7 Open Visions – 1988 Prophecy Of A Tsunami To Hit The West Coast – Donald (Joshua) Taylor

Donald Joshua Taylor had 7 incredible back to back open visions in 1988 that lasted 45 minutes detailing the coming earthquake and tsunami coming to west coast of Canada and the United States.

He currently lives in British Columbia, Canada and is working on developing the safe locations and technology the Lord has given him for the days ahead.

The highlighting in yellow are details I found most interesting.  The maps I have attached  will give you a visual of where he was located in the vision and how far the water goes inland.

You can find more about Donald Taylor at the bottom of the article along with a video he uploaded to youtube in the middle of April of 2019. Please share this warning with those you know who live on the west coast.



By Donald (Joshua) Taylor
Feb. 1988, Bangs, Texas
Website: projectgoshen.com
Email: remnantprepper @ gmail.com (take the spaces out of the email)

Donald Taylor On Youtube

Feb. – 1988 After having resided for a season in Texas within a spirit-filled community, I was in the process of saying my farewells prior to departing back up into my own country, when the ‘Spirit of the Lord’ fell on me as it did Ezekiel. The home of the elderly sister whom I had the privilege to help build, was still a shell on the inside with sheets for walls.

Early that morning in Feb. of 1988, I awoke at approximately ten minutes to six to use the restroom. My mind was yet half asleep as I felt my way back to bed in the pre-dawn darkness. There was no indication that God was about to move to open up the windows of heaven, to pour out seven open visions lasting for 45 minutes.

These visions would not only affect my life in times to come, but would affect all of North America! It was precisely six a.m. as I lay back down on the davenport. To me, this was just another morning. Nothing unusual. As my body touched the bed, I instantly became slain as the Spirit of God came in like a wave with such force, that it caused my body to roll over on its right side!

Unable to speak, or to move or even to think, with my eyes wide open, the Lord took my soul into a future time and place. God had not just opened a door that I might witness with the eyes of the Spirit of things to come, but He also quickened all my natural as well as spiritual senses of perception. I lived and breathed and felt all that was in and around me.

Seven times the Spirit of the Lord came in like a mighty wave, causing my body to rollover from one side and then to the other. Each time one vision ended, another began. For a full year after having these seven open visions, I had to learn to live with what God had revealed in order to retain my own sanity and frame of mind.


In the vision, I had returned to Texas to fellowship with the brethren I had previously become acquainted with. For no apparent reason, God cut my visit short and opened up a door to return back to my own country. It was imperative to leave immediately!

The next morning I remember boarding the ferry in Port Angeles just outside of Seattle for Victoria, British Columbia. I remember being very solemn as if I already knew beforehand what was to take place on this particular mission. The passage itself seemed to be in the cool of the year where a light jacket had to be worn. There was no indication of snow being on the ground or in the air. In my spirit it seemed to be about five a.m. The sun had not yet come up above the horizon. As to what season it was, it could have been early spring or late fall.


As the Spirit of the Lord came in for a second time, the force of it pushed me yet into another vision. Turning over on my left side, I could see myself leaving the ferry terminal. There was quickness in my walk. After what seemed to be five minutes or so, I remember entering the front doors of a newspaper office in the downtown part of the city. To the right of the counter in front of me, the wall clock showed the time to be twenty-five minutes past eight in the morning. The office staff seemed to be half asleep as if they just returned after having the weekend off. Two or three of the staff still had cups of coffee in their hands. Standing to the left side of the front counter, with my back to the street entrance, I remember being dressed in black with a large staff in my right hand. In the spirit, I could perceive them mocking me, as God had me to speak forth a warning to evacuate the west side of Vancouver Island.

An earthquake measuring approximately 7.4 would hit twenty miles west of Victoria, causing a six foot tidal wave to come inland. I said that God’s mercy would be in it, and that minimal damage would occur if the news media would warn the public to take the necessary precautions. The Lord had me to make it very clear that this particular earthquake, was a final warning in that the next quake would destroy all life along the west coast of North America!

Later that afternoon, I found myself back in the same office. Standing there in silence, I simply waited for the hand of God to move. It was a few minutes before two-thirty when I glanced up at the wall clock. Suddenly everything became quiet and deathly still! Even the birds stopped singing, sensing what was about to happen. Within moments, the silence was broken when every phone in the office began to ring off the hook. A six foot tidal wave had been sighted heading eastward towards the city resulting from a 7.4 earthquake twenty miles out in the Pacific. It was not until recently that I realized that severe damage must have occurred knocking out transportation on the west side of the island.


