North Carolina Would Be Uninhabitable Due To Flooding- Katie Troutman

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The Lord showed me North Carolina being flooded and uninhabitable due to the flooding three times in dreams. The Lord gave me a dream where an angel handed me a scroll. My daughter and I unrolled the scroll and read it. It had lots of prophecies written on it. We began to read it and Jesus stood beside me and narrated parts of it to us. He told me that there would be flooding all the way to the area where we lived in NC in the first one.

I wrote a post on this one and held back alot of what he had showed me.I didn’t feel comfortable at the time releasing it all but it was written in the scroll that 3/4 of the people died in the flooding on the east coast.I do not know if the 3/4 of the people were in NC only or if it was the entire east coast of America.

He told me that in the areas where the flooding took place that there would be dead bodies everywhere and for the people who did survive this flooding that the majority of them would become very violent. That they would do horrible things and murder people and just very violent ,horrible things in order to survive. He asked me if I understood why people were going to become so violent and I asked him why and He said because the spirit of Antichrist will rise in their hearts to a level like we’ve never seen before. He explained there would be great violence everywhere ,murder and he just explained it all to me.

He told me we needed to move to the mountains. A few months after that he told me where to move in another dream and showed me to safe areas that He has prepared for His children. Right before I moved at the end of the summer.I think it was in July He gave me dreams for the first time that lasted all night long.In that series of dreams it started with a letter from God to me. He told me I had to move that the flood was coming sooner than people thought.

That day my husband and I were contemplating waiting on our move because we were trying to sell our home versus renting it out and having to rent where we were going versus buying. The letter was signed love, God..I woke up and my husband was still awake and told him.I went back to sleep and I was at a railroad cross tracks. There were lots of people there walking through some tunnels.

All the sudden the flood came and we all took of running to try an escape the flood waters that were breaking forth. I found myself standing at a crossroads trying to make a decision of which way to go.Then the Lord told me the flood is coming sooner than you think Katie I had dreams all night where he gave me instructions as to what to do with my house and so forth and it continued until morning.

That was the first night I dreamt all night long about the same thing….Flooding. Here are the links to what He showed me about flooding in North Carolina as well as some other things He has shown me.

– Katie Troutman

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February 19, 2017 8:14 pm


I wasn’t going to respond Dorthea, because the personal instructions God gave to me are as Ming said what got me to where I am and how He told me to do it. His plan didn’t involve matches or a shovel.

Let me tell you, I truly mourned the same thing and thought about the people who would live in our house. We poured oil over the property line, the yard the doors, garage,windows, driveway. We prayed and interceded that whoever lived here would get saved and He would speak to the family and save them. I prayed in tongues in the yard and house for hours and asked for Holy Ghost intervention for the family and the neighborhood.

Dorthea, what God asked us to do was very hard for us.I miss my kids and my grandchildren. It’s also hard in this regard. Dorthea, when this happens NO ONE will live in my house because it will be foreclosed on unless the bank sells it. The Lord told us to rent it out for a short period , take the rent and buy Christian books and bibles and tons of food to feed people with and minister with. WE have lost our total investment near about everything we own and all of our family and followed God’s instructions. If I could be perfectly honest with you. I’m depressed and would rather be back in my home , praying in my garden and hugging my grand-babies everyday….. and just die in the wave or however. I’d rather go to Heaven. I’m ready for this life to be over. It’s been a dang LONG one.

God bless you Dorthea. I’ve been praying for you today while soaking in this music. This might minister to you. It’s Julie true. I like to get lost in this soaking music and pray.It lifts me from my earthly feelings and helps me hang on to Him.

Author: Katie Troutman

The Lord has carried Katie Troutman through many dark times and much heartache, including a life of abuse, which started as a child. At age nineteen she was saved and has leaned on the Lord ever since! She started receiving dreams from the Lord from the very beginning. She has been involved in her local church ministry preaching and teaching. Today she is a wife and mother who has had many years of walking on the mountain top in victory with God.

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