Believers Brought Into Concentration Camps – Charlie V’s Prophetic Dream In 1985


This article comes from a letter from Charlie V that we received permission to publish (Last name protected for security)

Very quickly, I was born again in ’78 with a very strong pretrib rapture orientation, until Jesus baptized me with the Holy Spirit after applying Luke 11-13 in ’82, then veil was being removed to allow me to see from a more spiritual perspective.

D. DUDUMAN came to our Foursquare church and gave prophetic word to fellowship.

A few months later I received prophetic word that Jesus would personally teach me for a period of two years ending in  ’86,did so thru dreams and revelations and introducing material thru prophet Bill Lott (prophesied civil war in America), Thea Eroes (vision of USA map of places of refuge), Apostle Royal Cronguist (taken above USA to see World War 3 destroy country) and various other believers, all non pre-trib rapture orientation.

You can Google Thea Eroes, as well as Royal Cronguist whom I set under for 14 yrs till the Lord took him home.

I received a series of dreams :

A dream of seeing and spiritually fighting demonic creatures to save a little girl in bottom of ravine/ crater.  This dream was confirmed by some one else in z3news, that some (people) would literally see  demonic creatures.

In the next dream found myself in a city street location swarming with large ratlike demonic creatures everywhere on the street and saying “in the name of Jesus “ to protect myself.

Followed with a dream where I was in a hospital somewhere and entered an operating room to tell two demonically possessed surgeons to stop operating on a patient.

The concentration camp dream was next and much more detailed.  The Holy Spirit was with me and helping me to understand what was happening through out the dream.

Christians were there a building and all were singing and praising the LORD through worship. The building itself was some sort of a large warehouse with a concrete floor  and block wall where we were seated, hands raised in worship to our Lord. As we were sitting on the floor with our backs to the wall,  the Holy Spirit told me that we would all be shot for our faith in Christ.

In that warehouse were many soldiers guarding us.  I am not sure the exact number of Christians,  but did recognize one man who attended the same church I did.  One soldier held a gun to the forehead of the first person to be martyred at the other end of the warehouse. ALL were shot in the head,  and I was the last person remaining. The guard brought his handgun and placed the barrel to my forehead but could not pull the trigger. No matter how hard he tried to pull the trigger, even grimacing his teeth.  I could see thru my eyelids it seemed.  He was not allowed by the Lord, ( my time had not come)  to kill me!

The next part of the dream was it seems the next day, where I and a person I did not recognize , stood in a large courtyard , chain linked fence to keep us from escaping. We were admiring a beautiful day with blue skies and lots of sun, and I  stated ” what a beautiful day that the Lord had made “. Then the dream ended.

That was the ’85-’86 winter that ended that series of dreams and revelations, which the Lord made clear to me that the rapture doctrine, in the way it has been taught, had come from one of the deepest pits in hell. I still believe that there will be a rapture but applied in a different way than what the church teaches and most believe.

I  waited until ’94 for my concentration camp dream to be confirmed and said nothing to no one except my wife at the time of the dream. Until the advent of the internet and meeting others who had moved to North East Washington in the **********  area, my move here was in July ’93, the floodgates were opened for me to share the fact that the church will be here thru out the entire tribulation period.

After the revelation by D. DUDUMAN in 84 where he brought the message to America that we are all familiar with, I received a prophetic word that  Jesus would teach me personally for the next two years (85-86) where He did so by giving me a series of dreams and revelations.

Not only did He give me the Christians being martyred in concentration camp dream, but also allowed me to have one where I  was to go down a deep crater (possibly bombed out or massive crack in the earth), and rescue a little girl at the bottom where other small holes or caves were located. As I came closer to those holes or caves, out came demonic creatures to confront me, and I was being taught by the Lord to say “in the name of Jesus” as I seem to be stuttering out those words due to fear of them, and then the dream ended.

(Charle’s personal friends) 

The small group of people who attended my meetings were all non pretrib rapture oriented and 90% received dreams and visions from the Lord. Two short dreams from two ladies are as follows:

One saw in her dream a North Korean soldier knock on her door to ask for something to eat. So she gave him some food and he left. (End of dream) Not sure how she could differentiate between North, South, or Chinese, so she just assumed that is what the Lord showed her.

The other lady related in her dream a well dressed man in a suit knocking on her door, and stating that he was the “new” tax collector, and asked what she had to give him for taxes. All she had was food from her garden. So she gave him some and he left. (End of dream) She mentioned that the man had some kind of accent and could not tell what country he came from.

My reply to this sister was that I believed he was Russian, according to Chuck Youngbrandt (Staff and Sword ), and since both Chinese and Russians invaded and controlled our land, they were the “new” tax collectors. Simply put, those troops will run out of food and will come to those of us with large gardens, etc. for resupply or they will starve too.

So based on all these dreams, visions, revelations, and prophecies, It is my belief that we  (the church) will be here all thru out the tribulation years, and with the Lord’s help and protection, will make it to His return to start the Millennial reign. Since I’ve been called a “doom and gloomer”, my message as a watchman has more hope and good news than doom and gloom. More on this later…..



Good morning M&M,

Hope this morning finds your family being blessed abundantly by our LORD.

I  wanted to continue where I left off last night regarding the Fema camp dream the Lord gave me in ’85-’86 .

Shortly after moving to the (eastern Washington) area in ’93, I was given the phone number of a family living in the Seattle area by the name of ****, whom the Lord also gave a Fema camp dream to .

So after moving to (eastern Washington) area a few months later we invited them over for dinner,  and afterwards I felt led to share my Fema camp dream with them. The moment I finished telling them the dream, ****  said she also received a similar dream in her recent past, where her dream seemed to start where mine ended in a fema camp outdoor courtyard area that was fenced.

This is her dream to the best of my memory since she was reluctant to write it down……

I was standing behind a fence in a camp where Christians were held, and suddenly the Lord translated me thru the fence, and I was standing on the other side of the fence. I became afraid and said to the Lord, ” they will see me and shoot me “. The Lord said to me not to be afraid and to start walking. He must have blinded their eyes so that they could not see me. I walked for hours in to the countryside, until in the distance I could see a farmhouse which seemed to have over it, what I can only describe as a ‘ spiritual bubble ‘. When I entered the property, I could feel the ‘Glory presence ‘ of the Lord ‘hit me’, and there were people outside working in the garden and some chopping firewood. —- End of dream.

I became very excited to say the least, after hearing the confirmation to my Fema camp dream in early ’94. Shortly after that, I joined a fellowship with like-minded believers and one of them traveled to Indiana to obtain a DVD of a Fema camp being constructed. It’s made by Linda Thompson and called’ America under Siege “.

The scriptural confirmation to ‘ spiritual bubble’ I believe, is found in Isaiah 4:5-6. That is what will protect believers living in places of “refuge” setup by the Lord all over the earth. We will see the destruction of others and it will not come near us (P.s. 91). There are numerous other scriptures that confirms protection from the Lord during times of “wilderness” (tribulation) including Rev. 12-6.

As a watchman, I  have sent out the warning since ’86 and only a few who have ‘ears to hear’ are actually preparing.

Many who are rapture oriented are also receiving dreams (z3news) , but unfortunately are not physically doing anything about it, by moving away from areas prone to judgement. I will soon send you a revelation regarding the parable of the wheat and tares and the two men in the field, two women at the grinding stone,  and see what your opinion is on that since I’m looking for confirmation.



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