Again the vision ended as suddenly as it began. Panic had already begun to sweep over the island as people prepared to evacuate their homes for the safety of the mainland. The roads leading to the east side of the island were rapidly being jammed with traffic. It was somewhere during this time, that I met a fellow believer in the Lord who helped me get to the Nanaimo ferry terminal. Hundreds were in the process of leaving for the mainland heading for Vancouver. I remember telling this brother to transfer all his financial assets ‘off the island,’ in and around the Hope area. Otherwise he would lose everything to destruction. This man was extremely wealthy, and believed the word of the Lord. In the Spirit, I was lifted high above the Nanaimo terminal, and could see two and three lines of traffic had already backed up for what looked to be two or three miles in length. Extra ferries had to be called in to handle the enormous increase in both vehicle and foot traffic.


For the fourth time, the Spirit of the Lord came in like a wave and forced my body onto the opposite side. The scene of the vision changed, and I was once again back in my body. This time I found myself on the top rear deck of a ferry preparing to leave port. As I stood with many others on the rear of the passenger deck, I could see the boarding ramp, ‘the walk ramp,’ being raised up for departure. It was at this very moment that I instinctively turned to the south side of the ferry. The water in the harbor began to boil with much activity, as a huge forty-five to fifty-foot dinosaur suddenly stood up out of the water!!! The front claws of this huge prehistoric creature were no more that ten feet off the rear of the deck. His gigantic head was as big as a medium-sized car, with teeth that looked to be nearly two feet in length. I was close enough to feel the heat of its breath as it looked down at the people on the rear of the deck. Many on board the back part of the vessel were killed by massive heart attacks due to the fear of the creature that apparently was pushed up from the quake. Everyone except for myself was stunned and severely in shock at what was taking place. Walking up to this flesh eater, I began to communicate with it. Almost able to touch its claws, I told him that he had done a good job, and to turn around and to go back into the water. This giant could have easily damaged the ferry. Its great size was almost beyond belief!


For the fifth time the scene of the vision changed, and I found myself at the Horseshoe Bay terminal. The ferry was just pulling into port. It was apparent that news had already reached the mainland as there was much activity in and around the area. As the ferry backed up into the docking zone, I could see that many major news networks had jammed around the pre-boarding gates. ABC, NBC, CTC, all the big ones. For some strange reason, they were looking to me for answers.

As I began to say something, the Spirit of the lord took me over. Still dressed in black and with a staff in my right hand, a major prophetic warning went out of my mouth for all people to evacuate the West Coast. Those who refused to heed this warning would not be spared. This was God’s mercy not only to His own, but to all who would listen to His voice.

This destruction that was foretold, was God’s judgment upon the evil and unrighteousness not only in the Vancouver area, but south to Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico, and on down to the southern tip of Argentina. God was angry, and was about to shake all the west coast beginning in Alaska.

It was at this point in the vision, that the arc-angel Gabriel suddenly appeared on my right-hand side, and asked me: “Where can my people go?” In answer to His question, I pointed up North to a remote area outside the Prince George area.

In the vision, I handed the Angel of the Lord a long white tube that held the blueprints for survival. At the time of the visions, the Holy Spirit had just begun to reveal these plans for the survival of God’s people. It was not until the spring of 1993, that the first phase of these survival plans was completed.


For the sixth time, the scene of the vision changed, and I found myself lifted up in the Spirit on the west side of Hope. From this vantage point high above the earth, I could see many cars, trucks, trailers, etc., loaded down with all that they could carry, heading for the northern part of the province. It looked as if 10,000 vehicles or 10, 000 people had heeded this warning to flee the Vancouver area, that they might escape the judgment of God.

In the Spirit, it felt as if seven to ten days had elapsed since the warning had been carried by the major news networks. At this point in the vision, I found myself back in by body, standing on the west side of Hope near the highway heading towards Vancouver.

For the second time during these visions, the Angel of the Lord appeared on my right hand. Still dressed in black, Gabriel commanded me to take my staff, and to speak forth a major destructive earthquake out in the Pacific.

As I did, and as my staff hit the ground, this awesome earthquake immediately took place. Although I did not see the earthquake, I did see the catastrophic tidal wave that stood up out of the water and began making its way towards the mainland.

