Fema And Russian Troops Invading From Canada -A Prophetic Dream Given To Marine Leo

By Marine Leo

March 10, 2017

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What I saw was a Russian troop movement coming down from Canada. The only location I can think of, for this long cleared out lane that would accommodate such a troop element,
Last night before I went to sleep I prayed for the Lord to give me a vision or a dream of the future. This is what I got.

Almost immediately as I closed my eyes I was in a deep sleep, says my wife, and I was shown a vision. I was sitting in a very large grass field and looking at a forest line that was far off in the distance, if I had to estimate I would say a thousand yards. In between me and that tree line was a rail road track. Coming from the left out of a dense forest was a large train convoy.

The train looked to have been armored and painted dark gray and black with military style armor on it. In tow behind the train were several flat train transport cars that were carrying very large prefabricated buildings, like a 30′ by 30′ military style steel building. There were several of these buildings being towed and they were all painted the same dark grey, with a very large DHS seal that covered nearly the entire center portion of the buildings. Written in blue in very very large letters above the DHS seal was “FEMA”.

The vision then goes back to me looking at a group of men that I was with, crouching behind a grass hill in the plain, at least 50 yards from the tracks. I believe we were conducting reconnaissance on the train in a military style manner. The guys with me start saying, “Does that say FEMA???”

We then see behind the last car that had a FEMA building on it, several more transport cars that were carrying white pop up style towers that say police on it, like the white towers that you would see at a mall that say police on it. I don’t know how many towers were on these several cars but there was a lot. Behind these transport cars carrying the white towers, were transport cars carrying, to peak capacity, concertina wire. There were several cars carrying concertina wire.

The vision then switches to us reconning a large contingency of troops patrolling through the woods wearing woodland camo uniforms and old tri color woodland camo humvees. The troops were patrolling through the woods and coming out to a long clearing, like the lanes that are cut through a forest for a pipeline. They were coming from our 12 o’clock in almost a ranger file out of the woods. Hundreds of them, they formed three long columns of troops, one on either side of the clearing hugging the tree line and one down the center of the cleared lane. From the distance we see a large convoy of the humvees driving on the lane between the troop columns. They were right in front of us patrolling down this very long, miles long, cleared lane. I take it we were in a well concealed position since we were not seen.

Important to note, the season appears to be fall, very dense forest, large treed forest and no cities around us. We were deep in the woods off the grid. This appeared to me to be a company size movement, maybe to set up base somewhere along this route or to get to a final destination. These were definitely military troops. I can’t recall nationality but I did see many white faces.

I sprang up out of my bed declaring this dream to my wife and saying that I was freezing cold, I was physically shaking from being so cold. My wife told me that this is strange because as soon as I went to sleep she prayed also for the Lord to give us a vision or dream.

I don’t know what this means but it’s worth taking a shot at it. Now, God has given me very good discernment and I believe after much thought that what I saw was a Russian troop movement coming down from Canada. The only location I can think of, for this long cleared out lane that would accommodate such a troop element, is the soon to be keystone pipeline coming from Canada down into the US.

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