say…”Stand back away from the casket, for the rock will fall and seal it!”Normally the caskets would be sealed as called for, but on this occasion, a huge rock fell from the top of the post ONTO the American flag that was already loosely draped over the coffin, sealing it with great force….the rock remained on of top coffin.The officiants handling this funeral were obviously drunken and ill prepared.

They were mocking and disheveled and I could hardly believe their lack of care or concern over this sacred event.

 I remember thinking as we were all standing there dressed in black funeral attire.…”Am I the only one who’s taking this passing serious?”…..””Why aren’t these other supposed professionals doing their job properly?…and why are they taking it SO lightly?”.….I remember thinking , “I’m a Cop, why are they not doing their job????”

Possible interpretation:

The “professional church” is STILL standing back drunken with the world and the things of the world. They clearly see the death around them but they do NOT take it seriously, they do not count the cost, they do not care.

Regardless, and still,the “Rock” is about to fall on America, and sealing it in a way that no one ever expected. The ones standing and watching “Guard” at this time are not the “professionals”, but it is the no named seemingly out of place persons that are  clearly hearing that the “Rock” is about to fall….heeding the warning until they hear the Lord say “Step Back now!”…Something is coming…….and it’s big and it’s sudden and it’s life altering!


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TD Hale1:05-07: Pastor Hale discusses a prophetic dream from 3 years ago, (2013).

The Lord showed him a death of some kind.  It was a death of someone quite important.  Either someone secular or someone in the faith.

The setting was in a huge auditorium, where the casket was draped in the U.S. Flag.  Over the intercom, the people were to remain seated as the President makes his entrance. An unusual event happens.  The Presidential limousine drives into the auditorium and flips on its side.

Who ever was connected to this death, chaos was connected to this particular person.

Pastor’s dream is reminiscent of Justice Antonin Scalia.  Pastor Begley then talks about a stand  or riser that Justice Scalia was laid to rest on had not been used since Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.