In the Spirit, I knew it was to be a quarter mile high. It washed over the mountains on Vancouver Island as if they were not even there.

Within minutes, I watched as this gigantic wave of destruction hit Vancouver and the lower mainland. I saw the faces of three million men, women, and children perish with nowhere to run!!! There were no survivors within 40 miles of the coast.

Burnaby, Port Moody, and the other surrounding districts of the lower mainland along with the city of Vancouver no longer existed. Even 90 miles inland, as I stood alongside the highway, water from the tidal wave forced its way up the Fraser River and touched my feet!!


For the last time the scene of the vision changed, as the wave of the Spirit of God forced me on my opposite side. God allowed me to feel what it was like if Canada was a living person. It was as if a leg or and arm had been cut off, leaving that person severely crippled. God had brought Canada to her knees in a matter of moments. No longer was she whole!! Judgment had come swiftly, and without mercy for those who disobeyed His warning to flee to safety.

In my spirit I knew that much of the Alaskan and Californian coast had also been destroyed. Shortly thereafter, word had got out about me speaking this judgment against the west coast.

In the vision, I was being blamed for all the destruction and forced to flee my own country. The brother whom I had told to transfer his assets inland, flew me across the border in his private jet. In the Spirit, I could feel the persecution and the hatred towards God’s people. The denominational church was in shock as the so-called rapture teaching had not happened to save His people from the wrath of God!! Persecution began to rise up within the cities, forcing many of God’s people into the country for survival. In my spirit, I felt as if the ‘Great and Terrible Day of the Lord’ had finally come upon the world, and the church people who called themselves born-again believers were caught in a snare!!! As fast as the visitation came upon me, it left. Looking at the clock on the sill of the window, it was approximately 6:45 a.m.

Additional Notes:

Seasonal Indicators

-As I boarded ferry in Port Angeles to go to Victoria, I intuitively knew it “to be 5:00 A.M.”As the ferry was pulling into port in Vancouver, the sun was setting upon the city in and around 9 o’clock. This would indicate that we were “shortly before the longest day of the year,” and that there was “but a short space of time to leave the lower mainland!”

-The water in Port Angeles was cold enough to have ice crystals upon it wherein a fall type jacket or sweater had to be worn. Although the rising of the sun indicated late spring or early summer, the mornings were abnormally cold, while daytime temperatures were quite mild. These two indicators would suggest a “climate change’ wherein extreme temperature differences between night and day.

-A third seasonal indicator while speaking for the warning in the newspaper office in Victoria, was that the “birds were singing and the trees were full of fresh leaves.”

Economic Indicators

-It was apparent that “those who had money or the rich and middle class,” were not spending! Money was tight and nobody was selling their homes hoping that conditions would improve. The nation was in a time of recession about “to be thrown into a global depression!”

-In the visions, I was carrying cash, in particular US currency. “Cash was still king!”

-Just as the evacuation of Vancouver Island was under way, while still in Victoria, I suggested by the Word of the Lord for a particular Believer who was extremely wealthy, “to immediately transfer his assets to the mainland.” This would indicate, that “banks were still operational” and had not closed their doors pending a national and global depression.

-Upon entering into Canada, “the National Identification Card had not yet been forced upon the citizenship of this country.”

-Canada was “severely crippled economically” by the destruction, bringing the nation into a state of “emergency and economic collapse!” “World-wide depression had come upon North America!”

Physical indicators

As the first vision begun to unfold, I knew that “a major volcanic eruption was in the process” or “had just happened!” Maybe Mt. Rainer!



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(Susan’s 2015 Vision – Map of Joseph, Oregon)

(Meranda’s Note- Look where Joseph, Oregon is, in relation to the other cities named in this vision. It seems to be in farther than what I expected it to be.   )

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-In the newspaper office in Victoria, great fear gripped the hearts of the women working there when I appeared in the front office. “It was apparent that I was not a stranger,” that the media had been “previously aware” of my personal endeavors “in bringing forth earthquake awareness!”

-By the expression on the faces of the office workers, it seemed that an “major earthquake had already occurred on the Island in excess of seven points.



Prophetic Lottery Number Reveals Itself As A Sign On Thanksgiving Before A Major California Earthquake- Chuck Youngbrandt (November 23rd, 2017) See that here (He reveals below that the earthquake will occur between San Deigo and Los Angeles.)

