7 Countries Attack Israel, America Is Attacked By At Least 6 Other Nations – A Prophecy By Constantine 1959


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Hello this is Constantine 1959. I had three dreams they all go together for the world war that’s coming

I saw that China and Japan are going to fight for some Island. Japan is sinking and has been polluted with radiation because of the earthquakes and other disasters. Japan wants to move some other people to those Islands close to China. I saw both countries fighting while Japan is having all these problems China is thinking why not attack them. I don’t see who starts the war but I saw China winning the war. I also saw North Korea and South Korea fighting at about the same time frame, Korea helping in the attack of the United States later in the dream.…either north or south

I see Iran being attacked. Iran will be one of the countries that will attack Israel with six other countries like in my dream a year ago.

Sarah Hoffman’s Detailed Vision of the End Days- (EMP Attack …


I was looking at the Middle East and watched as a missile flew from Libya and hit Israel with a big mushroom cloud. I knew that the missile was actually from Iran …

An Attack On Israel Will Spark World War III – Kevin Mirasi

The video that put out about Israel in the middle of seven countries surrounding them (the Arab nations). I don’t see America helping Israel. Israel ready knows that they won’t be helping. I don’t know if we help South Korea or Japan when the time comes.

(Personal by Meranda – Confirmed by both Duduman, and Youngbrandt)

China, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Nicaragua, Serbia, and one other country join in the attack. ” –Dumitru Duduman

The Nations that will attack and destroy America are Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and 2 others that where forgotten”  Chuck Youngbrant)

“I had a dream whatever u want to call it that the United States will be invaded one day but its not just invaded by Russia but China, North Korea, Cuba, Mexico, and Iran

I know we are surrounded just like Israel was in my dream the USA was surrounded by sea and by land and by underground tunnels there were some marines on both coasts. The west coast were ships off California and Washington I saw a mushroom clouds I saw missiles hit three California, Oregon, Washington also Las Vegas and Reno.

There are some rings there now on the East Coast I also saw submarines off New York also off Florida and Washington DC I saw mushroom clouds there I also saw other states hit as well I saw the state next to Washington DC.

Dean Odle’s Two Dreams Of A Nuclear Explosion In American Cities

“My house was about 25 feet under water”- Brett Creamers Vision Of ...I zoomed back to where I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom cloud in the center of DC. I could see all my friends who worked in DC and they …

Brett Creamer’s Prophetic Visions About Nuclear Attacks, East Coast …

1) A Vision Of Washington DC Blown Up By A Nuclear Weapon – My very first vision took … I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom could in the center of DC. ….. As fast as the horses went, the cloud was right in front rolling out.

In my dream I saw that in the Gulf of Mexico were ships and subs also then I saw ground troops coming down from Canada also up from Mexico coming into California and Arizona

I saw China, Russia, Venezuela, Brazilians, Koreans and Cuban troops. I saw troops coming from tunnels all over America they have troops living among us now ready to fight. I see us fall as a nation we are no longer the USA.

I saw them kill all old and disabled you must be able to work and conform. We were not prepared we were kept out of the loop. They know what was going to happen you. We as a nation we were are too busy doing our worldly things most didn’t see what was coming others have called us crazy fear mongers not seeing the truth before their eyes. We didn’t see the Arabs united into an Arab nation or China growing and passing us both are rising up fighting for leadership of the New World Order we still have time to come to Jesus to be saved by the grace that The Father gives us. It a free gift a beautiful gift please repent and come to Father before it’s too late

This is Constantine 1959, thank you for listening.

Notes from John Paul Jackson’s Prophecies

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