Prepare For A Chinese Invasion Of The West Coast- A Warning Prophecy From John W. Johnston

John W. Johnston

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Notes From John’s videos:

People have been asking me questions  saying….”Has God ever shown you anything pertaining to a submarine attack?” 

Video 1 7:09The Lord has let me seen the east coast of the United States, …, baltimore canyon, Georgia banks, the grand banks, all off the east coast of the United States is coming submarines that will launch missiles into east coast cities of the United States.  They will take out Miami, they will take out Ft Lauderdale, they will take out Jacksonville, Atlanta Georgia, parts of North Carolina, Virginia, and all the ports of (new Hampshire???) Virginia beach, Williamsburg, Yorktown, ….anywhere where there are mass populations will neutron missiles be launched.  The destruction coming upon the east coast is unimaginable, then Russia will be able to take the east coast of the United States hands down”

John believes the tidal waves will come after New York city has been taken out.  10 Long range intercontinental ballistic missiles each one carrying 551 kilotons nuclear warheads will be carried into New York city.

Uploaded on Feb 7, 2010-God has revealed to me and confirmed it by many that China will invade the west coast of the United States in the near future. He has purposed it in the hearts of the Chinese to invade because of our corrupt foreign policies and the sins of the nation. They want our land and our resources. This is Gods judgment”

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