Patricia Green was given a recent Amos prophecy about a coming earthquake– See her interview on Stan Johnson’s website – Prophecy Club. Part 1 and Part 2 

“I am about to send upon you two massive earthquakes and one earth earthquake is about to take place very soon. Tell California I am about to remove their candle stick and they will have a very large earthquake. I will send a number of completion upon you I heard the Lord say greater than 8 on the rector scale”.”  2 Massive Earthquakes, One Coming To California Greater Than An 8 On The Rector Scale- Matthew Stephen Prophetic Word 2008


Patti Young It was a 9.1, everything almost destroyed”, It struck after Thanksgiving, and before Christmas,

Randy Hecker– “The magnitude of this quake will reach somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and it will last for nearly three minutes

John Shorey “You can take it to the bank that a mega 9.2 quake will hit the Northwest.

Byron Searle“Yesterday in my prayer time the Lord told me that the West Coast is going to get hit with a 9.1 earthquake”…….”then told me, ‘The 9.1 is a foreshock of the 12.2 that will destroy everything.’

Rachel Baxter“Earthquake” written on the top and under it the word “Aftershock”

Kevin MirasiWhile Posting and sharing across the Prophecy of The LORD back then in 2012 (29th May), I Titled it as follows: ‘“A Prophecy (Dream) Where I Was Shown a Series of Earthquakes Imminently Going To Hit California, USA: A 5.7 (came to pass), and Then a 7.5 and Finally a 9 or 10 on the Richter scale.”’

Joseph Phillip Daniel Ministries,October 18  “9.0 earthquake Manifesting soon in quadrant 1 on the ring of Fire – Los Angeles California/Spoken on September 25th 2017″

A 7 Point Earthquake, Then A 9 Point Quake Is A Warning Sign Before The Mega West Coast Quake -Timothy Snodgrass 2004

Joshua TaylorAn earthquake measuring approximately 7.4 would hit twenty miles west of Victoria, causing a six foot tidal wave to come inland. I said that God’s mercy would be in it, and that minimal damage would occur if the news media would warn the public to take the necessary precautions. The Lord had me to make it very clear that this particular earthquake, was a final warning in that the next quake would destroy all life along the west coast of North America!


Joshua Taylor  “In the Northwest it will begin, but it will be a sign to California to awaken from your sleep!”

“I saw three places that were marked for massive destruction through earthquakes. I don’t know what are the three places. I was just shown three places. So, I did some googling and found there are three major fault lines in the United States. One is the San Andreas and the other is in the middle of the United States and the third is somewhere else” Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

“And I saw a mighty shaking and trembling begin under the earth. And the Lord said, “From under the Pacific it shall come, in fire and in water it shall come.It was hardly noticeable at first but it was as though the whole city froze as one and then the shaking and the terror and then the fire came. I saw a horrifying inferno, a literal inferno”………  “In the second strike I saw water devastating parts of the west coast, to the north, beware the north, the northern California coastline. I still saw plumes of smoke rising from charred buildings. ”………………“I felt this was further up the coast than Los Angeles, more to the north, though Los Angeles was shaken it was not as devastating as The BAY the Lord was talking about.EMPTY CISTERNS, I saw written in the sky “EMPTY CISTERNS” above San Francisco, and the scales, the scales of sin and judgment were full, so full that judgment could not be withheld over San Francisco.Wendy Alec 

Exactly one year from the simultaneous occurrence of these three events, a great convulsion will shake the whole earth. In California, the San Andreas fault will split and the land west of it will sink into the ocean”  E. R. Lindsey’s September 1958 Vision

“I had a dream on August 2011 I saw a large earthquake hit California.  Part of it broke off and around the edges turn into sand and they made like an island.  Then I saw earthquakes hitting all over the whole world.  They kept getting larger. Most of them were seven (magnitude ) or bigger.” -Constantine 1959


-In bringing forth the warning, the word of the Lord indicated that the earthquake would result in “a six foot tidal wave,” and that “all vessels on the West Side were to be evacuated!”

-The warning quake would “be a mercy quake,” before a total destructive quake to follow!

