1998 Prophetic Dream of Russian Invasion, A Los Angeles Earthquake, Missiles Raining Down On The USA- Lucy

Published on Jun 29, 2015

I had this dream from the Lord in 1998 where he showed me Russians invading the USA. In my dream I saw the Russian soldiers coming down from the mountains. At the time of the dream I did not live anywhere mountains. Today I live in a mountain area.

(Notes from the video)

  • This dream came about in a course of 2 – 3 days
  • She was screaming in the alleys “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming”
  • People in the streets were ignoring her and going about their business
  • The people in the streets seemed so dead in side
  • She pointed towards to the mountains where this army was coming from
  • They had green uniforms with red socks.
  • She told the people “look they are here”, but they ignored her
  • She saw a map of California where San Fransisco was highlighted. 
  • She understood that San Fransisco was going through a calamity
  • A ball of fire had exploded and rocked San Fransisco
  • Time passed, and she understood there was people in America who survived the Russian slaughter. 
  • The power was shut down, electricity was off
  • As she was talking to an older lady, she was handed over to the military.  The lady identified her as someone that was being targetted
  • At some point she was badly beaten, tortured and naked. 
  • A big television screen came out of the earth.  The military pointed to the screen and told her brother that they knew everything about him.  It was then that she woke up


Other Confirmations In The Comments Section:

ShadowFiend– u had a dream bout that well i had a vision or a dream whatever u want to call it that the United States will be invaded one day but its not just invaded by Russia but China, North Korea, Cuba, Mexico, and Iran (possibility depends on if they know the land well) that would invade as well i even seen it in my sleep once that aa guns firing on the sky, warplanes bombing enemie positions, helicopters firing on enemie troops, and tanks striking buildings and heavy positions, and civilians are either trying to escape or taking cover from the bullets and US troops fighting this alliance between the 5 countries on all fronts i almost got to the part where the civilians stand up and formed a rebellion to get rid of this alliance but i woke up before that occured and never saw it again sense
jay deei too had a dream around the same time. i was i think 10-12. only it was not only Russia but china was with them.
Eazy Avely– jay dee yes they are coming with china, God show me the same things

Watch this video here

Dream of Big Los Angeles Earthquake- Spiritual dream on Nov. 22, 2016

Notes from the video:

  • She is in an airplane where she could view Los Angeles. 
  • She saw the buildings shaking back and forth.  The buildings were struggling to stay up
  • All of a sudden the buildings just crumbled. 
  • The plane couldn’t land on the landscape, so the plane landed on the water. 


Missiles Come Down on USA

See this dream here

Notes from her video:

  • Missiles were falling from east to west. 
  • A counter attack was launched in hopes to catch the missiles before they hit.  Some were successful but overall didn’t prevent the attack
  • Hundreds and hundreds of missiles attacked the United States
  • People fled the cities on foot in search of homes in the countryside
  • In the dream she saw people sleeping in barns and in the dirt.  She was one of those people. 
  • A shortage of food, and people were desperate for something to eat
  • The cities were blown up and the countryside had hope for food. 
  • Families were split up and looking for each other. 



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