Judgement To Hit Hard! Shocking Prophecy About France May Come To Pass As 2 Dozen Countries Come Together December 21st For Israeli Land Divide


More news has just come out with talks about Israel’s land being divided.  Now a meeting for the international community has been set for December 21st, but may be re-scheduled for the 22nd, or the 23rd.

The last meeting that took place in France resulted in historic storms that hit many countries.  We should expect Yahweh’s judgement to come down again.

Many people are expecting Israel’s land to be divided before Obama leaves office. If it doesn’t happen with Obama, it could very well happen with Trump.  If the land divide is settled internationally we could very see the two earthquakes many prophetic voices have seen come to this country.  They could either be in New York, California or along the New Madrid.

It wasn’t too long ago that Jimmy Carter wrote for the New York times calling for Obama to rush ahead with a solution for the Palestinians.

We are seeing large scale bullying happen again as the international community comes together to have their say in the matter. The worst case scenario would be that no solution is found and a decision is forced on Israel at the UN.

Land has been given for peace in the past, and it has been proven not to work.

It is a SPIRITUAL hate that cannot be solved.

More and more land will be given away in the name of “peace”  and it will never stop until Israel is no longer a nation.

If the United States was forced to give back some of her land to Spain or France, maybe many people could see perspective on this issue.  The sad reality is the land that is being given away is soil that belongs to many who are going to return to Israel in the years ahead.

Below are two shocking prophecies that I believe are linked together.

Leslie Johnson was given a headline “Omer to usher in a Palestinian state”.  A friend of mine who also had a dream about France being hit with an asteroid called attention to the fact that Omer is a city in France, located just two hours from Paris where this meeting is being held.

Could it be that the Palestinian state will be decided in France in December and recognized by international law in the UN?  The links to those prophecies are below….

We know one thing for sure.  When ever there is a date set for land-for-peace talks, judgment ALWAYS takes place.  So expect something on those dates in December. 

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paris-israelIn a phone conversation on Wednesday, the prime minister said he rejects the French invitation for a meeting with Abbas in Paris in two weeks’ time, if it were to convene under the French peace initiative, following the summit of foreign ministers on December 21. If the peace summit were to be canceled, Netanyahu told Hollande according to the Prime Minister’s Bureau, the prime minister would agree to meet with Abbas for direct talks in Paris, without preconditions.

“The planned summit would be a continuation of a foreign ministers’ meeting on the matter that took place in Paris in June. The French government wants to invite to the summit the foreign ministers of some 30 to 50 countries”

“According to the French daily Le Figaro, the summit may be rescheduled for December 22 or December 23″

Read more: haaretz.com


The French government wants to invite to the summit the foreign ministers of some 30 to 50 countries. According to Le Figaro, the summit may be rescheduled for December 22 or December 23 in order to allow more foreign ministers to participate.

According to Le Figaro, the summit is set to work on developing a joint statement calling on the preservation of the two-state solution, while mentioning the UN resolutions on the issue and the need to reach a solution based on the pre-1967 lines.

During the summit, foreign ministers want the French to present the results of three working groups that worked in recent months on issues including: economic incentives for Israel and the Palestinians the day after reaching a peace agreement, strengthening the institutions of a future Palestinian state and increasing civil society’s involvement in the peace process. Hollande is interested in presenting the working groups’ recommendations to the two leaders.

Read more: haaretz.com



Earlier, Netanyahu’s spokesperson David Keyes reiterated Israel’s objections to the conference, saying that Israel does not believe an international gathering is the way to achieve peace.

“Peace will be achieved through direct negotiations with our Palestinian neighbors, not through international conferences. Our position has not changed. Israel will not attend the French conference because it will push peace further away. Prime Minister Netanyahu is ready to begin direct peace talks anytime, anywhere without preconditions,” he told The Times of Israel.

Read more at timesofisrael.com


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