-The ferry that I was standing on in the vision, had both a “walk deck” that allowed passengers to cross over to the opposite side without having to go inside of the vessel. This particular ferry was different from the ones now in operation in Naniamo, and may be one of the super-class ferries used between Victoria and the mainland. Where I was standing in the vision, I could see the “bridge of the ship,” and the fact that it “backed into Horseshoe Bay,” would indicate this particular ferry class. In the Spirit, I knew that the Victoria ferry terminal was no longer operational!


Over 40 signs were seen in real time in the 1988 visions. These are the key ones to watch for:

– While we were waiting in line for the man of God to pray for us. He told us to wait on the platform while he went into the back room and returned with a folded set of his clothes. He told me to go into the back room to put on his suit clothes and to leave my other clothes behind.

-Obeying the prophet of the Lord I came back to the platform where he took one of his staffs and placed it in my right hand. No words were spoken but I could see in his eyes that the Lord was preparing me for something. Like what happened between Elijah and Elisha.

-The word of the Lord came to David Terrell that it was imperative to return back to my own country within the next 24 hours. My wife was to stay behind.

-Looking out at the audience the man of God took up an offering to get me back home. Their hearts were full of grumbling and complaining. I saw David Terrel shout out in a loud angry voice. He said you do not know the one that stands here! He was livid.

-David Terrell assigned one of his ministers to drive me to the Dallas airport and to leave immediately. This all took place on what seemed to be a Saturday or Sunday night service.

-It was at this point that the 7 open visions began where I found myself standing waiting for the Port Angeles ferry. It was 5 AM in the morning. I was looking over the darkness of the Pacific Ocean and could see the early rays of the sun breaking on the horizon in the west. At the time I had no knowledge of the coming Pole Shift. Climate change was apparent. The water seemed unusually cold for spring as there was still ice on the edges.

-After the ferry arrived in Victoria and clearing customs, I still remember submitting my passport for inspection. I was not shown the Real ID that soon will be required to travel.

-Walking into the newspaper office to the right I saw an old-fashioned school clock. It was 8:28 in the morning. It seemed to be a Monday morning as the 1 woman at the counter and the 2 women in the back of the office were just finishing their second cup of coffee.

-When I first walked into the office I did not introduce myself as you usually would. The lady standing behind the front desk I could see was filled with fear. In the spirit I knew that events were happening south of the borders that were causing people to go into a panic.

-At this point the word of the Lord came to me where I spoke in a loud prophetic voice of authority. And told her that the ships on the West side of Vancouver Island must be evacuated. The fear level in her heart went off the scale that caused her not to get out the warning. In her eyes I could see that I was know to the local media.

-Returning back to the office at 2:30 the same afternoon. To the right of the front counter was a window where I could hear the birds singing. All of a sudden, the birds went silent. I heard the phone ring in the office. It was reported that a 7.4 earthquake had just happened 20 miles off the West Coast of the Island. The tidal waves were line a train of hundreds of boxcars that totally destroyed all marine vessels on the West side of the Island all the way from Victoria to the north tip of Vancouver Island.

-The government placed Vancouver Island on immediate mandatory evacuation. The highway between Victoria and Nanaimo became packed with people leaving the Island. It seemed that somehow the ferries in Victoria were no longer operational.

-It was at this juncture that I met this Christian businessman where the word of the Lord came to me for him to relocate all his assets to Hope. In the visions he gave me a small brown paper bag with a large sum of cash.

-The visions changed to Nanaimo where I was elevated in the spirit above the ferry. I could see me standing on the portside of the ship as the walking deck was being raised.

-From high up over the harbour I could see that all the roads leading to ferry were full of vehicles. Traffic was backed up solid for miles all the way to the south end of Nanaimo.

-Coming back into my body I knew that this was a newer type of vessel not yet built at the time of the visions.

-Everything seemed brand new or at least remodeled. In the spirit I new that it was late afternoon. It was sunny and warm. There was no other vessel parked on the starboard side of the ship.

-At this point coming back into my body I walked halfway across the bow of the ship. I knew in the spirit that the water on the starboard side was being stirred. This was the time that I saw T Rex stand majestically out of the water. His head was taller that the stacks on the ferry. He was raised up from the earthquake earlier that morning. Reserved by the hand of the Lord as a physical sign of the Beast rising up out of the water. He was similar in size to the T Rex on Jurassic Park.

-As I approached this creature and touched his hands, that he caught the attention of those on the passenger deck. At the time of these visions cell phones were not yet invented. Yet I saw dozens of people holding these phones in their hands taking pictures and videos.

-Many people on board dropped dead from heart attacks brought on from what they were seeing. In their hearts I could see that they were in shock and could not believe what their senses were telling them. Word of this spread quickly to the world.

-As the visions changed, I saw the Nanaimo ferry arrive at the Horseshoe Bay terminal in Vancouver. The sun was just going down which may be prophetic of the sun going down on the nation.

-In the dusk I saw the lights of dozens of news helicopters. Reporters from all points of North America rushed to terminal to do a story on this creature. They also had an alternative reason for coming there that I could see in their heart.

-As I came out of the walkway, I could see around 40 to 50 reporters or more. Both men and women with all the camera crews.

-It was at this point that the Gabriel, the angel of the Lord appeared for the first time in the visions. He placed in my heart the words to speak to the reporters.

-In their hearts I could see that the main reason that they came had to do with the housing market. When writing out the 7 open visions for the first time in 1993, the Lord instructed me not to record this part of the vision.

-In response I said to them by the word of the Lord. You have no time to sell your homes. Only enough time to flee.

-The visions changed and I found myself standing on the south side of the Husky on the TransCanada highway a few miles west of Hope. In the vision I was standing on the no 7 highway on the south side of the shoulder where I had a clear view of the Fraser River.

-For the second time Gabriel appeared on my right side. I could see myself dressed in black. In the suit that the man of God gave me. In my right hand was a staff. In my left hand I was holding a large white cardboard tube that I knew contained the completed plans for building the places of refuge.

– As Gabriel looked into my eyes, he spoke to and said to command a catastrophic earthquake and tidal wave in the Pacific. I remember that when I was waiting to catch the ferry at Port Angeles, that was heart was very, very sad and solemn. As if I knew ahead of time of what was going to happen before it happened.

-As I looked into the eyes of the angel of the Lord, I could see the eyes of the Father. They were full of love but there was no longer any mercy. The Fathers heart was grieving. Breaking that many millions of lives were about to be lost to judgment.

-At this point there was a break in the time stream of the visions. It could have been a week or more. But I knew that grace had been extended so that everyone who received the warning had the time and opportunity to escape.

-Lifted high up in the spirit I could see a convoy of what I knew to be 10, 000 vehicles pulling out from the east side of Surrey. I could clearly see that this convoy of vehicles stretched all the way to Chilliwack that I knew to be 50 miles or so in length.

-I remember coming up close in the vision able to see all the vehicles up close strapped with personal belongings. Like the Beverly Hillbilies when they first moved to Beverly Hills. However, I did not see the faces of the people. What I did know that this convoy of vehicle’s was fully packed out.

-While in the panorama mode of view, the Lord took me in on a close up to the center of the convoy that stretched all the way from Surrey to Chilliwack. Here I saw hundreds of transport trucks. Fully loaded and tarped. In the spirit I knew that these trucks were fully outfitted with all that the people would need to set for a place of refuge.

-Again, I found myself looking into the eyes of the angel of the Lord. It was like no time had past. To my amazement Gabriel asked me a question. He said in very plain words. Where can my people go?

– Without hesitation I swung the staff around and pointed it to the north. To the Hazelton area. That this was the place that God had reserved for the righteous remnant. It was a general area and I knew that in the time to come that the specifics would be revealed.

-When Gabriel commanded me to speak forth the judgment of God, I knew that I had a choice. I remember thinking about it and decided to obey his command.

-As the Lord used me as a vessel to pronounce judgment upon the West Coast, I saw myself again high over the West end of Vancouver Island. Maybe a mile high above the land. As I looked westward, suddenly a wall of water raised up out of the ocean. I knew that it was at least a ¼ of a mile high. At the same time, I was aware of standing on the highway seeing all this.

-A very large screen appeared before my face. Like a digital screen made up of 3 million pixels. Each pixel represented a face of a person who was about to die.

-As in the convoy of vehicles I could see the entire view along with every face. All faces were filled with fear as they knew they were about to die. The shock was so great that no sound came out of their mouths. In this picture of 3 million faces, I saw thousands of Christians who were shaking their fist at God. They were angry that God had not raptured out of judgment. They were blaming God for their destruction.

-This was the most troubling part of the visions. I felt each one’s pain as they went down in death. A year after having the visions I asked for the Lord to remove the memory of those dying.

-As I sit here writing these visions out in script form the thought came to me that this would be perfect to send to Mel Gibson to make a movie out of that. Not only to get the warning out into the hearts of the people but to raised up the finances for this second exodus.

-With no words being spoken, Gabriel made it very clear that this exodus had 24 hours to make it to their destination. A drive of at least 16 hours. As I was looking up to the north, I could see the Babine area outside of Smithers. Latter I was to learn that the water would come right up to Terrace. I could see well into the back country. Hundreds of square miles that were prepared as a place of habitation for such a time as this.

-As Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the surrounding cities fell to destruction the what from the 1,500-foot tidal wave touched my feet standing on the highway west of Hope. I knew that the speed of this wave was in excess of many hundreds of miles an hour. No buildings survived. All was destroyed up to and beyond the Abbotsford area.

TOP TENSThe Skyscraper Museum

-Years after the vision another vision was shared with me about a brother who saw that much of the water was diverted up though Harrison Hot springs. That a crack in the earth opened up and swallowed the water.

-The destruction took place at the exact moment the last of the convoy entered into Chilliwack.

-Of recent I have just learned that the 9.1 earthquake was but a foreshock of a massive 12.2 mega quake that would follow 24 hours after the initial destruction. God was looking after the backs of the convoy that were escaping with their lives. Making sure their way of escape.

-I remember that the TransCanada highway was bare of traffic. No traffic going in. I was not shown the exact timing of the earthquake but it was during the light of the day.

-In the spirit I could feel Canada as if it were a person. It was like an arm or a leg was cut off. The West Coast was crippled as a nation.

-Right at the end the government placed a hit on my head. The Lord knew this and made a way of escape out of the country. The Christian businessman that I first met in Victoria had his own private jet. I can still see what it looked like. I knew that it was a 25-seat business class jet that had two twin engines. The ends of the wings had those cylindrical things on them.

-In the visions we landed somewhere in Texas. As we walked off the tarmac this man threw me the keys, I still had the bags of cash in my hands. Several million dollars. But it was no longer worth much. Money had collapsed and I knew that hyperinflation was at 600 percent.

-From here I remember returning to a place in the Carolina’s that was in the process of being built as a refuge for the tribe of Judah. At this point I have not yet been there for the first time. Years ago, a sister in MO. was shown a series of visions that place of refuge would be built somewhere above the snowline. In the center she saw a ancient dome covered with gold. Stamped into the dome it said, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. From here she saw that I traveled to different parts of America building places of refuge then around the world.

-In capping these 7 open visions, I met another brother years ago in Abbotsford who used to work for one of the shelters. He told me of a vision that he had that proved beyond any doubt the coming destruction.

-In his vision he was sent with a group of believers who formed a prayer circle. The power of this prayer circle could not be broken. They were sent to what remained of Vancouver. Eventually the water resided and people trapped in the rubble began to surface. It was Gods mercy that none should perish. Those survivor’s who came into the center of the circle were divinely protected. Not all the survivors were friendly.

-While living in Mission in the late 90’s I had the opportunity to speak with 3 others people. They all shared the same vision and saw thousands of paratroopers dressed in black killing people as they were landing. No one was spared.




-That last part of the vision is not what I saw but what I heard. I heard the audible voice of the anti Christ. He knew that I was listening to what he had to say and burned his words into my spirit. I heard him declare a time of global persecution against all true believers in Jesus Christ. This would set the timeframe to take place sometime after the visions. The world was blaming God for this destruction and taking it out on the Christians.

-One last thing. After this point no one ever again took the word of the Lord lightly. Those who escaped from Vancouver Island most of them died on the mainland.

I also remember certain specific signs that were happening in Washington state and Oregon. I knew by the spirit that certain well-known mountains were in full eruption. Panic and fear filled both America and Canada like they knew that greater judgment was ahead.




-Over these past 31 years I have put every effort into working on the plans for the places of refuge. Four years ago, while still living in Edmonton the Lord commissioned me to put a manual together called Cities of Refuge-Places of Light that took 525 hours to write over a period of 16 weeks. More of an engineer’s manual to build towns and cities.

(If you want to know more about this…contact Donald Joshua remnantprepper@gmail.com)

-In the spring of 2004, the Lord gave me a dream while living in Port Alberni about a knew technology that would be able to generate free heat and power for the places of refuge. Six year ago, I taught a friend the technology and he now have close to a dozen patients in Canada, Europe, the USA and in Asia. Fortunately, he only has only developed part of the concept as a new form of hot water heating.

-A week after receiving the initial dream in 2004 in April, the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice and showed me the three steps that this technology would take. He said that the perfection of the fuel would lead to the discovery of unlimited heat that would lead to the discovery of unlimited energy. And told me strictly that the latter could never be given to man. That it is reserved for his kingdom. He said that the technology would become the no. discovery of this century.

-In the first few years or so of the joepipe technology I have seen well over a dozen anomalies of quantum energy. Only in this last year have I come to understand it. The closest thing to it is called Planks equation that has to do with the break down of matter that is also called plasma compression. This is what takes place as a sun turns into a dwarf star where the matter is compressed to form a super dense matter. Even with the normal operation of the joepipe, it could be merged with Paul Pantones GEET fuel processor to make a super hybrid system for converting all waste into a compressible fuel with zero emissions. It would take the Lord to bring about the right variable to make this happen.

-My heart is to see Gods people come together in the spirit of unity. To come into the rest that is our inheritance. I am now declaring a time of preparation. To prepare to relocate out of the coming judgments. My vision is to serve God. To become a tree of his planting. To bring forth the Revelation of Jesus Christ that I may be able to meet the needs of his people. It is time my brothers and sisters to come together. To become as one in heart and spirit. We must be ready in advance when God judges this nation of Canada and America. I am here to sound the alarm and to be a help.

Donald E. Taylor (Joshua)
Email: remnantprepper @ gmail.com (take the spaces out of the email, breaking up the email prevents spam – Meranda)
The 2 websites below I need to upgrade them. I had no time to work on them this past year. Both sites go together to form a double bell. One to sound a warning and the other for preparation.GOSHEN stands for God Ordained Sustainable Housing for Emergency Networking.


More about Donald Joshua:

Feb. 1988, Bangs, Texas – as seen by Joshua Taylor – First recorded from Memory, Sept. 15th, 1993, Jasper, Arkansas.

I feel led of the Lord to relate certain background information relevant to the comprehension and understanding of what shortly is to befall not only America, but Canada as well.

Up to this point in my spiritual walk, I had not experienced any open visions whatsoever, although the Holy Spirit had revealed various inner visions and other supernatural experiences needed for spiritual growth. Ever since my initial conversion in a conservative Christian Church in Regina, Saskatchewan in May of 1975, looking back, God surely had His hand upon my life. For the first six years, I listened and intensively studied the foundational teachings of the Word.

From 1981 until 1987, the Lord led me on various missionary journeys across my own country. During this second set of six years, God set me free from previous traditional bondage’s, and set my feet on higher ground through a greater revelation of His Word. Above all, through my nomadic lifestyle, the Lord taught me to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It was toward the end of this second phase, in 1985, while attending a spirit-filled summer camp in Rock Lake, Manitoba that the Angel of the Lord first appeared to me. Unknowingly, God was preparing my soul to enter into the final stage of preparation. It was Gabriel who also appeared twice in these seven open visions. Up until this time, I knew in my spirit that the Lord had a call upon my life to serve Him. It was not until Christmas of 1988, that God revealed through the five-fold ministry, that I was not only called, but a chosen vessel as well. Chosen by His mercy! It was during this third set of six years, from 1988 until the spring of this year of 1993, that the Lord stripped me of all things allowing Satan to prove me that I might learn to be faithful.

During this time in the wilderness, the Spirit of the Lord led me to seven springs of ‘living waters’ where I received various aspects of the deeper things of God. All seven of these ‘Trumpet’ ministries were formerly birthed out of the 1948 revival.

After 18 years of preparation and testing, the Spirit of God anointed my feet to go forth to preach and to minister His word and power of deliverance.

In my spirit, I know that these seven open visions will shortly come to pass. And when they do, America will be shaken as the great and terrible ‘Day of the Lord’ is ushered in!

Although many details of my testimony have been purposely left out, I pray that what God has allowed me to reveal will set a foundation in which to better comprehend these seven open visions. May God receive all the glory and honor. Let each one lift Jesus higher, that the light of Christ will shine forth in newness of life. As of this moment, I had not previously recorded these visions given over five and one half years ago. A few details may be lost, but in the intensity in which I received this visitation of the Spirit of God will forever remain.


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